10. An Asian character that is most like you.



Oof this was a hard one. I’d probably have to go with Cha Eun Gyeol from To the Beautiful You (the only character I loved in that disappointing drama). He’s so bubbly and friendly, always willing to go on an adventure or hang out with friends. Though I wouldn’t say I’m quite as confident as him (he calls himself the golden foot of Genie High because of his soccer prowess), his upbeat charisma definitely matches mine 😀


Choi Song Hyun as Jin Jung Sun

I would say Jeong-seon from Prosecutor Princess, played by Choi Song Hyun, is most like me. She is a very intelligent prosecutor who is independent and capable, but puts up a sort of wall to the outside world and has a soft side that she rarely shows others. She quietly cares for Se Joon’s daughter, but remains timid/shy to express her love for Se Joon—and slowly watches him fall for Hye Ri. I’m no prosecutor, haha, but I’d like to think I’m intelligent, independent and capable. However, I’m also shy and it takes me a long time to warm up to people in order to feel comfortable and open up to them J


4 thoughts on “10. An Asian character that is most like you.

  1. I’m still having trouble choosing a character for me. 😛 Interesting picks for you 🙂 Total opposites 🙂 I liked that prosecutor from PP, too.

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