08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama.


Like I said in Day 17, I can’t ever have one favourite drama character. I’ve already seen too many dramas, and love characters because of their different personalities. It’s like making me pick a favourite food – I can’t. I want my mac n cheese and my tiramisu, my steak and my blackberries.

Current Favourite Male Character: Akiyama Shinichi from Liar Game


Played by Matsuda Shota, Akiyama is a brilliant ex-convict who is drawn into the “Liar Game” by a naive college woman named Kanzaki Nao. He saves her (and multiple players) over and over during the game. He’s adept at psychological warfare and a mathematical genius, and retains a cold-detached persona for most of the series. However, he does reveal bits and pieces about himself over the seasons. I think part of the reason I like him so much is because of his intellect – he reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. I also appreciated the lack of noble-idiocy 😛



My favorite male character in an Asian drama would have to be General Choi Young from Faith, played by Lee Min Ho. Surprise much? Haha 😛 So minus the part where he kills people without batting an eyelash, Choi Yong is the perfect guy! He’s faithful, skilled in martial arts (which can never be a bad thing), will protect you with his life, intelligent, and not to mention attractive! ❤


7 thoughts on “08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama.

  1. Akiyama-kun was the first real or fictional guy who turned me on only because of his mind [because let’s admit, in Liar Game you don’t really see the usual great looks of Matsuda Shota]. ❤

      1. Ahahaha “fabulous tactics”. That’s very true – I think that JGS could potentially be a good Akinyama (provided he pulls on the YAB cold persona again), but it would also depend on the director / script writer since they control the focus of the drama.

  2. Yeah, I can’t imagine any other genius mastermind than Akiyama. He is forever awesome.
    Lee Min Ho in Faith was okay. Not 100% satisfied with his portrayal, but he did a great job with the new character. I enjoyed it. Although I STILL need to finish the drama. I’m so horrible about following any drama all the way through to the end when I’m not actually recapping it. 😛

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