Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 12 Recap

“Back to Zero”

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At Anna’s house

1Cun Xi asks Anna to give him 7 months’ time to completely commit to caring for Xin Yi and their child, and then he’ll come back to Anna after.  He makes a call to his lawyer to meet up to edit the benefits on the divorce papers and then leaves the room.  Anna picks ups his phone and scrolls through their pictures, coming across Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s photos, titled “Our first family photo.” 

Cun Xi visits his lawyer

Cun Xi orders the lawyer to add a bunch of benefits for Xin Yi on the divorce agreement, including more money, a house, a car, a personal driver because she’s bad with directions, yearly subscription to romance novels because she enjoys reading them, and signing her up for pottery classes because it’s what she’s good at and loves—all in all, he really has noticed her likes and dislikes, habits and hobbies, and wants to make sure that she’ll have the best care even after their divorce.

Anna goes to see Xin Yi at Grandma Zhen Zhu’s birthday


Xin Yi is happily waiting for Cun Xi when she gets a call from Anna and the two meet privately at Grandma’s birthday party.  Anna comes with the pretext that she’s bringing Xin Yi a document that Cun Xi forgot.  She explains that Cun Xi told her this morning that he’s made his decision and that regardless there will be one person that has to get hurt, implying that Cun Xi has chosen Xin Yi over her.  Xin Yi hears this and says she’d rather not open the document, and Anna convinces her that whatever the decision may be she’s ready to accept it.

8Turns out it is an abortion consent form, and Xin Yi is in shock, asking Anna if this is really what Cun Xi wants.  Suddenly Cun Xi calls and she asks if he has papers for her to sign.  Cun Xi thinks she’s referring to the edited divorce agreement and misunderstandings ensue, leading Xin Yi to believe he really wants her to get an abortion.  Xin Yi tells Anna that she is the one who should be leaving, and walks away.

10      11

The in-laws arrive at the birthday party

12       13

Xin Yi’s family arrives, happy to hear that Grandma Zhen Zhu is going to publicly announce the new granddaughter-in-law at her birthday.  They all go upstairs to see Xin Yi and Cun Xi and instead find Anna kissing Cun Xi.


Everyone is upset at Cun Xi, and everything escalates when Feng Jiao and Qing Xia find the divorce papers on the ground, thinking that Cun Xi only showed up at the birthday party to force Xin Yi to sign the papers.  After hearing from Dylan that the pen he thought Anna gave him for his birthday was actually from Xin Yi, and remembering all the things Xin Yi had done for him without asking for anything in return, Cun Xi rushes out to look for Xin Yi.

16    17

Cun Xi leaves in search for Xin Yi

Anna rushes out after Cun Xi, but he shrugs her away, saying that his promises are no longer worth anything. Whatever he has promised people he has continuously failed them and hurt them anyway.


Meanwhile, Xin Yi is wandering around the city and comes across a little girl playing in a sandbox at the park with her dad.  She thinks to Ji Nian Pin that she can’t leave him by a father that doesn’t want him, but she will give him all her love.  It begins to rain and she desperately tries to fix the sand doll that the girl in the park made.

20    21

Just then Cun Xi spots her and calls out.  She runs across the street and stops at the island between two roads, saying that she will not let Cun Xi hurt her child.  Cun Xi, unaware of the abortion consent form, insists that signing the papers is what’s best for her.  Xin Yi turns away to run from him, and ends up getting hit by a car.

22   23   24


At the hospital

As she’s wheeled into the hospital, the doctor tells Cun Xi that he must sign the abortion consent form so they can take out the baby in order to save Xin Yi.  Cun Xi asks if there is no way to save both and the doctor says no.  Xin Yi says he can not love her but please don’t give up her baby, but Cun Xi mutters that he wants Xin Yi and not the baby—and he signs the paper.

26   27   28

Xin Yi dreams of a little baby playing alone, but she slowly gets pulled further and further away from the baby.


She jolts awake calling for Ji Nian Pin.  She is surrounded by her mom and sisters, and asks about her baby.  By the lack of response, she realizes that she has lost her baby.  She begins crying, and when she hears Cun Xi’s voice outside asking to come in and see her, she continues screaming and crying, saying that she never wants to see that man again.

30     31

Back home at Jiang Mu Island

Xin Yi returns home and her family continues to comfort her.  She and her mom go for a walk and Xi Shi tells Xin Yi that it takes a sort of luck or fate to successfully have a child, and maybe it’s just not her time yet.  They walk back and are surprised by the visitation of Dylan.  He comes to talk sense into Xin Yi and offers to take her to Shanghai to work with him and start fresh.


33   34

Cun Xi’s realization

Grandma Zhen Zhu and Cun Xi are gathering up Xin Yi’s belongings at their house when Cun Xi comes across Xin Yi’s secret box of sticky notes.  He goes through reading them, majority of them wishes for him to be happy and successful, and the last one says that she has fallen in love with him and hopes that he’ll never find out.

35   36

He begins to realize that he has the same feelings for her, but protests that he can’t even explain himself or talk to Xin Yi because she won’t pick up his calls.  Grandma tells him to follow his heart and “sneak” onto Jiang Mu Island just like he snuck back into his house to visit Xin Yi that one time.  Cun Xi excitedly rushes of to take a boat to the island.  Just as he gets off he sees Xin Yi’s mom and asks where she is, to which she points to a boat that has just taken off.

Comments:  This episode was definitely filled with lots of drama and tears.  I remember the first time I watched it I was surprised for many reasons.  First of all, the car crash scene was very well shot in that it was very realistic and gripping—compared to many other Taiwanese dramas that blur out any sight of blood.  I thought Chen Qiao En did an especially good job in this episode as well.  We also see a bit of the dark side of Anna’s character, who has indirectly caused Xin Yi’s miscarriage.  I was also surprised because I really wondered what kind of relationship Cun Xi and Xin Yi would have anymore once they lost their baby.  All in all, this is the turning point for Xin Yi; after all this time rooting for her, we will finally get to see her stand up for herself and take charge of her future in the next episode!


2 thoughts on “Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 12 Recap

  1. I loved this drama when I first saw it. Which was surprising because I usually hate the type of girl Xin Yi is. I like the tough go-getter girl, but Xin Yi really made me feel like there was a reason for her doormat tendencies, she played well, and you’re getting to the parts I like (after she grows up a little and start standing up for herself)

    1. i definitely agree, i usually get frustrated by the type of girl Xin Yi is too, but somehow in this drama it works! i’m also excited for her transformations, and it’s been a while since i last saw it, so i’ll get to re-live it as i’m recapping the episodes 🙂

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