05. Which Asian drama made you cry.


30 day challenge Day 28 repeat!

This is going to sound awful, but I haven’t watched a single drama yet that has made me cry. I tend to stay away from known tear-jerkers (1 litre of tears I’m looking at you) because I view them the same way as horror movies, why purposefully put yourself through suffering/fear/sadness? Not to say that I’m an emotionless robot, I have no qualms to admitting that I shed a tear or two while reading the last HP book, watching Boromir die in LOTR, or the beginning of Land Before Time (there’s just something about that “sacrifice for the greater good” death that makes me bawl my eyes out tear up a little).


The only asian related media that made me slightly tear up was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, when she couldn’t rescue him before the poison killed him. 😦


The most recent drama that made me cry was Faith (as I had mentioned earlier), especially when Eun Soo is trying to run away with General Choi Young and she finds the message in a bottle that she left herself.  When they’re cuddling by the river and she sees her other self leaving the bottle–the scene was so sad!  It’s so mysterious and makes you wonder if she won’t get to see Choi Yong again, which is what made it so sad…


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