30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating for the next season?


Next season??? We just started the summer crop of dramas! BUT, some dramas that are soon-to-be-airing that I am very much excited for include: Tiny Times (http://mydramalist.com/chinese-drama/5473/tiny-times), The Family (http://mydramalist.com/chinese-drama/5766/the-family), Sennyuu Tantei Tokage (http://mydramalist.com/japanese-drama/6275/sennyuu-tantei-tokage), and Chocolat (http://mydramalist.com/taiwanese-drama/5549/chocolat).

Tiny Times (drama)

Tiny Times (upcoming movie!)

Sorry for not having english subtitles on the videos though 😦


I’m not quite sure where the “next season” starts, but here are two upcoming dramas that I’m super stoked for!

Jie Hun, Hao Ma? (along the lines of How About We Get Married?) starring Xiu Jie Kai and Tian Xin.  I don’t know too much about it yet, but it has Xiu Jie Kai as the main male lead, so I’m excited!  I hear Tian Xin will be playing a single mom and the story revolves around the social expectations regarding marriage and having a family.

I’m also looking forward to Heirs starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.  I love both leads so I’m really excited for this drama!  I’m not so sure about them playing students (especially Lee Min Ho), but the writer of Heirs also wrote Secret Garden, which I loved, so I have high expectations for this one too!


15 thoughts on “30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating for the next season?

  1. I believe that Senyuu Tantei Tokage has already finished airing. (or is still airing at the moment, not sure)

    And OOO I haven’t heard of Xiu Jie Kai’s upcoming drama before! *curious*

    1. thank you for following, glad you enjoyed them! and definitely feel free, these questions don’t belong to us anyway, hehe 😀

      1. i actually just did, and enjoyed them too! i have heard so many good things about Bu Bu Jing Xin but it’s just so long that i haven’t gotten around to it, lol. but i love Nicky Wu and Kevin Cheng! Kevin’s so funny, talented, and he got the Hong Kong’s Best Actor Award in 2011 for Ghetto Justice–maybe you want to check that out?

      2. Wow?? Really? I definitely would like to check that out.. Did you cover this in your blog??
        Btw, I can’t believe that you haven’t watched BBJX.. Do watch it immediately + reading the Episode Recap Heisui’s covering.. It’s just a moment to remember.. hehehehe 🙂 It’s so goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. we didn’t cover anything about Ghetto Justice, but I’ve seen it and it’s pretty good–plus I really like Myolie Wu too so it was worth it 😛 and yes, BBJX is definitely on my to watch list!

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