Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 1 Recap


We start out with a cute opening sequence, showing alternating shots of the various characters interacting in the bakery as well as the desserts being prepared. I’m hungry already 😦 *EDIT: it appears as though I messed up, Tian Tian’s second sister is Tian Xi, her eldest is Tian Mi.



We meet our first lead Allen as he walks around a train station. It seems that he’s from outside the country, and he wanders around looking at a map. Poor chap looks lost though.


Our female lead, Tian Tian, is baking up a storm. We get to drool see her bake gorgeous, gorgeous desserts. From eclairs, to cream puffs, to macaroons. I think I’m in love.


Allen is still lost, and gives up in order to take a break. When he tries to wash up however, he not only knocks off the spout head (spraying his crotch/pants in the process), but also gets his bag stolen…after he’s taken off his pants. LOL. Poor Allen – he chases the thief all over, but loses him when the guy runs into a front yard and hops a fence. Whaddaya know, it happens to be the front yard of Tian Tian’s bakery.

A Lu, Tian Tian’s coworker, is busy reading a book when Allen wanders around looking for where the thief could have gone. She notices the motion out of the corner of her eye and shrieks upon turning around.


Her screams (and Allen’s as well haha) alert Tian Tian to the situation at hand, and she rushes out to confront the “thief” with a rolling pin. Neither girl seems too inclined to believe Allen’s story that his backpack (and clothes) were stolen, but in the end they let him leave to go to the police station. Tian Tian takes pity on him as well, and gives him her apron to help cover some of his nudity (aw).


Allen is back again the next day, and Tian Tian finds him sleeping outside the gate with his apron on his head. She prods him a few times with the rolling pin, but seems satisfied that he’s harmless. When Allen hesitantly asks if he can stay (and work to pay off the food/board costs), the rolling pins come back out.

In the end however, Tian Tian grudgingly agrees to let Allen work as a busboy on the conditions that he leaves once the police find his belongings and that he never goes upstairs (where she lives). When Allen asks A Lu what the name of the bakery is, since he didn’t see a sign outside, she responds “[the bakery shop] with no name”. Allen is confused, and so am I.


Looks like the “bakery with no name” has its first customer! A flighty, pretentious girl that just gushes over the desserts (albeit in a slightly condescending manner) and her “hubby”. This is Chen Tian XiTian Tian’s second oldest sister, and she’s brought her darling boyfriend to try Tian Tian’s pastries. I think Tian Xi’s frivolous nature is too sickly sweet, and so do A Lu and Allen (they trade looks repeatedly during the exchange).

Tian Tian warns her sister that her boyfriend seems like a player, but Tian Xi doesn’t listen and reveals that he’s taking her to Italy to get married soon.


Whoosh – we get a 10 second snapshot of our other mysterious lead. He seems important, and the hotel clerk stresses the importance of the prepared wine being french. Hmmmm.


Tian Tian rushes out of the bakery to pick up her son, and he looks to be about 5-6. He (adorably) has marker on his face, and hides his face in his hands when Allen tries to talk to him. He gets to pick one dessert as a snack, and even chooses to share his macaroons with Allen and A Lu. Squee 🙂

Tian Xi meanwhile, seems to be rather lonely. She’s shopping on her own, and watches enviously while another couple tries on rings. The boyfriend is clearly attentive and doting on the girlfriend, and Tian Xi gets a funny look on her face. She returns home to try and cook an “expensive dinner” for her boyfriend, but ends up burning the meat, overcooking the pie, and creating a watery wine broth soup (shouldn’t have put the entire bottle in). Looks like the cooking talent skipped her.


Allen gets to live in the storage room, and he peers around nervously at all the clutter before heading back out to talk to Tian Tian. She refuses to answer his questions however, and asks him straight how long he thinks he’ll be living there. Allen tentatively responds that he came to Taiwan to look for a friend, but hasn’t been able to contact them yet. He’s still waiting, so it might be a little longer.

Our mystery man nurses the french wine and tries to dial a number, but gets an automated message that the number he dialed is no longer in service.


Looks like Tian Tian was right – a car pulls up in front of Tian Xi and out steps another girl. She promptly slaps Tian Xi across the face, then gets back in the car with Tian Xi’s (now ex) boyfriend. Ouch.

A furious Tian Xi rushes into the bakery, and Allen and A Lu volunteer to help her get revenge. Cue presentation onto their target (A Lu is the only one actively interested) – their goal is to steal the ring that Tian Xi designed before her ex gives it to another girl. Their plan goes off without a hitch, Allen convinces the Best Man (who had hold of the ring) to go towards the chapel, and swaps out the ring box when A Lu “accidentally” crashes into him. The Ex is left at the alter when his fiancé finds out he prepared….a soda can tab. LOL. The trio celebrate, and Allen is forced to bring an inebriated Tian Xi back.

Tian Tian and Allen share a moment over the guitar Allen found, and Allen comments that he noticed that though Tian Xi seems really happy, she is truly sad inside.


The bakery gets another customer the next day – a geeky looking guy who seems rather nervous around A Lu (does he have a crush?). He’s able to do ingredient price calculations in his head quite quickly, but doesn’t know how to interact with others well. Aw.

Tian Tian blows off steam at a batting cage, and runs into Allen outside. He offers her a water bottle, and teases her for not being able to hit a single one. The poor guy receives a death stare in return.


Seeing Allen again reminds Tian Tian about his observations of Tian Xi, and she thinks back to another time when Tian Xi had gotten tricked by her boyfriend in high school. Tian Xi had been crying and sad for a day while she at chocolate covered bananas, but promised to be sunny and cheerful the next day. Back in the present, Tian Tian drags Tian Xi to the kitchen to make an elaborate version of bananas and chocolate – a banana chocolate mouse. yum.


food/baking porn 😛


Tian Xi is touched by the gesture, and sure enough comes down the next morning her usual self. Groan. She wants to set up a tarot card reading service in the bakery, and wins Tian Tian over when a customer eagerly agrees to a free reading with the purchase of dessert. LOL. We also see the Ex receive a package. Turns out Tian Xi mailed the ring back to him to wash her hands of it. Good for her!


Tian Tian takes the afternoon off to go bus to another city. She recalls a memory when she and her son were sitting outside in the rain, and an old man had invited her in and given her food. She’d cried while eating it, and we can see now that the old man’s house is the current location of the bakery.

The old man is sick in the hospital, but seems to be in a cheery mood and greets Tian Tian warmly. Aw.


Meanwhile, Allen takes this opportunity to go upstairs – he walks through the living room and sees the locked bedroom door. It won’t budge, and he begins to rummage through the cupboards nearby. Dun Dun DUN.



The episode started off well! It’s good quality, and the food/baking scenes are phenomenal. Not too much happened, but it did set up the characters and offer a bit of insight into Tian Xi and Tian Tian’s relationship. And how cute is Allen when he smiles like that? D’aww.


15 thoughts on “Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 1 Recap

  1. Thank you so much for the recap! Thoroughly enjoying what I have watched raw. Here’s to hoping you will continue with the rest of the episodes, since your site seems to be the only place for a recap. 🙂 Thank you again! Jia you!

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