06. Favorite Asian drama OST.


Oh boy. This is a tie between William Wei’s Hai Shi Hui from In Time With You and Harlem Yu’s Qing Fei De Yi from Meteor Garden.


Autumn's Concertozhuanji5

My favorite Asian drama OST so far is from Autumn’s Concerto because it’s mostly made up of Della Ding’s songs (and I love her) and it just fit the drama so well! Although it was unrelated to the drama, I especially enjoyed the I Love Him (Wo Ai Ta) music video (also because Xiu Jie Kai is in it and I also really like him, hehe).



18 thoughts on “06. Favorite Asian drama OST.

  1. Ah, yes, I forgot about Autumn’s Concerto. Della Ding’s songs were amazing. I like Xiu Jie Kai, too 😉 btw.

    I really couldn’t nail this down as I don’t have an all time favorite drama OST because I love most of the music in most dramas I watch. I *do* have a (non-Asian) move one though – Daredevil, lol. I wrote my book in a semester with that soundtrack on repeat.

    1. have you been watching “amour et pâtisserie”? redbeanmochi is also recapping it! i havent watched it yet, but xiu jie kai is in it 😀 also, have you heard of “fan tuan zhi jia” (飯糰之家)? he’s also in that (it’s a long series) but i really like his pairing with megan lai and there are some super cute scenes 😛

      1. ooOO, he’s also one of the main leads in “Four Gifts” (女王不下班), and he’s a police in that, so definitely worth watching, hehe 😛

    1. hm, i still haven’t seen in time with you, but it’s on my to watch list! i’ll have to look out for the songs 🙂

      1. Hopefully the songs can help you remain sane while watching that drama. Ariel Lin + Bolin Chen= Great chemistry…but the whole “I’m stuck in the friend zone” plot line can get pretty tiring. And also trying to patch up things with suckish ex-boyfriends can get irritating. But by all means, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

      2. haha, thanks for the heads up. and yes i agree ariel and bolin are really good together! have you seen their movie lovesick (戀愛恐慌症)? it’s really good 🙂

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