20. Favorite drama episode.


Um what? I can tell you favourite scenes…not favourite episodes. (In no particular order)

1. YAB’s pig-chase scene
2. Monstar’s imagining scene, where Yoon Sul-Chan imagines Min Se Yi and Jung Sun Woo in his room
3. To the Beautiful You’s caterpillar sleeping bag scene, when Choi Eun Gyeol tries to sneak his way to Goo Jae Hee’s tent. I laughed so hard 😛
4. Coffee Prince’s kiss scene (during the sunflower mural painting time)
5. The end of Hear Me (technically not a drama, it’s a movie), when Yang Yang hears Tian Kuo speak for the first time (and he’s imitating her at one point haha)


xiao le

A favorite drama episode is too specific to remember, so I’ll just list a bunch of scenes or points in dramas that I enjoyed 🙂

In Autumn’s Concerto when Guang Xi returns to the village for the first time (after losing his memory) and Xiao Le runs to him hugging onto his leg calling Guang Xi his dad, dawwww…..

In Prosecutor Princess when Jeong-seon’s mom takes away all her business suits and forces her to wear a skirt, and then has Se Jun (the prosecutor she has a crush on) come pick her up!

In Coffee Prince when Han Kyul doesn’t know Eun Chan is a girl yet but kisses her anyway, all confused but in love…

In Skip Beat! when Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin go through the auditions and act out betrayal/reconciliation/friendship without discussing it first—where they surprisingly understand each other and where their friendship is really apparent!

And in Secret Garden when Oska follows Yoon Seul around to try and win her back, and holds up signs with cute little messages for her (in her yoga class) and buys her coffee and takes her on walks—cuteee!!

Anyway, those were some episodes/scenes I especially enjoyed, just to name a few…


2 thoughts on “20. Favorite drama episode.

  1. The sleeping bag scene in To The Beautiful You was really funny and cute. I forget that there were actually a lot of adorable scenes in that drama, i always just remember it being bad overall. Which isn’t really fair.

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