Fated to Love You Update and New Drama!

So I’ve thought about this for a while, and have decided to put the Fated to Love You recaps on hold as I try out a new drama and do a few trial recaps.  The drama, which began to air in March of this year and is still currently airing, is called True Love 365 (求愛365).  It stars many well-recognized actors/actresses and some new faces, but hasn’t seemed to receive much attention.  However, I have followed it for quite a few episodes and felt it worth it to share with you all, so I have decided to try recapping it and seeing how it goes.  The 19th episode just aired this Friday and it’s supposed to have about 20 episodes.

The story revolves around a well-off family with the parents and four children: three boys and a daughter.  The kids all have their own (unstable) lives and personalities, and the parents finally can’t take it anymore.  At their oldest son’s divorce party (yes–you read that correctly, a party to celebrate a divorce…apparently it’s popular these days), they have proclaimmed that within the year, at least one of their children must be married, otherwise, they will donate their entire inheritance to charity.  Oh, did I mention?  The oldest son just got a divorce, the second son is a workoholic, the third son is a player, and the daughter dreams to be a famous actress…

Anyway, I’ll be starting up these recaps soon, so watch out for them!


3 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Update and New Drama!

    1. no i haven’t finished it yet, im only on episode 48 and it’s aired up to episode 72 or 73 i believe. however, i have enjoyed it (and i’ve also cheated and watched some of the more recent episodes hehe). it’s a very light, fun, expanded version of a romantic comedy with family aspects as well. i’ve heard from people that the pace is a bit slow for them, which is true at some points, but I would say give it a few episodes and see what you think!

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