Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 5 Recap

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Da Pai has managed to take a photo of Mei Nan and Tai Qing running away, but because it’s of their backs he can’t publish it to link Tai Qing with Xin Ning or identify Mei Nan. Tai Qing leads Mei Nan to the front doors where she’s picked up by the coordi, and then takes off himself when the reporter continues to follow.


Da Pai is having a real hard time keeping up with Tai Qing, and begs him to just stop for a moment. Lucky for him, Tai Qing re-enters the dressing room floor and pauses when he runs into Xin Ning. As Da Pai draws nearer, Tai Qing smirks and tells Xin Ning to deal with the reporter her “usual way”.

When Da Pai asks Xin Ning why she was running away from him with Tai Qing, she plays dumb and says she has no clue what he’s talking about.


Jack is non too pleased to find out that Mei Nan left, but Tai Qing takes care of the reporters and fields all questions centering around A.N. Jell’s missing band member. He tells the reporters that Mei Nan had to leave early due to feeling unwell, and the two other boys looks uneasy.

In the car ride back to the dorms, Jeremy asks Tai Qing and Xin Yu if the reason they were so nice to Mei Nan was because they knew she was an orphan. He berates himself for being unnecessarily mean, hitting himself on the head while calling himself a “pig-brain” haha.


Mei Nan finally gets to meet her Aunt (dad’s younger sister), and is informed that her mother died early on – before the Aunt received the twins into her care. Tears abound everywhere, but I must point out that for someone who “cares so much” about her nephew, the Aunt hasn’t asked a single question about Mei Nu yet.

Jeremy and Co and organized a party to celebrate Mei Nan’s debut and cheer her up. Uhh Jeremy, I’m pretty sure hats aren’t meant to be worn that way…


Jeremy imitates a famous Taiwanese comedian (complete with the wig) to make Mei Nan laugh, and she cheers up considerably. He reveals that Tai Qing cooked most of the food, and snickers when Mei Nan tries to offer Tai Qing some chinese vermicelli noodles. Jeremy lets slip that when the band was still New and attending talk show/game shows to promote their albums, Tai Qing had a rather…unfortunate incident with vermicelli that left him scarred for life.

He runs inside to find the DVD of the clip, and Mei Nan watches the scene (Tai Qing is surprised by a person hiding under the table and has noodles spilled all over his crotch) while Tai Qing chases Jeremy around the room for the remote.


Da Pai meets with Jack to share his suspicion that Tai Qing and Xin Ning are romantically linked. Pfft – yeah, the only thing more ridiculous than that idea are his imagined “romantic scenes” between the two. Tai Qing’s “take me!” peace signs are hilarious!


Tai Qing calls Mei Nan out for laughing still – and she promises him that soon he won’t see her cry and be annoying. She’s “fulfilled” the terms of his deal, she learned about her mother and must now leave. Tai Qin is shocked, and seems to have forgotten all about the agreement.

Mei Nan gets physical with Xin Yu and Jeremy when she goes to help clean up the party: Xin Yu takes her hands and tells her solomnly in korean that if she tells him she’s a girl, he’ll bravely confess his feelings for her, while Mei Nan grabs onto Jeremy’s waist when she trips. Jeremy is shocked and can’t focus, he’s so wrapped up in his thoughts of Mei Nan.


Tai Qing gets called out by Xin Ning and Jack in regards to the rumors that they’re dating. He scoffs both times, but noticeably gets nervous when Xin Ning mentions a photo being taken. Once he realizes that nothing can be distinguished from the photo, he smiles a genuine smile at Xin Ning. Looks like someone’s got a new crush.


It’s dinner time, and whaddaya know, Tai Qing, Xin Yu, and Mei Nan end up in the same restaurant. Tai Qing is there to meet Mo Hua Lan – she wishes to revamp/arrange a cover of “her favourite song”. Xin Yu and Mei Nan are there to help Xin Yu “confess” to the girl he likes.


Signs of being a bad parent – feeding your kid shrimp when he’s allergic. Tai Qing can’t breathe, and we see a flashback to when Mu Huan had prepared a shrimp dish for her son. Tai Qing had complained about the shrimp, but it never registered with Mu Hua Lan that her son might not have been acting out.


When Mei Nan goes to the restroom to clean the “disguises” that Xin Yu brought, she sees Tai Qing having an allergy attack. He runs out of the hotel for fresh air, and poor Xin Yu is left waiting for Mei Nan. He tries both gendered washrooms, and attempts to call Mei Nan’s cell before realizing she’d forgotten it.

To his surprise, a call from Tai Qing comes in, and it’s Mei Nan. She apologizes for making him wait, and tells him to enjoy his first date!


Close up of the “confession” gift Xin Yu prepared –  a pair of heels that Mei Nan had specifically admired.


Although a bit worried at first when Mei Nan reveals that Xin Yu asked her to go on the ferris wheel with him (a typical couple date), he cheers up when Mei Nan announces that Xin Yu said he had a girlfriend.

Tai Qing takes pity on Mei Nan when she forlornly wishes she could have tried the ferris wheel at least once, and sits with her as they rise. Turns out he’s afraid of heights, and Mei Nan grabs his arm to cheer him up/support. D’aw.


Back at the dorm, Tai Qing thanks Mei Nan for sticking with him, and smiles a genuine smile at her. She’s momentarily shocked, and her heart starts beating rapidly. She compliments Tai Qing on his scarf (reminiscent of his old tv show style which Mei Nan had also complimented), and he demands she give him two thumbs up for his look. Why are you two so cute?


Mei Nan’s packing is interrupted when Jack and Mark announce that Mei Nan’s aunt will be staying for a while – her apartment building was being sold and she has no palce to stay. Since Mei Nan and her aunt sleeping together wouldn’t be appropriate (girl and guy), Mei Nan is forced to choose who she wants to stay with. Xin Yu refuses to look at her, as does Jeremy. Though Tai Qing threatens punishment if she picks him, Mei Nan eventually points to him and declares that she wants to live with him.


Mark gives Mei Nan a taser “just in case”, and Xin Yu notices how friendly Mei Nan and Tai Qing have become. Tai Qing even takes Mei Nan’s luggage upstairs without her asking, as a jealous Xin Yu watched from behind the door. Boy, if you wanted Mei Nan to live with you, you shouldn’t have given her the cold shoulder. How was she supposed to know that you know she’s a girl and that your pretend girlfriend is actually her if I can’t even explain it well?


There are some issues with the new living arrangements however, Tai Qing re-organizes the restroom so that everything is lined up perfectly, and Mei Nan has a hard time sleeping with the lights ons. As she returns to her bed after turning off the lights, she noticed her heart rate picked up. She beings to pray to the mother superior…until she accidentally tasers herself when crossing her chest. LOL.



The ferris wheel scene is new, and I really like it. It gives the characters more room for developing their relationship in a natural way, and you can really see Tai Qing warming up to Mei Nan. His snarky comments are more a front than anything, and she’s able to see through them as well. The bathroom scene at the end when he straightens her toothpaste and cup also stood out to me, in that he didn’t toss her items aside with disgust, but lined them up carefully with his (aw, couple-dom already) and even rinsed her toothbrush for her.


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 5 Recap

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry every time Qing shows up on the screen. On one hand, everything he does is unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious, like straightening the toothbrush, or in Da Pai’s imagined photoshoot, where he tries to be cute even when he’s ‘pretending’ not to want the photography. Man that’s a mouthful.

    That scene with his mother was awesome. No other words for it. It was rather breathtaking (no pun intended) when Qing was recovering in the bathroom, and gets teary eyed. As someone with both allergies and asthma, those tears are a result of not being able to breath and coughing, but Jiro’s eyes made it seem genuinely like he was on the verge of tears also because of how upset and heartbroken he was. Props to his acting skills!

    Xin Yu, you are officially out. You know when a boy and a girl discuss someone else’s love like that? when they’re a couple themselves! Otherwise guys talk with guys, girls gossip with girls. The only time a boy and a girl gossip together about someone else’s potential girlfriend is when they are that comfortable with each other. And if you ever went to high school, that’s also the only sure time you know the person you’re talking to does not have a crush on the person you’re gossiping about.

    Also, Xin Yu, you can write the book on how to dig a whole, jump in yourself, and then put your foot in your mouth. God, your future girlfriend is going to have it rough!

    1. Hahahahahahaha your comments are too good 😀

      Agreed – I think that Jiro is doing a pretty dang good job as Tai Qing (albeit being waaayyy to old), and his attention to details is really selling the drama for me. Like you pointed out, the mother-allergy scene was very well acted, and his reactions in the restroom were so conflicted – fear, sadness, and frustration.

      For me, Xin Yu trying to be proactive about asking Mei Nan out is good – his sulky reaction when she went off with Tai Qing however, is not. Acting like a 3 year old because the object of your affections went to help a friend who was in distress and having a health issue is not okay, it shows that you’re selfish and not quite as mature as you let on.The fact that he refused to help Mei Nan later just dug the hole even bigger, and proves that he’s a “nice guy” who isn’t really all that nice (not to say he’s a bad person, in my opinion he just hides behind a façade).

  2. You know what the Korean version was missing? How Yu felt towards Qing. Honestly, this guy is the leader, face of the band, all the fangirls, all the talent, all the rave. And he’s, let’s say, not the easiest person to get along with. J and Yu really put up with a lot, Qing’s rules are pretty much ‘leave me alone’, despite the fact these three spend their day together, eat together, work together, and at the end of the day, live together!

    I think the T version is addressing some of this, Yu should be feeling a little jealous. Anyone with any ambition would be. It’s implied that Qing writes all the songs they sing, he’s the lead singer and guitarist, that means he’s holding up the band. Yu is in many ways dependent on Qing. I think this is driving some of his behavior as well. He was the first to find out, I think maybe he was withholding Mei Nan’s secret as a little something for himself, a secret in the band that the boss and even Qing doesn’t know. So when he turns around the Qing figured it out, and his little thing becomes Mei Nan and Qing’s secret. I think maybe this is driving some of the deeper emotions to the surface.

    Just my two cents, I think the T version is really playing up Jiro and Yu’s age gap (honestly, I still don’t know the actor’s name, and he’s been in quite a few of Jiro’s dramas lately)

    also, always happy to comment on your blog. it’s neatly organized and you always reply! It’s fantastic!

    1. Well written.. as I read somewhere else, its nice to see Qing teasing Mei nam a bit.. It gives a different layer to his character..

    2. Ah that’s so true! You raise a good point K – Jeremy is pretty much a puppy (ie, he loves anything that moves and is always content), but Xin Yu is always no. 2 to Tai Qing. I think Xin Yu’s feelings were a bit evident during the swimming pool scene, when he stepped out to find Mei Nan but stopped behind the pillar to watch Tai Qing. He didn’t look too happy to see Tai Qing there, even though he should have been relieved since the girl that he likes was saved in the nick of time. Maybe it just ties back to him being a step too late and I’m reading too much into it?

      It’s very possible the TW version is playing up the age gap – I don’t think they ever explicitly say how old any of the characters are but it is very possible that they’re incorporating the actor’s age difference. If they incorporate it for Xin Yu and Tai Qing though, I think it’s only fair if they play it up in Tai Qing and Mei Nan’s relationship as well.

      Thanks! I love how you comment every week with something new and insightful – I’m always impressed by how much you write too! 🙂

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