Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 4 Recap

My apologies for the late recap! My schedule picked up these last few days 😦

It seems that this episode was mostly a filler/setting up episode though, nothing really big happened. Note: Xiao Kai is actually Xiao Jie in the drama, but for simplicities sake he’s staying as Xiao Kai in the recaps. My apologies for the mistake.



We open to see Yu Wen (the famous chef whom we’ve only gotten small glimpses of) working on an elaborate chrysanthemum chocolate sculpture. His assistant gets a call that he needs to go to a photoshoot, but Yu Wen shuts down the idea, saying that he doesn’t like to be distracted when working. Hmm…foreshadowing? Either way, great work ethic. Cue opening sequence…


We return back to Yu Wen in his restaurant’s kitchen. The assistant chef we’ve seen in the last episode goes to grab something out of one of the fridges, and notices a pastry box. It’s Ah Kang’s, and the assistant reprimands him for breaking the rules – what if someone accidentally sold it to a customer, or what if the pastry contaminated their work? Yu Wen jumps in to intervene (Ah Kang is beginning to tick his head nervously), and he opens the box to find a Napoleon.

Yu Wen takes a bite (hello? You didn’t ask first? Or know how long it was in there?), and is impressed. He asks Ah Kang where the pastry was made, and Ah Kang begins to recite the recipe for a Napoleon. Yu Wen seems pretty good natured, as he merely claps Ah Kang on the back and tells him that he’s familiar with how to make a Napoleon, but could Ah Kang show him the patisserie?


At the pastry shop, A Lu is busy watching the TV show with the actor/author. We discover that his name is Qin Ye, and A Lu sighs over how gorgeous/romantic he is. Hilariously, one of the patisserie patrons grabs his heart and raises his hand when she wonders aloud where she can find a man like that, but is shut down when A Lu just looks at him and asks if he needs anything.

Yu Wen walks into the patisserie, and both Tian Xi and A Lu fawn over his good looks. He attempts to order a Napoleon, only to be told by Allen that they aren’t serving it today. After checking the menu at the table, Yu Wen orders an Opera cake, only to find out that the patisserie doesn’t have it today. Yu Wen asks what the menu is for then, and Allen quickly explains that the chef creates three desserts per day depending on her mood. Yu Wen looks intrigued, and bites into a delicious looking red cake (cupcake?).

Looks like he approves of Tian Mi’s skills, as he gets up to the counter and suavely hands over his credit card to pay. He asks to speak with the chef, but Tian Tian is out with Xiao Kai, so Yu Wen agrees to come back another time.


Later that night Tian Tian measures Xiao Kai against the wall and tells him excitedly that he grew – now that he’s almost 5, he’s getting bigger! Xiao Kai tells her that the teacher assigned the class homework to draw their mothers, but he didn’t know how to do that. Tian Tian pauses for a moment, then tells him to draw her.

The next morning she wakes up late and rushes Xiao Kai out the door to school, only to find out from the teacher that Xiao Kai drew on her face. HAHA. The teacher reprimands Xiao Kai, telling him that when she told him to “draw his mother” she didn’t mean to literally draw on his mother.


Tian Tian calls Tian Mi on her way back to the bakery, but Tian Mi gets called away for filming and doesn’t get the call. Back at the shop, a young reporter wanders in. She pulls out a recording device and narrates her experience, pausing to comment on Allen’s hotness haha.


Tian Mi attends Qin Ye’s book signing to discretely ask for a meeting. A photographer at the event recognizes her despite her sunglasses, and follows the two out. He snaps photos of them in the car, but nothing incriminating occurs.

Inside the car, Tian Mi drops the news that when she went to France, it was to give birth….to their son. He’s turning 5 years old today, and has no knowledge of his father (or his mother really).


After the talk, Tian Mi goes to meet Xiao Kai. He’s awkward at first, calling her “Auntie”. It’s only until after she takes off her necklace and hangs it around his neck that he remembers/accepts her as his mother. The camera pans over to his drawing, showing that he wrote out “My mother” but drew a face without features. Aw 😦


Allen is conducting taste tests, and passes it off as keeping his tongue healthy and fit, since he’s the pastry shop’s “official taste tester” now. He begins to talk about how great his tongue is (haha not as dirty as it sounds) at detecting different tastes. Tian Tian just rolls her eyes and tells him to keep the noise down.

Inside the kitchen, Tian Xi asks Tian Tian whether or not she’s got in touch with their mother recently, since even Big Sis made amends. Tian Tian noncommittally shrugs it off, and we see the mother sitting in an apartment by herself.


Allen puts his “amazing tongue” to the test the next day, testing some of Tian Tian’s new tartlets. She’s a bit nervous because he doesn’t react after eating the first one, but smiles in relief when he grabs for a second and stuff it into his mouth happily.


The mob boss comes back to get his fortune read – in particular his love life. Tian Xi cautiously asks how he met the girl and where, and the boss answers “she owed me money” and “a pastry shop”. Uhhh…not at all subtle. His goons snicker in the back, and the boss gets so frustrated that he just shouts “it was here!” before storming out in embarrassment.


The reporter from earlier is working at the same office as the photographer, and he shares the tidbit he found with her. She tells him that it doesn’t show anything substantial though, and if they want to get a groundbreaking piece it needs to be proof.

To take their minds off their low positions in the newspaper, she decides to take him out to the pastry shop she found earlier.


Qin Ye sits in his office later that night thinking over what Tian Mi said. He looks at the book she returned to him, and finds a slip of paper with an address on it.


Turns out it’s the address of the patisserie, and both reporters take note of his entrance. Xiao Kai invites Qin Ye to sit with him and share a dessert, and Qin Ye happily accepts. The photographer begins to film them using a mobile camera as Xiao Kai invites Qin Ye to his birthday party. Who should walk in then but Tian Mi. She and Qin Ye exchange awkward glances, and Xiao Kai excitedly says “Mommy! I invited this uncle to my birthday party.” Whoops, looks like the secret is about to be let out.


And let out it is! The news is published that Tian Mi had a son out of wedlock, and we see Tian Tian’s mother reacting to the news. Whoops, looks like the three sisters never told grandma she had a grandbaby. Tian Tian also stops outside a magazine stall when she sees Yu Wen’s face on a magazine – we’re shown a few flashbacks of her time in France. They were happy memories of her and Yu Wen as a couple, until one day she saw him kissing (being kissed?) by a girl in the kitchen. Heartbroken, she’d fled.


I wish more stuff happened in this episode – mostly it was just setting stuff up for the rest of the series. Let the secrets spill!


One thought on “Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 4 Recap

  1. I can’t wait until people come to terms with each others secrets, right now everyone has (at least) one, but none of them are close to being resolved yet…or even discovered really.

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