18. Your least favorite female character.



Oh man. Oh man. I have so many of these. I’m just going to the first ones that come to mind because the list would be too long. Sha Zhi from MARS wouldn’t stop acting fake cute (like an annoying yappy chihuahua), but petulantly tried to get Chen Ling back to her, even when she saw how happy he finally was. Guang Xiao Fei from Absolute Boyfriend bugged me because she was so 2D for a main character. LKSDJFL:KSDJF. Pan Da Yang from Panda and Hedgehog started off so well, but became an annoying whiny character who was moody and got in the way of the bromance. Anna from Fated to Love You crossed the line when she gave Xin Yi (the lead girl) abortion papers “supposedly” from Cun Xi (the birth father) when he wanted nothing else than to keep the baby and stay married to Xin Yi. Ugh.


My least favorite female character is Ding Hui Fan from Down With Love, played by Chen Zi Han. She was a selfish actress who wanted fame and was unwilling to get married to her long-time boyfriend (played by Jerry), but then played dirty tricks to get him back when she realized he was falling for someone else (Ella). She even used the man who loved her (played by Michael Zhang) to get what she wanted, even if that mean asking Michael’s character to date Ella’s character. Ugh, so not okay!


3 thoughts on “18. Your least favorite female character.

  1. Hui Fan…HATED with a passion. I wanted to snap that twiggy fake witch in two. Of course the man who loves her gets involved only to fall for the other girl and have things end because she finds out the truth.

    Not a huge fan of our leading character from AB either. She was very 2D like you said. At least in the jdrama, I think she had a bit more depth.

  2. i know!!! i felt so bad for Ke Zhong because he really liked Hui Fan but she was just using him… at the end i was really rooting for Yang Duo and Ke Zhong to go together, but I liked how they ended it, having Yang Duo be successful and independent, open to choose whoever she liked rather than be reliant on Ke Zhong 🙂

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