22. Your first Asian drama that you watched



Who can forget the huge hit drama from 2001 starring Vanness Wu, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xu, Vic Zhou, or Ken Chu? Based of the manga “Hana Yori Dango”, it spawned a cult-like following and inspired adaptations in Japan and Korea. I first started watching this drama when it was airing – looking back fashion and budget seem to be lacking (check out Dao Ming Si’s pineapple hair below!) but what made this drama so addictive was its heart.


I mean seriously look at this pineapple hair…


I can’t really answer this because I grew up watching Canto dramas on my grandma’s Chinese cable TV, so I have absolutely no idea what my first Asian drama was.  But I didn’t get into TDramas until later, so my first Taiwanese drama I watched was Smiling Pasta.


7 thoughts on “22. Your first Asian drama that you watched

  1. Jerry had the worst hair out of all the adaptations, but in the manga…Tsukasa’s hair…those tight nearly dreadlike curls. I remember the mangaka apologizing in a side note for how unruly the hair ended up.

    I still need to finish Smiling Pasta. did you know it’s supposedly an “unofficial” remake of Full House?

    1. yeah! i heard that about it being based on Full House too! i actually watched Smiling Pasta first, and then wanted something else, and that’s where i found Full House. a little backwards, haha 😛

    2. Really? Huh…I too watched smiling pasta first, but never made the connection between the two. I have to say I enjoyed full house better though.

      1. yup, me too! full house had more depth to it, in my opinion, whereas smiling pasta was very typical light taiwanese drama. towards the end, with the whole getting hit on the head/coma/expressing their love etc, it kinda just got too cheesy…

      2. I found it out one day when researching drama adaptations of manga. I watched Full House first and then Smiling Pasta and never made a connection, either.

  2. I stumbled across 49 Days on Hulu a about two year ago. Not sure why I watched it, bored with American tv maybe, but that started my Asian drama addiction. Or maybe the Scheduler started it.Jung Il-Woo was definitely my first Asian drama crush.

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