09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.32.06 PM

(screenshot of dramafever.com)


I’m not a fan of downloading because it’s so easy to get a virus, and I rarely watch dramas again anyways. I typically use Funtude, Sugoideas, viki, dramafever, and gooddrama depending on what dramas they offer. (ie, viki has Monstar but Dramafever has Dating Agency: Cyrano)


I never download dramas because I don’t trust a lot of the sites, so I always just watch them online. Youtube, Sugoideas, Viki, MapleStage, and azdrama are my favorites!


5 thoughts on “09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

  1. I watch Taiwanese dramas on viki.com because they generally have a worldwide licence. I would watch more on drama fever.com because the quality is probably pretty good, but they’re only available to North Americans, lol. I tend to go for gooddrama.com because the videos load quicker than they do on dramacrazy.net, for some reason.

    I download as well, and so far, I haven’t downloaded any viruses. I have a Mac, however, which tends to limit the viruses you can download anyway. I find d-addicts.com are a perfectly trustworthy site though.

    1. Ah, I wasn’t aware that dramafever had this limitation. 😦

      I prefer gooddrama over dramacrazy because I feel like the first one has less advertisements (or at least ones you can click out of).

      1. That’s funny, I actually find gooddrama has more ads than dramacrazy, ha ha. I’m watching a Chinese show at the moment on gooddrama, and there are 1 or 2 ads that play before each part of the episode. Or a movie trailer. I’ve seen the Superman trailer a hell of a lot since I started watching this show, lol.

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