New Drama! A Good Wife…


Billed similarly to the 2010 favourite “The Fierce Wife”, A Good Wife centers around a brilliant young woman who gives up her career to become a dutiful housewife. She plays her part for seven years, until the inability to conceive a child with her work-a-holic husband begins to crack her façade. Lonely and under a great deal of pressure from her monster in-laws, she finds solace in a man completely different from her husband.

NOTE: the chinese title translates to, “dearest one, I’ve fallen in love with someone else”

It aired June 28th (there are two episodes out right now), and let me say…this drama is intense and very sad. It’s well written, but her loneliness and lack of freedom saturate the screen to the point that you pretty much root for her to do anything, anything to get out of that household.


3 thoughts on “New Drama! A Good Wife…

    1. I’ve looked around mydramalist/dramawiki/sugoideas, and they either don’t have it listed or say 13+. I’d guess 20, but I’ll let you know when I find out!

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