Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 8 Recap

PHEW! It’s been a busy week getting back on my feet, and my sincerest apologies to those of you waiting for the recaps. I’m going to put out Amour et Patisserie ep 6 and Fabulous Boys ep 9 ASAP.

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We left off last episode with Jeremy gesturing for Mei Nan to go on a bus as the last part of his “cheer up Mei Nan” campaign. He tells her that this is his deepest darkest secret that no one else knows….


Whenever he feels sad or upset, he’ll come ride this bus. Almost no one ever rides it, and the bus takes exactly one hour to do its round. For that one hour Jeremy can be sad or angry, but as soon as the bus arrives back at his stop he feels happy again. He tells Mei Nan to give it a try, then sits down behind her to watch over her. He thinks to himself that today…for this one hour…he’ll let himself like Mei Nan without worrying/analyzing it. Aw.


Mark is relieved to see Mei Nan safe and sound, and scolds her for not telling him that she was with Jeremy. Mei Nan is still a little gloomy, so Mark tells her that he knows she “exploded” her feelings onto Xin Yu, and being the “pressure point expert” that he is,  has a solution for her.

Mark explains that when you want to sleep, you press your fingers to your temple. In a similar manner, if you have overwhelming feelings for someone, you press your nose. Into a pig snout. PFFFT. Being the naive person she is, Mei Nan accepts it as truth and gives it a try.


Mei Nan goes inside, and Tai Qing calls her over without looking up from his work. When he does however, he jumps to see her pig-snout face. Tai Qing ignores her pressure point reason and accuses her of making fun of him for running away from the mountain pig.  Fine, he tells Mei Nan to keep holding her “pressure point”, and tells her to confess to Xin Yu that she’s a girl, since she likes Xin Yu anyways. Mei Nan tries to edge a word it to deny that she likes Xin Yu, but Tai Qing isn’t in the mood to listen and barks that she’ll encounter one of two possibilities after confessing.

1. Xin Yu likes her back and they get together. End.
2. Xin Yu rejects her. However, if Mei Nan clings and apologizes enough, Xin Yu will probably take responsibility for her anyways.


Mei Nan trudges back outside to think over her dilemma – Tai Qing doesn’t want to take responsibility for her now that he thinks she likes Xin Yu, and has ordered her to reveal her gender. Mei Nan isn’t comfortable with that though, and tries to think of a solution as Xin Yu walks up to her.

He’s got a bedtime story for her, and tells her about a “slow-witted” girl who had a big secret that she kept from her groupmates. One of the groupmates found out, but didn’t reveal that he knew because it was amusing watching her in the beginning. Later on he didn’t want to endanger the relationship of the group, and as since has chosen to remain quiet and wait for the girl to confess. It’s pretty obvious he’s talking about Mei Nan, and we see flashbacks to Mei Nan in sticky situations (Jack inviting Mei Nan to go to the sauna/hot springs, Mei Nan walking into the girls restroom, etc.). Of course, Mei Nan completely misses the reference and asks what the girl’s secret is. Doh.


Mei Nan resolves not to tell Xin Yu though (she reasons that Xin Yu would feel betrayed), and sneaks back into Tai Qing’s room as he angrily brushes his teeth, muttering the entire time about taking responsibility and her liking Xin Yu. He receives a text from Mei Nan asking him not to hand her over to Xin Yu, and sees her hiding under her blanket next to his bed. She wriggles yes and no to his questions (are you going to latch on to me? are you ever going to tell Xin Yu?), missing the smile on his face. He gruffs that she’s bothersome, but smiles widely when he sees her “thank you” text.


Jack and Mark are celebrating Mei Nan’s successful EP, and begin to plan the MV. Mark suggests casting Tai Qing and Xin Ning in to get more viewers, and Jack practically dances in delight (okay he does). When Tai Qing finds out that Xin Ning is a part of it as well, he grimaces and tells Mei Nan to stick to him like glue. A funny scene ensues where Tai Qing tells her to come closer, and closer, then makes her step back when it gets awkward. To be fair dude, you did say “like glue”.


Da Pai continues snooping around, stopping by Xin Yu and Jeremy’s photoshoot to ask who the girl in the photo is. Jeremy tells him that Tai Qing spent the entire time with Mei Nan, and that he’s never seen the girl before. Da Pai smells something fishy, and vows to uncover the truth. Xin Yu ditches Jeremy to rush to the MV shoot, and we switch to see Mei Nan and Tai Qing filming their meeting scene with Xin Ning.

The two are supposed to look up from their sketchbooks and notices her, Tai Qing with the expression of first love, Mei Nan with a hint of sadness. Too bad for the PD, Tai Qing looks back at Mei Nan and practically confesses with his eyes stares soulfully back at her.


Tai Qing experiences a bit of a rash however, because one of the assistants gave him soup with shrimp in it. Okay hold up, last time you had a bite of shrimp you had an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe – now it’s just a minor rash? Common drama, use some logic.

BUT, lo and behold Xin Yu is a perfect replacement for the scene, and he and Mei Nan act it out. Poor PD, Xin Yu does the exact same thing Tai Qing did by gazing back at Mei Nan, leaving the PD wondering what is so special about Mei Nan for everyone to look at her. Ha.


They take a break, and Tai Qing overhears Mei Nan telling Xin Yu that she feels more comfortable filming with him [Xin Yu] than Tai Qing. Tai Qing storms off a bit too early however, because he misses Mei Nan finish up by explaining it’s because Xin Yu is like a big brother to her. Ouch. Da Pai shows up at the MV shoot to poke around some more, and stops Xin Ning to ask her about the girl Tai Qing ran off with. This time Xin Ning tells him that she was the girl, but Da Pai calls her out on her lie and warns her that he knows there’s a big secret.

Xin Yu even gets to have a mock tousle with Mei Nan over their drawing pads (I don’t understand it either), and as they slip on the ground, Mei Nan accidentally kisses Xin Yu’s cheek. Tai Qing’s eyes bug out and he screams “cut”, but the director loves it and praises the two for showing the affections between the two.


While kicking dirt and throwing a tantrum over Mei Nan’s comment, Tai Qing receives a call from his father. Aw, dad is calling to wish Tai Qing a happy birthday and give him a headsup about the present in the mail.


This time Da Pai stops Mei Nan and Xin Yu – both freeze up and are terrible liars. Da Pai muses that Xin Yu must know something, why else would he hide behind his company representative on such a simple question?

The shoot wraps up, and Xin Ning manipulates Tai Qing into driving her home by threatening to spill Mei Nan’s secret. Tai Qing is in a bad mood after seeing Mei Nan and Xin Yu walking off arm in arm, and drives recklessly on the highway.


He receives a call from Mu Hua Lan requesting dinner, and sarcastically mutters that she finally remember [his birthday] for once. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that she didn’t…

It seems like Tai Qing’s birthday is a secret (likely because his mother had to hide his birth), because Mei Nan is surprised to find a present for him on the table. Of course, her nosy aunt opened it and made a mess, so Mei Nan goes to Tai Qing’s room to repackage it. She asks Jeremy if they should host a party for Tai Qing, and he replies that they celebrated Tai Qing’s birthday a few months before.


Tai Qing quickly realizes that Mu Hua Lan didn’t remember his birthday at all because two investors are sitting at the table as well. Mu Hua Lan tries to apeas him by saying she remembered his allergy to shrimp, but Tai Qing refuses to stay and quickly covers up to the investors that he was unable to come, but wanted to stop by in person to tell them.

Mu Hua Lan catches up to him later demanding that he not treat his mother this way. She reveals that if she hadn’t been pregnant with Tai Qing, she could have been with the love of her life – the songwriter. Ouch. Mu Hua Lan declares that he owes her this much at least, and there’s a long moment before Tai Qing asks her if she can even remember when she gave birth to the child that ruined her life. He walks off in tears, and we see that Mei Nan has caught part of the exchange. She follows Tai Qing down the hall, but doesn’t know how to comfort him without revealing that she’d eavesdropped.

A while later, Tai Qing relocates to the darkened studio. He hears a knock on the door, and Mei Nan enters singing happy birthday. Aw. When Tai Qing asks how she knew today was his birthday, she tells him that she saw his present on the table, and apologizes for not knowing what kind of cake to prepare (she’d gotten taro). Tai Qing agrees to take a bite since she put effort into preparing it, and makes a wish that “Mei Nan will be like the moon she talks about, constantly by my side. Please don’t ever leave.”


Mei Nan asks if there is anything Tai Qing wanted to do on his birthday, and is surprised to hear that he doesn’t have anything planned. She leads him to a planetarium so that he can see all the stars and the constellations. They talk about the brightest star again, and Mei Nan points out the North Star. She explains that growing up she was told to follow the North Star if she ever got lost, and Tai Qing asks if someone will appear to her to guide her home if she ever gets lost. Let the metaphors begin!

Mei Nan: I think so! Even though my sense of direction isn’t good, I’m still going to try and move in the right direction. If you ever get lost, come find me. I’ll be your North Star…guide to help you get home.”

Tai Qing: Just take care of yourself. If I ever got lost I’d call the police, I don’t need you.

He reaches out to touch her head, but hesitates for too long and gets caught by Mei Nan. Tai Qing plays it off as shooing away a mosquito, and Mei Nan quickly promises to kill them for him.


Outside the planetarium, Tai Qing thanks Mei Nan for spending the day with him. It went by quickly and he enjoyed himself. Mei Nan tells him that she’s got one last thing for him in the 5 minutes remaining of his birthday, but worries that he might not like it. She tells him to just accept it for the 5 minutes, then hugs him suddenly.

Mei Nan softly tells Tai Qing that every year the Mother Superior would hug her tightly and talk to her. Mei Nan thanks Tai Qing for being born, and tells him that today is an important day because of it. Dang, you can just see the broken pieces of Tai Qing’s hart melting into a puddle of goo. He stiffens, then relaxes and nuzzles her hair. He attempts to push her away after a while though, and Mei Nan just holds on tighter, telling him that there are still 2 minutes and 10 seconds left, so she can’t let go of him yet. D’aw.


Back in the dorm, Tai Qing is in good spirits again. He tells Mei Nan to scoot closer, because she can sleep next to him now. Pfft. Mei Nan begins to argue that technically his birthday is over, but Tai Qing tells her (in english) to shut up and sleep. He also tells her good dog when she follows his directions. Hmmph.

Mu Hua Lan shows up at A.N. Jell with a bouquet of flowers to give to Tai Qing – too bad for her she’s just won the bad mother award AGAIN as Jack tells her that Tai Qing is allergic to pollen. Jack also mentions that Mu Hua Lan needs to get approval from the songwriter’s family, and she informs him that she’s already looking up his children. As Mu Hua Lan leaves, she runs into Aunt sitting in the waiting room. Aunt fawns over her and excitedly tells Mu Hua Lan that her [Aunt’s] brother wrote a song for Mu Hua Lan. which sparks Mu Hua Lan’s interest…until Aunt is unable to come up with the name (Waiting for a Lifetime).


At the MV shoot the next day, Xin Ning notices Mei Nan ogling her accessories, and accuses Mei Nan of taking her stuff when she sees Mei Nan pull out Tai Qing’s hairclip. When Mei Nan hurriedly claims that the hairclip is her sister’s, Xin Ning decides to have a little fun by putting makeup on Mei Nan. Xin Yu and Jeremy break it up just in time, leaving Xin Ning fuming.


Filming of the last scene begins, with Tai Qing and Xin Ning getting married infront of an alter. The plan is to show Mei Nan reacting to the couple, and she doesn’t hide her sadness at the “happy” couple. The PD calls for a kiss, and Tai Qing leans in slowly before pretending to kiss Xin Ning. They freeze in the kiss position, and Tai Qing gripes that the PD hasn’t called cut yet. Xing Ning tells him it’s likely because the kiss is fake, then swoops around to kiss him for real. The PD is ecstatic, Tai Qing is disgusted, and Mei Nan is a pig-rabbit.


As the coordis are packing up, Xin Ning sees Mei Nan’s hairclip drop on the floor. She quietly picks it up, right before Mei Nan barrels into the room, frantically looking for “something” she left in her pocket. Xin Ning smirks, leaving a panic stricken Mei Nan in the room. The coordi has to drag Mei Nan away, promising that they can go look for it later.



Honestly I’m not a fan of where the episode stopped…it’s so…anti-climatic. This episode had quite a few changes from the original, and I honestly really really really liked them all. Well…except for the “good dog” part. sigh. The birthday “date” was adorable, and Tai Qing definitely nuzzled Mei Nan. DEFINITELY.

Xin Yu’s reasoning behind not telling Mei Nan he knows her secret is revealed, and it’s…whatever. At least he admits he was toying with her in the beginning, but now he’s in denial about how cat and mouse he is. Oh well, you snooze you lose.


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 8 Recap

      1. Subs yes, I understand Korean, Mandarin is a little harder. However, I can usually follow what’s going on without subs. Thanks for the info.

  1. “you snooze you lose”, no truer words have ever been spoken, dear

    No father again, I was kinda looking forward to maybe showing the father? but then they probably wouldn’t have the date. you know what I would love to see? the father vs. mother. I mean, he was a single dad, his child’s mother was cold, distant, and a horrible person/ mother, and left trauma on the son he obviously loves very much (seriously, if the father is still buying presents for his fully grown, 20 something, with a good source of income son presents, you know that’s good father/son bonding).

    that hug was adorable, somebody gif it

    1. Ahhh that would be such a good showdown. I read somewhere though that the father is remarried, so I guess he decided to wash his hands of the mother 😦

      I haven’t been able to find a gif of it yet, but I’m sure someone will soon! 🙂

  2. Personally, I though the “Good Dog” comment was cute. After all, she did tell him that she’d be his guide dog and help lead him home if he ever lost his way. He got it from her, and she was certainly not offended by it at all.

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