Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 6 Recap

Flashbacks galore! We deal with two issues in this episode – a bulimic ballet dancer and Tian Tian’s past.



We open to see Tian Tian enjoying her time in France, sight seeing and taking photos all around Paris. When she goes to register for her Cordon Bleu course, who should be there but Yu Wen. Tian Tian teasingly asks if he remembers her, and the two jibe back and forth for a bit. Cue opening sequence.


We then meet our character of the episode, an unnamed ballet dancer. She twirls and gestures before smiling up at her boyfriend (who has been taking photos of her the entire time).


Back at the pastry shop, two of the regular female customers have started a battle over who is better, Yu Wen or Allen. Uh, random? Tian Tian comes back from grocery shopping, and Allen hands her Yu Wen’s card. Tian Tian’s expression darkens immediately when she sees it, and she warns A Lu and Allen to tell “that person” he isn’t welcome at the patisserie before storming off.

Once in the kitchen, she’s distracted and aggressive. Cue flashback #2


Yu Wen and Tian Tian had actually been a pretty cute couple – Tian Tian kept “accidentally” bumping into him (I love how she isn’t afraid to chase after him haha) and they hit it off right away. At one point they ran into each other while buying groceries, and Yu Wen had fed Tian Tian a certain kind of strawberry. After asking her how it tasted, Yu Wen asked if she wanted to try something else. Tian Tian had nodded smiling, and Yu Wen swooped in for a kiss. Gah show why do you make them some cute together, I feel like I’m betraying Allen. 😦


Back in the present, the ballerina and her boyfriend are visiting the Patisserie With No Name. Allen gives a lengthy shpeel on how their desserts are particularly fresh/high quality, and so tasty that even a renowned chef keeps coming in to the store (he means Yu Wen). Boyfriend takes photos during the exchange, then asks Allen to repeat what he just said because he wasn’t paying attention. Lol.

Yu Wen is meeting with the CEO/director (I’m a little unclear as to his position), and tells him about the great talent he found in the small patisserie. The CEO speaks terrible, terrible Chinese, but manages to eke out that perhaps Yu Wen should look at the big name stores for talent, not the small crummy ones.

Tian Tian stares hard at the happy couple, and tears up a bit as she watches the boyfriend feed the ballerina.


Unfortunately, not all is sunshine and rainbows. Tian Xi overhears the ballerina throwing up in the restroom, and the girl just shrugs it off as a way to stay thin. Except…this time she continues puking, and even pukes up some blood. A frantic Tian Xi calls A Lu to come help, only for A Lu to faint at the sight of blood (HA). Both A Lu and the ballerina are sent to the hospital, though A Lu is still a bit woozy when she walks out with the crew. She stumbles a bit, but is twirled around caught by Xiang Ming. Such a gentleman.


When Allen and Tian Tian walk home, lo and behold who should be waiting but Yu Wen. He starts after Tian Tian, but she tells him to leave and runs inside. Allen stops Yu Wen from following, reminding him that Tian Tian said she didn’t want to talk. Yu Wen: 0 Allen:1


Allen asks Xiang Ming for advice – what does he think about Tian Tian and Yu Wen? Xiang Ming isn’t really listening at first, but tells Allen that people come with baggage and you can’t always expect it to be light. Amen. From the way it looks however, Tian Tian is in no mood to get back with Yu Wen.

Hilariously, Allen then asks why Xiang Ming has curlers in his hair. Xiang Ming replies with a straight face that even though he [Xiang Ming] is more handsome than Allen (PFFFTTT no), all the girls want to talk to Allen, so it must be because of Allen’s curly hair. HAHAHAHA.


Back in his hotel, Yu Wen stares at his phone at a photo from the past, lost in thought. Cue flashback #3…


In this flashback, Yu Wen and Tian Tian bake tartlets together, then feed each other and smooch a ton. We also see them hang a lock together before trading more smooches. Sigh…


Looks like the two regular customers from before made the battle official, as Xiang Ming stumbles upon a facebook page dedicated to which guy is better. Xiang Ming comments to Allen that Yu Wen has it all, money, fame, and is very filial. Allen just turns the lights off in reply. Yu Wen: 1 Allen: 1

The ballerina and her boyfriend are fighting now, largely because he’s trying to make her eat and she feels like he doesn’t love her anymore.


Yu Wen is once again standing outside the doors to the patisserie, and Tian Xi invites him in (she knows he’s famous, but isn’t aware of his past with Tian Tian). Eerily enough though, she reads that he has a painful past love life, and offers to read the tarot cards for him. They’re interrupted by Xiang Ming, who rushes to the kitchen to announce that Yu Wen is outside. Uhoh. Tian Tian walks out and tells Yu Wen to get lost, but he tells her that she is squandering all her potential on this pastry shop. Sure, it’s cozy and cute, but it’s not a challenge and she won’t grow from it. He tries to grab her arm (ughh I hate that move), but Tian Tian shakes him off and Allen steps between them to make him leave. Yu Wen: 1 Allen: 2

Cue flashback #4…


It looks like the Patisserie with No Name was one of Tian Tian’s old ideas from before, as she shared her ideas with Yu Wen about making different pastries for different days. He’d chosen the Sunday dessert, and Tian Tian had sighed that it’d be so great when they opened it. The use of “we” throws Yu Wen off, and though he hugs Tian Tian back, he seems troubled.

Sure enough, Tian Tian goes to bring Yu Wen a sample of the sunday dessert, only to find another one of her classmates is living in his old apartment. Where is Yu Wen? Apparently he moved in with a rich girlfriend (heiress of some bakery). 😦 Tian Tian is devastated, and tries to call him to no avail.


In the present, Tian Xi swears to the crew that if they see one hair on Yun Wen’s head, they have to kill him bar him from the restaurant. She cutely prepares fondue and bananas for Tian Tian in the evening and tries to attempt girl talk, but Tian Tian just tells her to let it drop. Aw, sister bonding was sweet though 😦


The ballerina overhears her coworkers talking crap about her, calling her a liar and a fake. Elsewhere, Tian Mi, Tian Xi, and Mom all meet up to discuss Xiao Kai. Mom wants to take Xiao Kai away to the house they used to live in, saying that the daughters were so unfilial that they didn’t even tell her of his existance. When Tian Xi informs Tian Tian at home, Tian Tian shouts that there is no way Xiao Kai is leaving.

The next day doesn’t start off much better, as the ballerina and her boyfriend are back at the patisserie. Tian Tian accidentally makes her cry, and then the boyfriend and ballerina get into an argument where he tries to convince her he truly cares for her and she (self-centeredly) whines/cries that she’s a faker. Thank goodness Xiang Ming also recognizes this, and he shouts at them both to shut up, and that the ballerina shouldn’t think so low of herself, since she’s ruining her own relationship. Tian Tian still feels bad, and heads to the kitchen to make a “special” dessert.




The crew crowds around, eager to see if the dessert will help or not. Tian Tian tells the ballerina that the dessert was made with unripe green mangoes, so it should be bitter enough for her to eat. It’s a success, and ballerina girl is able to finish the entire thing with a smile on her face.


Tian Tian and Allen go to the batting cages again, and Tian Tian teases Allen for not being able to hit any of the balls. He just smiles and tells her he’s challenging himself to improve, a mirror to what Yu Wen said earlier. This causes Tian Tian to withdraw back in her shell, and she abruptly decides to leave the catting cages.

On the way home, Allen brings up Yu Wen, prompting Tian Tian’s ire. She demands to know why he feels the need to but in, and when  Allen replies that it’s because he’s concerned, Tian Tian bites back that her mother is trying to take Xiao Kai away because of “concern”. Ouch. Yu Wen is there to hear everything.



6 thoughts on “Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 6 Recap

  1. Finally I have a reprieve from RL to savour this bit of yummy. Favorite moments: Xiang Ming’s jealousy of Allen’s curly locks, Allen’s protectiveness of Tian Tian, the food!! Lol. I felt the same as you, in the flash backs, when Tian Tian was kissing Yu Wen, I felt she was cheating on Allen. It almost made me want to FF the player. Lol. So now we know the background of her and Yu Wen. However, his betrayal just doesn’t strike me as the whole reason for her dislike and the length of her anger. The little boy is 5 or 6 (I forget his age despite him having a b-day in one of the past episodes) and Yu Wen’s betrayal had to be shortly before the boy was born. Now, I am no expert on how long a person should hold onto grudges, but 6 years seems to be really long. I am just hoping that Yu Wen did something really awful and is totally deserving of her ire OR the the most horrible part is misunderstanding on Tian’s part, that woman, who told Tian he left, lied to her face. Man, that would stink. Anyways, looking forward to next recap! Now RL beckons me to tend to my Mommy duties…

    1. RL gets in the way of a lot of things, sadly 😦
      You raise a good point about the length of the grudge – Xiao Kai just turned 5, and a 5 year grudge is a really long time to be mad. I’d understand coolly indifferent, but not that emotional. Hopefully the next episode sheds some light on the situation!

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