Fated to Love You [命中注定我愛你] Episode 14 Recap

“Enchanted by Shanghai”

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At Cun Xi’s house

Anna and Cun Xi rush to Cun Xi’s house thinking Baby Ji was having her baby, but turns out it was a false alarm on the grandma’s part.  Anna meets up with Cun Xi outside the house and says she’s chosen a new birthday gift for Grandma, because she’s afraid Grandma didn’t like the one she gave earlier.


Cun Xi tells her not to worry, especially because she’s already so busy with the grand opening of her ballet school coming up.  Anna says she wants to please Grandma, and to show Grandma that she has changed and that Cun Xi is now her number one priority.  Cun Xi smiles and tells her to not worry and that Grandma will understand and has accepted her.  Anna gets called away by issues with the construction at her new ballet school, and Cun Xi sees his grandma listening in from the porch.  She asks him if he’s tired, because loving the person you truly love should not be tiresome.  Cun Xi turns around and asks Grandma if she isn’t the one who’s tired—for waiting for a girl that will never come back.


They both know the other hasn’t forgotten Xin Yi, but they encourage each other to move on and continue living their lives.  Although Cun Xi says this to Grandma, he still can’t stop thinking about Xin Yi, noticing the pen she gave him as he’s packing for Shanghai and wondering where she is and how she’s doing.


The night before Ji Nian Pin goes on sale

Dylan calls Xin Yi as he’s parked below her apartment, telling her to remember their agreement and to wish her goodnight.  She gets sentimental, thanking him for all he’s done for her, and tells him that she will seriously consider his proposal of officially dating.

dylan phones

Cun Xi’s business trip in Shanghai

Cun Xi arrives in Shanghai to pitch proposals to potential sponsors of his company and soap, Chuan Cheng.


President Zhao says he’s fairly certain he will be sponsoring Liang Jing Jing’s (a rival soap company) new body wash that’s more appealing, fresh, and more competitive in the marketplace.  However, Cun Xi provides him with research and information regarding Liang Jing Jing’s new produce.  It contains an ingredient called Paraben that has been studied in England and discovered to cause growth problems in babies and hormone imbalances for adolescents.  Cun Xi says that Chuan Cheng may be outdated and commercially less appealing, but it is simple, effective, and definitely the safest investment.  Cun Xi finally succeeds in convincing President Zhao to sign a contract with Mo Fa Ling Enterprise, and in return, President Zhao recommends Cun Xi stop by the Hei Chi Art Gallery that is very famous around Shanghai with very high quality art work.

Cun Xi visits the Hei Chi Art Gallery

Xin Yi is late to the gallery’s opening, and Dylan calls to find out that she has a flat tire.


He rushes off to pick her up, just as Cun Xi gets dropped off at the gallery.  Cun Xi walks around admiring the art pieces, and immediately picks one out for Anna as a gift for her ballet school’s grand opening—it is a pink swan (how perfect).


He wanders around some more and comes across Elaine’s Ji Nian Pin.  He’s taken aback by the beauty and melancholy encompassed in her piece, and asks for other pieces by Elaine.  He’s told that she only recently came to Shanghai and is a student of Master Zhong, so Ji Nian Pin is currently her only piece.


Cun Xi decides to buy it and prepares to leave, but is told that Elaine really wants to meet him and thank him in person.

elaine phone

He ends up talking on the phone with Xin Yi, though neither knows it’s the other one, but they still end up missing each other by a second.


Xin Yi is given the name of the buyer’s hotel and goes to find him to thank him in person and give him the guarantee card.  She arrives just as he enters the shower, so they miss each other again.


She is left with no choice but to leave the card with the front desk.  As Cun Xi checks out to fly back to Taipei, he picks up the card that has a sticky note on it.  In the car, he opens the card and sees the artist’s signature—signed not Elaine, but Chen Xin Yi.  All the information, the story behind Ji Nian Pin, everything clicks, and Cun Xi orders for the driver to turn around and go to the art gallery.


Once he arrives she’s already gone, but he’s told the address of the pub she’s gone to celebrate at, and he rushes over there.

Cun Xi follows Xin Yi and Dylan to the pub

At the pub, he sees Xin Yi and is immediately dropped back into his child-like mindset of love and jealousy.


He thinks she’s waving at him, but receives a rude awakening when he sees Dylan walk up to her and kiss her on the forehead.  Cun Xi grabs the booth next to Xin Yi and Dylan’s and whispers to himself that for a 30-year-old divorced woman, Xin Yi still looks very good (ha!).


He also sees her wear a very sexy strapless dress and complains that two years apart and she’s become very open now (lolll, he’s just jealous she never dressed like that for him!).  He beckons the waiter over and pays him to turn the AC up really high and direct it a Xin Yi, hoping to make her put back on her sweater, but it backfires and allows Dylan to hold her hands to warm them up.  The moment he’s faced with Xin Yi, he can no longer be the poised and professional President of Mo Fa Ling Enterprise; he’s just a child at heart who wants Xin Yi to remember him.


As a last resort, he calls President Zhao to do him a favor.  Meanwhile, Dylan drags Xin Yi up on stage to retell her story, and asks her publicly if she truly loves him, or is only returning the favor?  After a moment of silence, Dylan plays it off as a joke and they return to their booth.  Xin Yi apologizes but Dylan says he understands that she may still need some time, and that he’ll always wait for her.  At that moment he gets a call saying it seems that their might’ve been a thief at the art gallery.  After he rushes off, Cun Xi is finally free to make his move.  He puts on a mask (btw it’s a masquerade-themed pub…), pretends to bump into Xin Yi and spills red wine all over himself.  He claims that she has caused him to make a bad impression on a potential business partner, so to make it up, she must dance with him (umm…how does her dancing with him bring back his business partner…?)—but Xin Yi agrees anyway.


They start with the waltz, because Cun Xi hopes it’d bring back memories of them dancing on the boat.  Instead, she says that she hates and avoids the waltz because it brings back bad memories.  They move on to the tango, which she’s unfamiliar with, but he says to not worry and just follow him.  As they get really close, Xin Yi says his voice is very familiar, and he starts sounding creepy (as a stranger saying those things) so she pushes him away.  She’s finally realized that dancing with him will not help him bring back his potential business partner…


Cun Xi decides to follow Xin Yi, and learns that she has changed a lot.  Someone pulls in halfway to a parking spot that Xin Yi is backing up into, and the man gets out to yell at her.  She says she’s not in a hurry and will sit and wait.  He tries to scare her by saying he’ll bring in his “brothers” and she says sure, and that she’s ready to call the police.  The man has no choice but to leave and Xin Yi backs into her spot.

Afterwards she’s walking home when she realizes she’s being followed.  Cun Xi, thinking it’s better if he not show his face yet, is still wearing that mask for the pub—uh, if it were some stranger, creepy!  The new independent Xin Yi knows something is up, and finds a broomstick to attack Cun Xi with, all the while calling him a creepy stalker from the pub.  Dylan comes to Xin Yi’s aid and Cun Xi rushes off, and Dylan walks Xin Yi back to her apartment.


Cun Xi’s reconsiderations

Back in Taipei, Anson finally gets some free time to go speed dating.  He’s met a woman and they seem interested in each other, but just as they’re about to kiss, Cun Xi calls him.  Cun Xi starts spilling everything about finding Xin Yi.


Anson keeps trying to cut him off but he isn’t listening (so sadly Anson’s date leaves, along with their budding love…haha), and tries to talk sense into Cun Xi by mentioning Anna, but Cun Xi can’t forget Xin Yi and says he’ll be staying an extra day in Shanghai.  After they hang up, Cun Xi mutters to himself that now that he’s finally found her, he must find a chance to talk to her and at least tell her he’s sorry.  He promises himself that after they talk, he’ll never come back to Shanghai and never enter her life again (mmhmm…suuuuuuure…)


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