The Manga Series: Hana Kimi

In this series I’ll be covering dramas based on mangas, especially ones with multiple adaptations.

Today’s is Hana Kimi, or Hanazakari no Kimitachi e


It’s a shojo manga first published in 2004, detailing the story of Mizuki Ashiya, a young girl who returns to Japan to encourage her high-jumping idol Izumi Sano to return to the sport. She cuts her hair and disguises herself as a boy to attend his all-boys school, eventually becoming Sano’s roommate and friend.


Hana Kimi was first adapted into a 15 episode drama in 2006 as 花樣少年少女 (also known as Hana Kimi), a Taiwanese drama that starred Ella from S.H.E and Jiro Wang and Wu Chun from Fahrenheit. It was a tremendous hit, shooting the trio to “idol” status and prompting the other adaptions of mangas.


Hana Kimi was adapted twice into a Japanese drama, first in 2007 and 2011. The 2007 adaptation is the most famous, starring Maki Horikita, Oguri Shun, and Toma Ikuta.


Most recently, Hana Kimi was adapted into a Korean drama (it aired in 2012). It was produced by SM entertainment, and as such featured a number of their artists as actors. Sulli from F(x), Choi Min Ho from SHINee, and Lee Hyun-woo starred as the three main leads.

So how do they compare?






Hana Kimi


-characters are funny

-great chemistry between the characters (not only leads but friendship as well)

-ambiguous ending

-last episode is more about the character’s thoughts

-sometimes feels a little over the top


Hana Kimi


-great second lead

-friendships between the dorms were very well acted

-lots of funny moments

-Maki Horikita doesn’t look like a guy/act like one

-Lack of chemistry between the main leads


To the Beautiful You

South Korea

-very shiny packaging

-great set/music

-amazing second lead

-lost the ghost guy from the other two adaptations

-focused more on the romance than the friendships


You can watch To the Beautiful You on Dramafever here!


5 thoughts on “The Manga Series: Hana Kimi

    1. when I was typing out the pros/cons I didn’t know how to explain why TTBY got a lower score than the original TW for me…It just failed as an adaptation and lost a lot of the charm that was part of the manga/original. :/

      but yeah I adored Choi Eun Gyeol 😛 He’s my favourite second lead, closely followed by Nakatsu from the J-version.

      1. I didn’t even realize that TTBY was an adaption of hana kimi :/ I really enjoyed it though as a separate drama. it doesn’t have that touch that hana kimi gave me.

      2. I think as a separate drama TTBY would have gotten a higher score (probably in the 7 range), but since it was an adaptation and followed two very well done dramas that operated on much lower budgets… it sort of fell flat 😦

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