Greengrassjelly joins the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Take Two!

Hey guys! Redbeanmochi recently asked if I’d colab on the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge, and I said I would be more than happy to, so here is my Day 1/Day 2 catch-up post! Afterwards we will probably do a single post on both of our responses to the daily drama questions! So here’s a little about my drama-watching experience!

01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?

It took me a while to figure this one out, but I can pinpoint it to somewhere between 2005 and 2006.  I really can’t believe it has only been 7 or 8 years, because now that it’s so much a part of my life, I don’t really remember what it was like before I got hooked on dramas!  Haha, I know, sounds like a serious addiction–which sometimes I really  think it is :/ hehe, oops…  But yeah, after my first few TDramas, similar to redbeanmochi, I just kept looking up more dramas on my own through DramaWiki (and then branching into Chinese/Taiwanese pop music too) and eventually venturing into KDramas and finally JDramas 🙂

02. Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching?


I’m currently watching My Fair Lady (Korea, episode 2) and Two Fathers (Taiwan, episode 41).  I just recently finished Faith (Korea)–which was really good btw and I would highly recommend it (though it is a bit bloody at times, if you’re uncomfortable with that)–so I felt in the mood for another Korean drama 🙂  Plus I really like Yoon Eun Hye and grew to like Yoon Sang Hyun through Secret Garden.  And as you can tell, I’ve been following Two Fathers for a while, haha, because I love the main three actors: Megan Lai, Leroy Young, and Lin Yo Wei!  It’s very family oriented and cute/sweet, so I also highly recommend it, though it does have a lot of episodes (still airing, expecting around 80 episodes).


10 thoughts on “Greengrassjelly joins the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Take Two!

  1. Ok so I am on episode 4 or 5 in Two Fathers. O_O Is the drama worth the long length?? Is it still fun/entertaining at the half-way mark?

    1. hey heisui! so at half way through it’s still pretty good! im usually pretty patient with the longer dramas, haha, but they pace it pretty well. the drama will slowly add more characters in (you eventually get to meet the teacher’s younger brother, for example) and slowly develop the characters’ relationships more/get to know the background story. there were dramas that I got to the 60’s (out of 80 episodes) and just gave up and waited to just watch the final episode, but if you’re still at 4 or 5 eps, i’d say give it to 15 or 20 eps to see how you like it 🙂 hope that helps!

      1. Ok thanks! Yeah I just don’t know if I can commit to such a long drama when I’m not sure if it will drag or not. Heheh.

      2. yup, np! hopefully you can give it a few more episodes! plus, wendy is so cute 🙂

      3. haha 🙂 i thought it was cute, cuz i don’t remember which episode but we learn that Xiang Xi’s favorite/most memorable childhood story was Peter Pan, which is cool since he named his daughter Wendy…

      4. While this show is a fun watch, I must confess that I skipped from ep 5 to 17 to 37, and didn’t miss a thing. However, it does give you a realistic view of Taiwan and is very heart warming. The only character I don’t like us the artist, I feel like she is too contrived. I’m still tuning in for every episode however, and do recommend it haha. Just know that it’s not as exciting or “drama packed” as regular dramas.

      5. Little cat, i do agree that it’s not as “drama packed” as other shorter dramas, but yeah, for some reason, it keeps drawing me in, haha! i was a little sad when zheng hua left for his competition, because the show seemed kind of empty without him, lol

  2. @greengrassjelly. Yeah, it’s been a bit boring as of late. I’m more interested in amour et patisserie actually, the relationships are very heartfelt and the heroine has a few secrets that I’m excited to see unravel.

    1. at least zheng hua is back now! in case you couldn’t tell im a lin yo wei fan, hehe… so we’ll see where things go next, still waiting for xiang xi and fang jing zhu’s relationship to develop! and i actually read redbeanmochi’s recap for amour et pâtisserie because i haven’t had much time to start a new drama, lol. i’m not a huge fan of sandrine pinna but i really like xiu jie kai so i’ll give it a few more episodes 🙂

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