Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 13 Recap


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Leaving Jiang Mu Island for Shanghai


Dylan asks Xin Yi if she regrets leaving, and she pulls out the poker chip that Cun Xi gave her, thinking about when he told her that fate is always in her own hands.  She throws the coin into the water and tells Dylan that she will not regret her decision.


After she gets to Shanghai, Dylan has planned for Xin Yi to work at his art gallery in the Art Management position, and he helps her find an apartment, brings her books and information about art, and signs her up for art history and studio classes.

Dylan shakes some sense into Xin Yi

Dylan sees her continue to be a “sticky note girl,” not listening to the curators explain the art pieces to customers and learning but rather just running menial errands and buying coffee.  He yells at her, saying that if she is going to remain the same and not learn and change, what difference does it make that she left Taiwan?  She cries that she isn’t a genius—she can’t fly from Taiwan to Shanghai and suddenly change, she’s trying to forget Cun Xi and trying to forget Ji Nian Pin but it’s difficult. Dylan says he doesn’t see her trying, and she rushes out of the office.


At Jiang Mu Island

Cun Xi continues to go to the island to find out news about Xin Yi, but every time, the doors are shut in his face and he is less than welcome.  He orders Anson to check with immigration to see where Xin Yi went, to which Anson replies that in the last week there have been 1,300 “Chen Xin Yi”s that have left the country and begins to go into a breakdown of where they all went when Cun Xi asks where “his” Xin Yi went.  Anson responds that she is somewhere in that 1,300 and reminds Cun Xi that she is no long “his” Xin Yi…


Xi Shi orders for Cun Xi to be brought into the house, seeing as he has come by their house for so many consecutive days.  Cun Xi is excited and asks where Xin Yi is, and is saddened to hear the she is gone.  He admits that he first only treated her as a sticky note but has slowly fallen in love with her and recognizes her significance in his life.  Xi Shi responds that it is too late—Cun Xi treated Xin Yi like a pet dog but is only now disappointed to find that she is no longer there when he calls.  Xi Shi tells him that Xin Yi was once considered the “leftover” one of the family and was always ignored, but she would always hold up a strong front, pretending to be happy and content.  He pleads with Xi Shi, saying that he was wrong but just wants a chance to tell Xin Yi in person how he truly feels about her, but Xi Shi says that the only message Xin Yi has for him is to never come looking for her and that she never wants to see him again.


Upon being forced to leave, Cun Xi hands Feng Jiao and Qing Xia an iPod saying that he has recorded a message for Xin Yi and he explains everything in the recording.  After he leaves, the sisters throw the iPod aside, saying they’ll worry about that later.


Cun Xi and Anna tie up loose ends

Anna realizes that Cun Xi has fallen in love with Xin Yi, after hearing about the boat that he bought to go to Jiang Mu Island, and confronts him about their relationship now that Xin Yi is gone.  Cun Xi admits that he can’t deny the feelings he has for Xin Yi, and Anna laughs dryly and walks away.  Cun Xi asks if she is going back to New York to her dance company, and she finally tells him about being fired and how no other dance company wants such an irresponsible dancer.  After hearing about Anna trying to leave before a show in order to surprise him for his birthday, he has even more of a guilty conscience.


Meeting Master Zhong Shan Long and Xin Yi’s epiphany

Meanwhile, Xin Yi is wandering around Shanghai when she comes across a group of avid art fans discussing possible names of a sketch one man drew.  Xin Yi peers over their shoulders and asks if she can contribute.  She offers the title “Only.”  She explains that the teacup, saucer, and lid were all meant to be together—only, in this painting, there is no way they can fit together.


Xin Yi then walks away, and the old man follows.  He sees her looking at the picture in her phone and asks if it’s her boyfriend.  She says it’s her husband, but they are now separated, and admits to the man that the explanation she gave regarding his sketch was exactly what she was feeling.  He compliments her, saying that she had picked a perfect title for his piece, because it exactly speaks the words on his mind that he was trying to convey in his sketch.  He tells her that sometimes things don’t work out in life or they just weren’t meant to be, but instead of trying hard to forget and erase those memories, she must keep them and use them to develop her identity and tell her own life story.


Xin Yi walks back to the art gallery where she works, inspired by the words of the old man, and tells him that she is ready to start fresh for real, and that she hopes the friend who encouraged her to come to Shanghai wouldn’t be too disappointed in her.  As they get to the entrance, Dylan (who has been frantically looking for her after feeling bad for yelling at her) sees her and rushes over and hugs her.  He apologizes for yelling at her, and she says she’s the one who should say sorry.  She promises it will be the last time she says sorry, and shares that she is ready to become a new Xin Yi.  hug1

She also asks if Dylan can help her meet her idol, Master Zhong Shan Long.  Dylan chuckles, turning to the old man, saying he believes they’ve already met.  Zhong Shan Long laughs, saying he didn’t know Dylan had such a soft and generous side.  He says that Xin Yi has a lot of potential and offers to teach her more about art and ceramics.


The passage of time in two separate cities

Cun Xi is forced to move on, so he enters the prepared baby’s room one last time to reminisce, and places his and Xin Yi’s wedding band on the rocking horse.  He leaves the room one last time, saying “Goodbye, Ji Nian Pin.”


However, Cun Xi still has moments where he lingers on the past and memories of Xin Yi.  He works hard but is more passionate—he goes to the orphanage to drop of presents and when he sees a pregnant woman crossing the street alone he rushes to help her.

Xin Yi undergoes her own transformation.  She shadows Master Zhong in making ceramics, studies and takes extra classes, discusses history and art knowledge with Dylan, and changes her hairstyle and attitude, even adopting a new name—Elaine.

time passage

Two years later

Xin Yi now teaches ceramics to young children while working for both Dylan and Master Zhong, and has just come out with her very first piece of work to be sold the next day—Ji Nian Pin.


Dylan takes her to see the display, and she is ecstatic, saying that everything feels so surreal and that she has no idea how to thank him for treating her so well.  He looks at her seriously and asks if she would allow him to treat her well in the realm of love rather than just friendship.  She giggles, waving it off as the funniest joke he’s ever made.  She says that he knows what she’s been through—a marriage, a divorce, and a miscarriage—and that he deserves better.ji nian pin

As the two are walking home, Dylan asks if Cun Xi is still in her heart.  She tells him honestly that Cun Xi is still in her heart, but now he has merely become “fertilizer” to help her tell her life story through art.  She knows Dylan’s sincerity, so to encourage him, she says that if her sculpture were to sell the next day, she will go to dinner with Dylan—as his girlfriend.


Back in Taiwan, Cun Xi is completely involved with work in order to forget, and we learn that he is preparing to get married with Anna.  We also see how Xin Yi has impacted him.  For example, he now shows more concern for his workers, and writes sticky notes to remind himself of things, such as letting Anson get off work early for a date/social event.  As the episode ends, Cun Xi has just got off an online meeting with a possible buyer and tells Anson that he needs to fly out to Shanghai the next day to do a business presentation.


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