28. Favorite thing about (your favorite actor/actress)


Their onscreen chemistry. Just kidding. Sort of. No really, if an actor doesn’t do chemistry well, I don’t tend to like them. Sue me. I also love love love actors who can do serious roles (cough black and white).



My favorite thing about Ella Chen: She’s so funny, carefree, charming, open, and just willing to be herself in the entertainment industry regardless of others’ opinions or judgments, and I commend her for that.  She can sing super well (yay SHE!!!), and although she is a singer turned actress (which, as I’ve mentioned, I have my biases but they don’t always turn out great), she has stood up to the challenge and excelled in both singing and acting.  Through all the interviews and whatnot I’ve watched of hers, I can tell that she is a very optimistic, happy person, and always spreads that joy and happiness to those around her—her enthusiasm, silliness, and positive attitude are very contagious 🙂



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