Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 6 Recap

More romance development! Not all good though… 😦

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Tai Qing wakes up first the next morning (yay drama for doing something different!), and freaks out seeing Mei Nan next to him. He tries to pull away, but the loss of body heat just makes Mei Nan snuggle closer. Strangely, Tai Qing relaxes and even looks slightly happy when Mei Nan nuzzles his cheek. He does eventually pull away, and makes sure to cover Mei Nan with the blanket before memorizing her sleeping features.


Mei Nan’s aunt starts yelling for the two to wake up however, and Tai Qing jumps back under the covers to feign sleep. Mei Nan wakes up and has a mini panic attack of her own when she realizes that she slept on the same bed as Tai Qing. She hurriedly jumps off the bed, just in time before her aunt comes up the stairs. For all Aunt’s shouting however, he doesn’t stir. This prompts her to take matters into her own hands (literally), and she jumps on the bed and slaps his rump. HAHA. Tai Qing’s reaction is priceless.


He marches downstairs to explain his “Tai Qing house rules” to Aunt, but she cuts him off to tell him that the leader needs his stamina, and squeezes his butt again. Hehe 😛

After shooting death glares at the other members so that they don’t laugh, Tai Qing quickly runs back upstairs.


Mei Nan confesses to Mark that she tasered herself to sleep, and that while nothing happened between her and Tai Qing, she’s been feeling a bit off/tingly. He tells her it’s most likely due to lingering energy in her body, and advises her to drink a lot of water.

Xin Yu finds her outside when she’s chugging water, and asks if anything happened between Tai Qing and her yesterday. Mei Nan says that although she made a little mistake, Tai Qing likely won’t find out. Xin Yu is relieved, and when asked if he’s okay (Mei Nan believes that his bad mood the day before was a result being stood up by his girlfriend) he responds that he’s made peace with what happened. Mei Nan quickly spouts words of encouragement, telling Xin Yu that any girl who heard his confession would accept it. He asks her to pinky promise on that statement, and they do. Sheesh, I’m going to be very disappointing if you try and hold Mei Nan to a pinky promise that she unwittingly made about herself.


Mei Nan runs in the house to grab some cookies and more water, and runs into Tai Qing in the kitchen. He asks why she specifically chose to room with himself rather than Xin Yu, and Mei Nan replies that it’s because Xin Yu is a guy. Whoops. She immediately backpedals, but Tai Qing grouches after she leaves, annoyed that she doesn’t see him as a guy.


Xin Ning is working the charm, first on the coordi, then on the boys in the A.N. Jell practice room. She tells the coordi that she wants to be good friends, and asks to be updated on the “Mei Nan” situation. When the coordi brings in Xin Ning back to the headquarters, Xin Ning uses the opportunity to take a photo with Mei Nan, insinuating Mei Nan’s “lack of masculinity” the entire time.

Karma gets her back however, when she’s taking a photo with Mark. The A.N. Jell boys head out with Jack (the president) for a buffet lunch, and they not only ignore Xin Ning, but Mark (who was so insistant on getting a photo with her) ditches her to go join them.


Jack brings up the rumours of Xin Ning with Tai Qing, but Tai Qing flatly shuts down the idea. Mei Nan overhears their conversation, and feels tingly again. Jack then brings up the “thing” Tai Qing has to do regarding Mei Nan, but the scene cuts to Mei Nan and Jeremy before we can hear more.

Jeremy hesitantly sits next to Mei Nan, and gives her his food when he notices that her plate isn’t filled. She breaks out of her reverie to ask if pretty girls like Xin Ning and what guys like, and Jeremy sputters for a bit before replying “of course guys like me like pretty girls like Xin Ning, what did you think, I’d like a guy like you?” Oops. Thankfully Mei Nan doesn’t catch up on his slip, and sighs.


Reporter Da Pai notices that the mystery girl Tai Qing was running with at the concert is in the back of a photo taken by the three fan girls. At that time however, he was talking to Xin Ning. So…if Xin Ning was with him, who is the mystery girl in the photo? He tricks the girls into thinking that the boys are walking out of headquarters, then grabs the photo and runs.

Jack announces the upcoming release of Mei Nan’s EP single before the band’s next album – it’s a song that Tai Qing wrote, and must be what he referred to earlier. It also means that Mei Nan will be thrust into the spotlight, having to do a myriad of promotional activities, and the likelihood of her secret being discovered goes up.


Mark asks Tai Qing to help keep Mei Nan’s secret, and Tai Qing gruffly tells them that if Mei Nan can sing his song, she can stay. Mei Nan worries that she won’t be able to do it, and Xin Yu finds her still sitting on the bench later. She asks if he believes she can do all the promotional activities, and he replies that he’s her super fan. Aw.


The mother superior is traveling through Taipei, and Mei Nan goes to see her for some advice. She shoots off a text to Mark, but he thinks she made her choice to leave A.N. Jell and not take on the promotional activities. Tai Qing doesn’t react well to the news either, first telling Mark that it should have nothing to do with him, then crossly scolding Mei Nan for not saying goodbye before she left. He calls her up and warns her not to move from the bus station, telling her that they need to talk.

He does a bit of a double take when he sees Mei Nan dressed as a girl, and is at a loss for words at first. Hehe. In the car Tai Qing rants about how if she was going to choose to leave she needs to at least say goodbye first, and Mei Nan clears up the situation by explaining that she’s going to meet the Mother Superior for the day.


Jack and Mu Hua Lan meet to discuss the song – Jack tells Mu Hua Lan that Tai Qing is going to be very busy with activities soon, and doesn’t seem inclined to work on her song. She downright refuses to have anyone else work on it however, and Jack is left wishing he wasn’t the intermediary between the two.


Mei Nan tentatively asks if Tai Qing thinks she looks cute as a girl, and he blusters that even with her wearing a wig she doesn’t count as a cute girl. She sighs, and tries to take out her hair clip only for it to break in her hand. Tai Qing laughs that even the hair clip didn’t want to be with her, but picks it up after she leaves.

He heads to the street venders, and asks a hawker for her prettiest hairpin. It’s 59NT, but a line of cars have built up behind him and are honking for Tai Qing to keep driving. He hands over 1000 NT (one bill), and drives off without getting his change.


Xin Ning calls him on his way back to the church requesting a meeting. She lies that she has a photo of the mystery girl, and laughs at Tai Qing when he demands to see it. When he refuses to tell her the girl’s identity (even though she already knows), Xin Ning tells him that the girl looks extremely familiar, like somebody in the same company.

Tai Qing takes the moment to ask her where her car is. Xin Ning gleefully tells him it’s far, far away, thinking that he wants to damage it in revenge. Nope – Tai Qing bends down on one knee…..and steals one of her heels. He hurls it into the nearby lake, and tells Xin Ning not to waste his time anymore.


A bitter Xin Ning curses Tai Qing with every step she takes back to her car. On her way past a basketball court however, she gets hit in the head and gets a nosebleed (How?). The players surround her to take photos, and she cries pitifully for them to stop. Out of the blue a jacket is thrown over her head and Tai Qing swoops in to take her back to his car. The players continue to take photos, and within minutes they are circulating on the news.

Xin Ning waits in Tai Qing’s car for her manager, telling Tai Qing it’s only fair since he threw out her shoe. When he leaves to walk around, she smiles fondly at the jacket. His phone rings a second later, and Xin Ning picks up the call to tell Mei Nan that Tai Qing won’t be coming.


Mei Nan is left to wander around Taipei by herself, but lo and behold Xin Yu walks behind her and gives her a call. He’d heard the news and knew that Tai Qing and Mei Nan were supposed to be together, so she must be alone if Tai Qing is with Xin Ning.

Xin Yu asks if Mei Nan wants him to pick her up, but she declines. He then proceeds to direct her around Taipei’s attractions, all the while following behind.


They first stop at California Pizza Kitchen, where Mei Nan is treated to a “complimentary” pizza and salad. Of course, Xin Yu pays for the meal right after she leaves. He directs Mei Nan to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream (again paying for it), then a clothing store (again, paying for it) and Mei Nan compliments him over the phone about his knowledge of these places. Xin Yu tells her he’s just very observant (that came off as creepy), and tells Mei Nan that he has one last surprise for her.

He instructs her to turn around and walk back up the street (where he is waiting). Mei Nan follows his instructions and turns to walk back, but receives a call from Tai Qing a few metres away from where Xin Yu is. She turns to leave, and Xin Yu is left staring after her.


It seems that Tai Qing is worried for her secret, as he asks Mei Nan if she doesn’t just want to return to the headquarters dressed a a girl. He’ll explain everything to Jack so that she won’t get any blame (and also be free from Xin Ning’s blackmail threats), but Mei Nan chooses to stay on as a boy. She wants to sing his song and continue as a part of A.N. Jell.

Out of curiosity, Mei Nan asks Tai Qing why he chose to accept her during the contract signing. He cheerfully tells her that it was because of her talent and voice, but mock seriously warns her not to mess up his song. He then turns and smiles as he leaves, calling her a Dummy.


Xin Ning goes back to the headquarters to return Tai Qing’s jacket, but it’s pretty clear she’s got an ulterior motive. Jack calls Tai Qing back to the headquarters to deal with the situation, and he and Mei Nan get ready to leave.

In the car, he asks Mei Nan if she noticed anything in her bag when she changed her clothes. She didn’t, and digs through her bag again to find the star hair clip that Tai Qing bought. He proudly says that he paid 1000 NT for it, but Mei Nan flips it over to reveal the 59NT sticker. He adamantly sticks to his story of paying 1000 NT, and Mei Nan teases him for it but says that it doesn’t matter how much it cost, she’ll treasure it and wear it when she’s a girl again.


Xin Ning asks Tai Qing if he wants to date for real, since the reporters are going to believe so anyways. He flatly shuts her down and turns to go, but she warns him that she knows the identity of the mystery girl. Sure enough, she texts him the photo of her and Mei Nan. Tai Qing turns to ask Mei Nan if she really wants to stay on at A.N. Jell as a boy. Once she nods her assent, he walks off to find Xin Ning.


Xin Ning starts yelling when Tai Qing grabs her wrist to stop her from walking to the reporters, and yells that even if he stops her from walking down the stairs she can still yell out Mei Nan’s secret loud and clear. Tai Qing’s gaze becomes even harder, and he grabs Xin Ning in a kiss as the reporters cameras flash and Mei Nan sees them from the hallway.



YAY! I’m so glad that this version had Tai Qing wake up before Mei Nan, because I’ve always wondered what his reaction would be to finding her there. The fact that he even covered her up with the blanket speaks volumes about how he’s warmed up to her and feels about her. For the most part however this episode was pretty faithful to the original plot. I don’t mind so much because much of this was setting the biggest issues up – the fact that Xin Yu isn’t proactive (literally always waiting for Mei Nan to come to him/reveal to him her secret) and the fake dating relationship between Xin Ning and Tai Qing.


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 6 Recap

  1. in the K version, the fact he walked behind her all day was what sold to me that he will never get the girl. Xin Yu is like… testing her or something. Even though she has no duty to tell him her secret. He keeps wishing for this magical revelation or something. No idea, maybe he’s still young and in love with the idea of love.

    On the other hand, Qing is getting proactive, I do wish he told at least his bandmates (and Mei Nan) it’s a fake thing though. I mean, at least Mei Nan. it speaks to how little he trusts–he won’t even have Mei Nan help him with this secret when he’s doing it to cover for hers.

    why is it that the boss’s name change every time? I do enjoy his character. He’s more… alive than Xin Yu. Who’s a creeper, a stalker, and seriously have some weird attachment issues.

    I want to hear your opinion on Tai Qing’s fake relationship. I know he has little options, but the way he dealt with the situation speaks volumes.

    1. Maybe he watched too many dramas? Haha. It’s true though, he keeps teasing her/testing her to see her reactions, but is never forthcoming with what he knows and chooses to wait for her to tell her secret. He even said in the last episode that he’ll confess his feelings for her if only she’d just confess her secret.

      I think it was a split second decision to kiss Xin Ning, as she seemed pretty adamant about getting Mei Nan’s secret out (ie, I can still yell her secret to the reports). Tai Qing is the type to take on troubles on his own however, and I think he treats Xin Ning as such. You’re right in pointing out the lack of trust he has in others, but I think for this scenario he was planning on first stopping her from sharing Mei Nan’s secret (hence the wrist grab, then the forced kiss), then dealing with the aftermath later. He’s shown a tendency to do that, he’ll tell Mei Nan to go home and leave the press to him, or telling her to go back to the headquarters as a girl and he’ll deal with Jack. The fake relationship is honestly just a plot device used to help Mei Nan recognize her crush, and to make Tai Qing jealous when Xin Yu swoops in to take up her time.

      Ack my bad! I fixed it back to Jack (Jie-Ge, what he’s referred to in the drama, can be translated as both Jack and Jake). Thanks for picking up on that! 🙂

      One q – have you seen the other versions? I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned watching them or not, but I just want to make sure I don’t give spoilers if you haven’t already.

  2. I seen most of the K version. You have very little idea of how fast my patience runs out when I’m catching up on a drama. I only saw it after the news broke about the T remake tho. So catching up 13? 16? episodes at once was a little too much for me. I skipped a lot of the beginning, most of the stuff with Yu and the aunt… and the K lead wasn’t exactly my type. I’m a really, really short girl. My type has about only two criterion: tall, and look good in glasses. The K guy definitely didn’t fill either one. I did enjoy the plotline tho.

    This version, I know it’s a long shot, but I’m actually really hoping they would show the twins together… i mean, if your sister gives up her dream and pretended to be you for three month to cover for your dream job, I would…. i dunno, be a little bit more grateful? I didn’t like how the K version ended with Qing becoming less popular and going away eventually. First of all, that sends a bad message–idols are people too, they deserve happiness, have them drop in popularity when they have someone special in their life is NOT RIGHT! Second of all, I am still super confused over why Qing’s popularity dropped when he started smiling and being nice more. What the heck K fans? You like being scowled to all the time? I thought the entire point of that drama was how Qing grew as a person!

    I didn’t enjoy the lead in the K version, plus having to read subtitles really took a dent to the experience…

    Also, I still don’t like the aunt…

    1. I doubt they will show the twins together :/ I hope so as well but I think it’s highly unlikely. They’re most likely going to follow what the kdrama/jdrama did and show only the guy twin once.

      That is an interesting point – I actually forgot that Hwang Tae Kyung’s popularity dropped at the end. Maybe his allure was supposed to be “cold/indifferent”? (I’m just trying to make up a reason here haha).

      I don’t think the aunt is supposed to be likeable – she’s obviously mooching off Mei Nan because of her “stardom”, even though she pushed the twins off to an orphanage. blegh.

  3. Xing Yu here i feel did not give me the impact of sadness that Shin Woo did. IDK maybe it’s because I’ve seen it twice already, but Shin Woo makes me feel such a pity that Minam left just a few steps. While Xing Yu couldn’t compared up to that level.

    1. Agreed! This Xin Yu is almost… dislikable for me. While Shin Woo really tried to step into the “guardian angel” role, this Xin Yu seems more self-motivated and immature.

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