17. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to.


Wahhhhh I have to pick one???? 😦 Can I do it Oscar style – Best Actress and Best Actor? Screw it, I AM doing it best Actress and Best Actor. Now how do I choose across all the j/k/tw actors….gulp.

Best Actor Award goes to…Vic Zhou.


Once upon a time I watched Meteor Garden and fell in love with Hua Ze Lei, played by Vic Zhou. Then I grew up and stopped watching asian dramas, until I rediscovered them through Black and White…where I promptly re-fell back in love with him. I don’t think I’ve seen one project of his I didn’t like: Meteor Garden, MARS, Black and White, Perfect Two….

But this guy can act phenomenally, is downright gorgeous/attractive, and from what I’ve seen in interviews, sensitive and humble. Definitely a winner in my books :)

P.S just to be fair to my other actor hubbies – gong yoo and chen bo lin tied for honorable mention 🙂

Best Actress Award goes to….Ivy Chen.


I guess it’s only fitting that my favourite actress is not only a TW actress, but Vic Zhou’s OTP in Black and White. Ivy Chen is probably the most cheerful person I have ever seen, all of her behind the scenes show her laughing and smiling. Her works are pretty diverse too, and she has played a huge range of characters. I really enjoyed her in Black and White, Hear Me, and Skip Beat!


It is a tie between Sonia Sui and Ivy Chen—they’re both so beautiful and talented! Sonia started out as a model (and I have my bias, but models turned actresses don’t tend to be good at acting…) but took on all sorts of roles, including her most memorable role as Xie An Zhen in The Fierce Wife, where she downplayed her looks and we saw her as a simple-minded housewife who no longer worries about her looks and make-up. As for Ivy, she also has taken on many varying roles, from a mob boss’ daughter in Black & White, to a lesbian in Spider Lilies, to a sign-language expert in Hear Me, to the fresh actress full of expressions in Skip-Beat! At first glance, Sonia looks like the typical first female lead that’s gorgeous and rich, and Ivy looks like the innocent, carefree, young girl looking for her first love—but both these talented women have found a way to break free from these stereotypes and proven over time that their acting skills are what make them famous, not their looks.


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