11. Your least favorite male character.



This was actually pretty hard for me, as most of the male characters are either the leads (who you typically end up rooting for anyways) or the second leads (who are nice/guardian angel type). I guess for me there are male characters who I’m not fond of – Xin Yu from Fabulous Boys (K and I have analyzed his character quite in-depth here) and Tong Dao from MARS (he creeps me out, but the actor did a phenomenal job!).



I had to really dig for this one… I’m obviously not going to dislike the main male lead and the second leads are usually the kind/sweet guys that never get the girl, but my least favorite male character that I can think of is Chen Jian Ting from Gung Hay Fat Choy, played by Patrick Lee. He was one of the male leads that got paired with Alice Ke’s character, but Jian Ting was a rich, slightly spoiled, man who was used to getting what he wanted and having all the attention. It sounds a lot worse than his actual character was, considering it is sort of a sitcom so it was funny more than serious, but his character was still annoying nonetheless. He tried to act all macho and impress Alice’s character, and it was just too much that I had to drop the drama.


3 thoughts on “11. Your least favorite male character.

  1. I know, it’s hard, and then there are some villain characters you just can’t help but love, too. I swear there was a character in a drama that completely got on my nerves and wouldn’t you know I can’t remember which character from what drama now? Go figure.

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