03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.


this is a repeat from the previous challenge! (Day 6)

Not going to lie – I really, really detested Romantic Princess. It got all sorts of hype because of the Fahrenheit band members Wu Chun and Calvin Chen, but in my opinion feel flat partially as a result of it. It tried to be so romantic/mushy/fairytale and ended up a hollow shell. This is the drama that made me start my 3 episode policy, after I so foolishly tried to struggle through all 11 episodes because up til then I hadn’t ever dropped a drama. It had an awful plot (seriously the entire drama consists of the girl and guy falling in love but then trying to hide it because the grandpa wants them to get together) and zero chemistry. My apologies for the major bashing if you liked this drama, but I wasn’t able to connect with it.



Greengrassjelly here! The worst asian drama I’ve ever seen was New My Fair Princess (remake of the Chinese Princess Returning Pearl). I’m sorry for people who do like it, but I could go on forever about how bad it was. It is one of the few dramas I’ve seen where I don’t know the budget but it seems like it was very low. I mean, really, if you’re going to do a remake of legendary trilogy/series, it better be AMAZING. But no, they had to go and ruin it. They picked a cast completely of newcomers so the acting was already iffy, and the script was poorly written because the dialogue seemed unnatural/overly dramatic. Not to mention, there were so many horse-riding scenes that looked sooooo fake (whereas the original cast ACTUALLY learned how to ride horses WITHOUT saddles), and just everything about it didn’t compare to the original–I honestly don’t know why they would bother with a remake if it’s trying to be exactly like the original. But yeah, that’s my rant 😛 You guys should also look up parodies of NMFP, because they’re probably better than the actual drama itself…


15 thoughts on “03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.

  1. Amen to your hate on Romantic Princess! I’m just plain relieved that I wasn’t the only one who detested the incredulity of it (and yet I still watched the entire thing till the bitter end ._.). I was so detached from the storyline the entire time. So, terrible I can’t even. George Hu was the only good thing about this drama.

      1. I think I went crazy when I saw your post saying Romantic Princess was the worst drama ever, because that’s the exact same one I chose. I decided to answer the 30-day challenge questions for myself just to see what my responses would be…and for this question it was between Romantic Princess and Dream High 2. Wow. Glad we’re on the same page. The lead girl annoyed the heck out of me.

      2. Ooooh i heard some bad reviews about Dream High 2. The first was pretty decent though.

        Angela Zhang? Yeah her character was extremely frivolous and annoying – i like her much better in bump off lover. Maybe creepy is her thing?

      3. Yeah, the first Dream High was nice. Not anything to write home about, but it was good while it lasted. So they should’ve just ended it there.

        I had to google her to see what other works she’s been in. Seems like her last drama was Romantic Princess. Ouch. I wonder why she quit acting..

  2. I don’t even want to remember Romantic Princess. Oh goodness. I remember at the time though, it was so popular that I didn’t fully understand how bad it was. Looking back though, yeah it was bad. T_T””

      1. Yeah it brings to mind shows like P.S. Man, Easy Fortune Happy Life, Knock Knock Loving You….all of which I remember were popular at the time but now I know they were not great at all. T_T”

  3. For me it has to be Princess Princess D. I watched that drama because Saitoh Takumi and Sato Takeru were in it and a friend recommended it for me for silliness, but I didn’t expect it to be that silly – it had WTF written all over it. I finished it through my teeth :/

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