Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 5 Recap




We open to see Yu Wen sitting forlornly on his bed. He opens up his wallet and pulls out a picture of Tian Tian, looking at it sadly before going deep in thought.


The Patisserie With No Name is overwhelmed by orders, and Tian Tian scrambles in the kitchen to keep up. Tian Xi, Allen, and A Lu all stage an intervention, telling her that she needs should find a helper. Tian Tian barks that another assistant means that she has to not only train them but pay them as well, but A Lu reasons that a helper means more pastries made, and thus more money to pay him/her with. Tian Tian agrees to get them off her back, but warns them to stay out of her decision. The crew see her put up a sign outside of the store later that day: “Helper wanted, lots of work and little compensation. Boss is strict – one month only.” HA. A Lu mutters that no one is ever going to apply with those conditions.


We meet a new character, Cai Xiang Ming, who is a total pushover. His boss comes along to request the deadline of a report, and she uses cutesy “adorable” tactics to wheedle him into pushing it to 4 pm the next day. Xiang Ming’s friend in the cubicle next door rolls over in his wheelie chair to mock the boss, imitating her “aegyo” voice before telling Xiang Ming that he shouldn’t agree to whatever the boss says. Xiang Ming just shrugs and offers his friend a macaroon (note that he uses a term meaning “soft like a lady’s bosom”…I’m not too sure why either).

It seems that Xiang Ming has a huge interest in desserts, as he tries to tell his friend to savor the macaroon and eat it “properly” rather that stuff it in his mouth. Xiang Ming also drops some information on the process of making macaroons – hmm….foreshadowing?


Xiang Ming is forced to stay late that night working on the report, and eats pastry after pastry to stay awake. He’s understandably tired the next day, and passes out on his way to the restroom.

The paramedics examine him in the boss’s office as she talks to the president of the company, and Xiang Ming is given a month off so that the company doesn’t get any bad media coverage about overworking.


Tian Xi meets with her mother, and the old lady tries to wheedle out any information about her grandson that she can. It’s clear that none of the sisters are on particularly good terms with their mother, and although Tian Xi lets slip that the child is called Xiao Jie (referred to in recaps as Xiao Kai), she declines to let Mom stay with them.

It seems that Mom expected this, and she tells Tian Xi to bring back some items for both Xiao Kai and Tian Tian. Tian Tian’s gift is a box of mung bean cakes that her mother’s store makes, and she immediately flashes back to the past.


She’d always been the child by her mother’s side, as Tian Mi always went to concerts and Tian Xi was constantly going on dates. When Tian Xi got older however, she saw that Yu Wen had gone to study in France, and decided to follow him there. An argument had broken out between Tian Tian and Mom when Tian Tian brought up these plans, and the issue never truly resolved itself.


Xiang Ming goes to bakery after bakery on his break, happily eating his heart out. He stops by the Patisserie With No Name, and notices their job posting. Once inside, he stares unabashedly at A Lu (who immediately covers up haha) while ordering all three desserts. Once he’s tried the cake, Xiang Ming has a revelation, and asks to be hired as the assistant.


None of the crew is happy – A Lu says he’s a type A (ie, a creepy guy who watches porn at home), Allen things he’s weird, and Tian Xi says that he won’t stop looking at A Lu’s…boobs. Xiang Ming offers to show them his ID, and tells Tian Tian that he doesn’t need pay, learning to bake is enough. Despite the protests, Tian Tian agrees to hire him for a month, but tells him not to expect the job to be easy. Since he’s from out of town, she tells him to bunk with Allen.


And so, Xiang Ming’s training begins. He’s unable to separate the eggs into large and small, and can’t cut the cheesecake properly either. He seems pretty happy though, even twerking a bit as he puts some desserts in the display case. A Lu and Allen start a bet to see how long Xiang Ming will last – if Xiang Ming stays the whole month Allen will kiss Tian Mi, if he doesn’t, A Lu has to kiss Xiang Ming. Allen seems pretty self assured that Xiang Ming won’t survive the month, but A Lu leans in to say that those type of stay at home guys have a high endurance – just take a look at the geeky regular. She’s been giving him fake drinks and he still comes in.


We see a montage of Xiang Ming’s time at the bakery – he’s not very good at doing anything, and Tian Tian gets frustrated with him for taking too long. At night, Xiang Ming is unable to sleep because the room is so cramped. When he tries to sleep on the same bed as Allen, Allen grabs him in a back hug.


Yu Wen’s co-workers invite him out for karaoke, but he declines and heads back to his hotel room to nurse a bottle of wine. He flashes back to a time when he and Tian Tian were kissing on a rooftop. Boy, why’d you cheat if you love her so much?


Looks like Xiang Ming is determined to learn how to bake properly, as he’s shown crafting boxes and cutting out stencils to measure the eggs. Aw, he’s being resourceful. Turns out the boxes were to increase storage space and build a bed – Allen is amazed at the amount of space the room has now that it’s organized and clean.


Looks like the rest of the crew is warming up as well, as A Lu wears two different cosplays to show Xiang Ming. He smiles and gives her a big thumbs up, astonished that she shares an interest with him.

The month draws to a close however, and Tian Tian asks Xiang Ming if there is any dessert he wants to learn how to make.


Xiang Ming asks to learn how to make (what else) macaroons. Yum.


The crew is sad to see him leave, and look grouchily at Tian Tian. She defends herself by saying that Xiang Ming is choosing to leave, she’s not making him go anywhere. They all apologize to Xiang Ming, telling him they are sorry for their first impressions. After he departs, A Lu reminds Allen that he needs to fulfill the bet. Allen looks adorably nervous as he declares that there’s something he forgot to do, and then quickly leans down to kiss Tian Tian before edging away. Tian Tian looks flustered, but not unhappy. 😀


Back at work, Xiang Ming sits despondently in his cubicle. He pokes his nose with a pencil in a bored manner as his boss walks up, asking again when the new report will be finished. This time Xiang Ming tells her in the next 3, 4 days, and she shrieks that it’s not fast enough before putting on her cutesy act to request he hurry up and get it done by tomorrow. In the break room, Xiang Ming’s friend asks if he’s okay. Xiang Ming shrugs, and shows him the macaroons he [Xiang Ming] made. The friend eagerly stuffs one in his mouth as Xiang Ming asks if the friend knows how macaroons are made. The friend brushes him off saying that it’s just flour, water, and eggs, but Xiang Ming corrects him by saying that it’s just egg whites that are beaten and cooked.

Xiang Ming beings to wonder aloud that egg whites, which are such a plain and pushover food (they fill whatever form they’re put in), can be made into something completely different through beating and baking. He muses that maybe he’s too passive, just like the egg whites, and that he needs to change.


At that moment the boss walks by again with her cutesy attitude. She piles on yet another report for him to do before the meeting, and tells him that she knows it’s “so inconvenient” but could he please please please just get it done. When Xiang Ming says no, she shrieks “do you want to quit??” Xiang Ming stands up and declares that yes, he wants to quit. He then imitates her to her face, and gives her a disgusted look as he leaves. Pahaha.

When Xiang Ming walks back to the Patisserie With No Name, he overhears the geeky regular customer asking A Lu if she’s cosplaying a certain character. He’s wrong, and Xiang Ming corrects him as he walks in. Allen and A Lu run up to greet Xiang Ming, and he bashfully asks Tian Tian if he can come back as her full-time assistant. She looks at him hard and doesn’t say a word, but calls out right as he picks up his bags that there really is a lot of work to do. Xiang Ming just smiles and quotes the rest of the original job posting back at her. Aw.


Tian Tian is teaching Allen how to play baseball at the batting ranges, and she noticeably tenses up when he walks over to ask her why she decided to hire Xiang Ming when all of them [himself included] didn’t like him. Tian Tian responds that she needed help and Xiang Ming offered to work for free, so who was she to turn him down? When Allen brings his hand up to place it opposite hers, Tian Tian quickly withdraws her own. She does however, look him up and down after he turns to go back to bat.

Back in his room, Allen opens his computer to scroll through the photos he took. He pauses on one of Tian Tian, then leans forward to kiss the screen. HAHA. Allen shakes himself awake, asking himself why he kissed her (and made it awkward). Aw, poor puppy’s got a crush.


Yu Wen practically runs into the shop the next morning, asking to speak to the chef. Unfortunately for him, Tian Tian left 5 minutes previously to get groceries. Yu Wen is in a hurry though, and impatiently gives A Lu his business card to pass on to Tian Tian. As he leaves, Allen watches him with a funny look on his face.



How cute is nervous Allen? Romance is in the air (I spy it for A Lu and Xiang Ming as well). I’m a bit confused as to why we didn’t flesh out more of the backlash from the news report from episode 4, but can’t really complain since I got my OTP’s first kiss 😀 Sorry Yu Wen, I’m firmly on Allen’s ship with this drama.


6 thoughts on “Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 5 Recap

  1. Welcome back! Been patiently anticipating recaps…well, a tad bit impatiently is more accurate. Lol. I love A Lu’s cosplay outfits, cracks me up that her character is into that genre. And Xiang Ming is a total nut, loved it when he came out of the kitchen with his glasses all floured up! Happy that Allen finally made a move, despite it being the results of a bet. Was it A Lu that recommended that as her bet? If so, she’s quite the minx, knowing that Allen would love to kiss Tian! And judging from A Lu’s body language, she wouldn’t be upset if she had to kiss Xiang Ming. Hahahah Such players! 😉 Thanks again for recap!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’ll be posting ep 6 on sunday (if i get fabulous boys finished in time) to catch up! Haha I know, I was a bit surprised she was into cosplay because she seemed so disdainful of the geeky regular customer. It was actually Allen that suggested the bet, along with what he’d have to do if he lost. Obviously the guy planned it out 😉

      From what I’ve seen the the ep 6 preview, A Lu and Xiang Ming have some screen time together… 🙂

  2. I’m shipping Allen and Tian Tian so hard heheheh those two are just too adorable around each other! 😀

    1. agreed! I really really really hope that Yu Wen is the second lead (I originally thought that he was the first lead before the drama aired), because I love Allen and Tian Tian together.

  3. If you listen closely, during the part where everyone’s arguing with Tian Tian about whether or not they should hire A Lu, Allen yells: “I really like you!” at the same time Tian Tian yells: “Everyone shut up!” Just thought that was really cute :3

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