15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)


Erm…I think every drama season has good and bad ones. But I guess 2009 was a pretty good year because it aired You’re Beautiful, ToGetHer, Black and White, BOF (okay okay this wasn’t the best drama but comeon, it was pretty addictive nonetheless), and Liar Game 2! Some popular dramas that I didn’t have the chance to watch include Autumn’s Concerto (2009-2010), Mr. Brain, Love Shuffle, and Easy Fortune Happy Life.


I couldn’t find a single drama season that I especially liked, so I’m going to broaden it to a year. The best drama year in my opinion was 2010. Some of the highlight dramas that I enjoyed that year were The Fierce Wife, Autumn’s Concerto, Down With Love, Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban, Personal Taste (Personal Preference), Secret Garden, and Prosecutor Princess. Some other ones that I didn’t watch or enjoy as much, but were popular, include Playful Kiss, Hi My Sweetheart, Endless Love (in which Wilbur Pan got Best Actor Award), Summer’s Desire, and Year of the Rain. Overall, it was a very good year filled with a variety of genres of dramas, ranging from fun and youthful to serious.


3 thoughts on “15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)

  1. LOL, @Greengrassjelly, we did the same thing and picked the same year.
    Yeah, 2009 wasn’t bad either, but I think I watched more dramas in 2010. Some I liked, some I didn’t, but that was the year I think I started and completed the most dramas.

    1. haha, i just went and read your response too! yay for 2010! i was surprised too that that year i seemed to watch (beg to end) a lot more dramas than i typically do–dunno if that’s because i was less busy or there were better dramas out..hehe, but still, it does say something 🙂

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