Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 9 Recap

More cuteness from Tai Qing, and Xing Ning steps up the she-devil harpy  hatefulness.

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At the MV/EP party, Mei Nan sits forlornly, unable to get her mind off the missing hairclip. Xin Yu asks her what the matter is, and she replies that she lost something back at the shoot. The party has only just started though, so Mei Nan can’t leave just yet. Meanwhile Xing Ning muses that if Mei Nan wants it back that much she should just ask, and peels off the price tag on the clip before wearing it.

Xing Ning walks over to Mei Nan to casually draw Mei Nan’s attention to the hairclip, and sure enough Mei Nan asks to see it. Xing Ning corners her by saying she [Xing Ning] would never steal, and besides, Mei Nan constantly asking about the hairclip is getting weird, yunno…since she’s a “guy”. This shuts Mei Nan up, and Xing Ning continues to say that perhaps the hairclip decided Mei Nan didn’t suit it, and chose Xing Ning instead. Err…what? The underlying message though, is that the hairclip is gone and Mei Nan didn’t deserve it to begin with.


Xin Yu walks over to Jack to ask for permission to leave with Mei Nan, but Mark sees the exchange. Worried that Mei Nan’s feelings will “explode” if she and Xin Yu are alone, Mark makes up a pretense to pull Xin Yu away to talk, leaving Tai Qing to help Mei Nan.

Tai Qing is stopped by Xing Ning on his way over to Mei Nan, and he immediately takes note of the hairclip. Xing Ning sniggers that Mei Nan is so worked up over it when it’s just a cheap hairclip bought by some fool, and Tai Qing immediately asks her if she knows how much it cost. When Xing Ning replies $59, Tai Qing corrects her and tells her $1,000 – after all, he was the “fool” who bought it. HA. Xing Ning is forced to hand the hairclip over, fuming the entire time.


Things don’t go to great for Tai Qing when he goes to give Mei Nan the hairclip however – he asks her where it is and Mei Nan, still thinking of her conversation with Xing Ning, apologizes for losing it, but claims that it didn’t suit her anyways. Aw. We see Tai Qing clench his fist around the hairclip, but his pride won’t allow him to back down. He orders her not to go looking for it, and stalks off, leaving Mei Nan to make her pig face.


Mu Hua Lan has gotten ahold of Aunt’s number (though she doesn’t know it’s Aunt), and calls to arrange a meeting to talk about buying the rights to the song. After hanging up, Mu Hua Lan creepily strokes a photo of Mei Nan, Mei Nu, and their dad.

Aunt is thrilled (she was sneaking around Tai Qing’s room to find something small to sell), and dances around at the prospect of money. Blegh.


At the party, the raffle for the band members’ prepared prizes begins. A lucky audience member draws Mei Nan’s, but is disappointed to find that she received face wipes. Turns out Xing Ning got “revenge” by swapping out the gift, and the crowd erupts into murmurs about how Mei Nan is cheap/tactless. A shocked Mei Nan runs up onstage, but Jeremy grabs the mike and explains the facewipe “gift” (he’d picked out Mei Nan’s original gift with her) as a way for the fan to dry her tears, and adds on his own prize. So does Xin Yu. And Tai Qing. All they guys help out Mei Nan, and Xing Ning is left even angrier. Serves ya right.

In the car ride, Xin Yu and Jeremy discuss the currently sleeping Mei Nan – Jeremy wonders aloud if Mei Nan found the “thing” she was looking for, and Xin Yu replies that she said it didn’t matter anymore, but appeared even more depressed because of it.


At home, Tai Qing thinks over what Xin Yu and Jeremy said. He decides to give Mei Nan back her hairclip, but is at a loss as to how to go about it without losing face or making it awkward. Then, he gets an idea. Tai Qing runs to a room filled with fan presents, and pulls out….a pig and a rabbit. LOL. He carefully measures and clips, assuring the animals that the surgery is necessary. Once the “procedure” is done, he clips the hairclip on and places it by Mei Nan’s head. Trust Tai Qing to find a roundabout way to give it to her haha.


Mei Nan wakes up the next morning to see the Pig-Rabbit, and giddily hugs it. She realizes that Tai Qing must have made it, and smiles at his sleeping form. Whaddaya know, Tai Qing isn’t really sleeping, and smiles at her once she looks away.


Later at breakfast, Mei Nan can’t contain her smile. The happy moment is broken however, when she starts coughing up a lung. All three boys rush with different beverages (Tai Qing=water, Xin Yu=hot tea, Jeremy=juice). Mark tells her to “pick a guy” (the innuendo is lost with Mei Nan), and over thinks it when Mei Nan chooses Xin Yu’s hot tea. Tai Qing grumpily chugs his water at the sight of Mei Nan drinking the tea.


A.N. Jell is shooting a drink CF today (some sort of fizzie water I think), and are all dressed to attract a certain demographic. Tai Qing is wearing lime, because most girls in the 18-30 bracket like that colour. Jeremy is wearing yellow because children are most attracted to it/other bright colours. Xin Yu is wearing black because most men favour that colour, and Mei Nan is wearing white to represent the pure, fresh new image of A.N.Jell. While everyone applauds Jack’s planning, he introduces a “surprise” for them – Xing Ning. Everyone’s faces drop. Ha.


Mu Hua Lan is interested in meeting with the twins, but Aunt claims to not know of their whereabouts. She lays on the sleeze, drinking from Mu Hua Lan’s wine glass and telling Mu Hua Lan that she [Aunt] can handle all the payments for the rights.


Mei Nan’s cough persists at the photoshoot, and both Jeremy and Xin Yu check her temperature worriedly (something which Xing Ning sees and scoffs at). Mei Nan assures them she’s fine, and walks off to take some medicine that Mark bought her, but is stopped by Tai Qing. He leans in close, demanding to know what colour she, as Gao Mei Nu the girl, likes. Woah, that’s as forward as we’ve seen him get with his feelings! Mei Nan is taken aback by his closeness, and while her mind is thinking “lime, lime, lime, lime, lime”, she blurts out “white”. In Tai Qing’s view it sounds like a reporter’s answer, but white is still better than black and he pats her cheek before walking off.


Xing Ning has overseen the entire exchange, and angrily walks over to Mei Nan in the dressing room. She reveals that she knows Mei Nan’s secret, and threatens to out her to the group of guys (insinuating that everyone will hate her). Mei Nan is in tears by the time Xing Ning drags her out into the studio hallway, and begs Xing Ning to stop. She trips, and immediately the guys turn to look at the two girls. Xing Ning quickly crouches down and makes Mei Nan promise to do everything she says.


Jack gives Mei Nan permission to leave early, and in the car ride back reminds her to take better care of here body. Xing Ning takes the opportunity to remind Mei Nan that anything she does reflects upon the group, and manipulates Jack into saying that anything bad that Mei Nan does could bring the group down. Mei Nan just looks even sadder under the pressure, and once she arrives home finds out that her Aunt left for a few days without saying goodbye in person.


The boys get back from the shoot and right away run to Tai Qing’s room to check on Mei Nan. She isn’t there, and they try her room next. She’s sick in bed, but assures them that she already took medication and so should be better soon. Back in his own room, Tai Qing looks at the pig rabbit doll sitting where Mei Nan’s bed was. Its ears are down (making it look sad), and he gently straightens them. Symbolism!!!


Late in the evening, Tai Qing gets up, unable to sleep now that Mei Nan isn’t in his room. He heads down to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, and is shocked to find her standing behind the fridge. She asks him for water (symbolism!) before collapsing on him. Her fever has gotten worse, and Tai Qing rushes her to the hospital.

Once they’re infront of it however, Mei Nan throws up a fight. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital because she doesn’t want to be discovered, and as a result harm him. Tai Qing softens, but tells her that he’ll think of a way to fix everything. Mei Nan won’t listen however, and crouches down in tears. Tai Qing has no choice but to bring her home, where he nurses her all evening and morning until her fever breaks. Xin Yu tries to help when he sees Tai Qing preparing ice in the kitchen, but Tai Qing holds him back and tells him that he [Tai Qing] has got it under control.

When Mei Nan wakes up the next morning, Tai Qing tests her by holding up his hand and asking what it is. Mei Nan replies “palm”, when the answer should have been “five”. Lol. Tai Qing just laughs, and tells her to listen up. Even though she was delirious and terribly sick, she still wanted to look out for him – proving her loyalty. Because of this, he’ll take care of her from now on. Anything that concerns her concerns him as well. SQUEEEEEEEE.

Too bad the moment is cut short after Tai Qing leaves when Mei Nan decides that she has to disappear before any harm befalls Tai Qing. Sigh.


We next see Tai Qing randomly in a girl’s clothing boutique. He swipes through the outfits before picking out one he finds ideal…then pauses to wonder why he’s picking out his ideal dress for Mei Nan. Duh…you like her dummy. He passes it off as emergency clothing for her (pfft…sureeeee).

Xing Ning is frustrated that Tai Qing refuses to pick up her calls, but doesn’t know what to do to get his attention. Her assistant comes by with the couple rings she and Tai Qing wore in the MV, a gift from the company. She stares at them forlornly, thinking that even if she asked, Tai Qing wouldn’t wear them.


Both Jeremy and Xin Yu try and help Mei Nan in the morning – Jeremy prepares citrus tea for her and a song on the violin, while Xin Yu wraps her in a blanket and roasts oranges for her. I’m just saying, that’s a lot of citrus. You know what else is in the citrus family? LIMES.

Too bad the cute moment is cut short when Xin Ning stops by with flowers for Mei Nan, as a “get well” present. Please…if even Jeremy, the biggest Xing Ning fan in the beginning of the series, doesn’t seem enthusiastic to see you, you know you’ve overstayed your welcome.


Xing Ning asks Mei Nan to show her Mei Nan’s room, and once inside drops the nice façade to demand that Mei Nan spill the beans to the rest of A.N. Jell. She even puts Mei Nan down, telling her to look in the mirror – who does she think she is, liking Tai Qing? Still angry, Xing Ning grabs at Mei Nan’s blanket, but only ends up breaking Mei Nan’s citrus tea mug.

Xin Yu and Jeremy rush in hearing the crash. Xin Yu tells Mei Nan not to touch the mess and goes to get a broom, while Jeremy goes to get Mei Nan another mug. Aw.


Outside of the room, Xing Ning takes the opportunity to ask Xin Yu and Jeremy what they would do if Mei Nan lied to them. They both respond that they’d forgive and forget – they like Mei Nan and understand that if she did lie, it’d be because she had a good reason to. She huffs angrily, but suddenly receives a call that Tai Qing bought her an outfit from a boutique. Surprised, she goes outside to meet him.


Xing Ning notes that he’s carrying a bag from a girl’s clothing store. He doesn’t give it to her however, and she narrows her eyes, wondering whom they must be for then. Xing Ning hands Tai Qing the couple rings, telling him she wants him to wear it as her boyfriend. Tai Qing just scoffs, telling her he’s not her boyfriend, and never will be. With that he walks inside.

Xing Ning panics – now that she knows the boys like Mei Nan too much to isolate her for her secret, she’ll lose her hold over Mei Nan and Tai Qing. She runs in just as Mei Nan is about to confess, and mimes throwing up to Tai Qing. Hilariously, Jeremy and Xing Yu think of pregnancy, and ask if they…did that…thing…in dramas. LOL. Xing Ning escapes to the bathroom, and calls Mei Nan from it to demand that she hold off confessing until the media event for the EP.


Tai Qing heads outside to give Xing Ning some water/meds, and she gleefully replies that she isn’t sick. When Tai Qing grabs her arm to tell her to knock it off, Xing Ning tells him that he isn’t her boyfriend after all, so she doesn’t have to listen to him. Tai Qing smirks, then grabs her phone. After commenting that he isn’t her #1 speeddial (Xing Ning scoffs and tells him #1 is her dad, the strictest, scariest man he’ll even have the chance of meeting), Tai Qing types out “dad I’m pregnant” and sends it. Xing Ning freaks out, and receives a call 0.3 seconds later from her “scary” father demanding to see her. Hehe 😛


I lost pretty much all of my empathy for Xing Ning. The bullying won her no favours, and she physically harassed Mei Nan. Blegh. Cute A.N. Jell bonding moments made up for it though, especially the sick scene. The episode is pretty saturated in symbolism too, from Tai Qing straightening the pig-rabbit’s ears to the HUGE amount of citrus. Either way, I can’t wait until the Xing Ning/Tai Qing fake relationship is over. No one likes a bully.

ANNNNND (SPOILERS). For sticking all the way to the end of this recap/comment section…. here ya go 😉



16 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 9 Recap

  1. This epsiode was kinda slow….. But enjoyable nonetheless. The sweet Tai Jing taking care of Mei Nan scene was oh so cute. And trust Tai Jing to think of methods that will not make him lose face. 😀 (I guess the drama will be going with Zhu Tu Zi as Pig Rabbit. Though it does sound awfully weird.)
    And i totally agree with you about the harpy Xin Ning. She’s so immature and i do not understand how anyone can be so two faced. She better back off soon. (Lol, that sounds really evil…..)
    Anyways, enjoying this version so far. The storyline flows nicely and the little details it adds make it that tad bit more logical and sweeter. The acting is top notch as usual for Jiro and Jenna is surprisigly good. Le Le is ok, and good for a newbie. And hopefully the plot will start to deviate from the original more, as i am surprisingly bored of the same old same old.
    P.S. Looking forward to the kiss scene! 🙂

    1. Agreed. I just can’t wait for the feelings to “explode” as Mark puts it in the next ep 😛 Zhu Tu Zi does sound weird, and I think TejiToki sounds the best (likely because of the alliteration?), but at least it wasn’t Tu Zi Zhu.

      I like that this version slowly warmed up to changes – it was pretty faithful to the original in the beginning, and I know some people were disappointed by that. Now it’s really becoming it’s own adaptation 🙂 (expect as many kiss gifs as I can find!)

      1. That is so true, this version has a soft and mellow feel to it, paired with the nice lighting and color palette. The script is also less full on (?) than the original and is special in its own unique way, with the crazy fantasy sequences. 😉 It does take time and dedication to see these though, and many people do not know how to appreciate this. *shrugs* Hopefully, the ending will not dissapoint, as it is sadly nearing. And I am expecting those cute and corny lovey dovey scenes drama! Esp if Tai Jing’s gonna be the one with exploding feelings!
        P.S. Tu Zi Zhu left me cracking up!! 😀

    1. I know! I thought that he look particularly emotional during the hospital fight scene when Mei Nan said she didn’t want to harm him. The cold hearted guy is finally warming up 🙂

      thanks for commenting!

  2. instead of doing hw i was reading your recap…hehe, oops… but you’re doing such a good job!!! i enjoy reading these cuz they’re so much faster, yayy! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for your recaps. I am loving this version and I am frustrated by the slow pace of the subs , however, reading these have kept me from pulling my hair out. So I and my hair thank you.

  4. I had totally forgotten about the pregnancy joke until she started pretending to vomit and i was like “that’s right! Ahahahahahahaha”, lol. I loved Tai Qing in this episode, and you know, I think I prefer Jiro Wang’s take on the role to Jang Geun Suk’s (although maybe that’s not fair considering he was the first at it. Jiro’s had two previous versions to go off, lol). Although, whenever I see Mei Nan with the boys, I just think “she’s so small!” She seems too young and little compared to Tai Qing and Xu Yin. Jiro Wang is sort of muscly, and so when they’re next to each other, I feel like they don’t match. Whereas with Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk, they didn’t look as odd together.

    The boys were all so cute though, i love it how Xin Ning keeps trying to mess with Mei Nan but she just gets thwarted every time by their loyalty. Jeremy was my favourite. “Would you forgive Mei Nan if she lied to you?” “Of course, because I like Mei Nan a lot”. Aww!

    1. Agreed! The height difference is so big that it’s a little far-fetched for Mei Nan to be a “male idol” and not have her identity figured out at once. JGS and PSH have really, really great chemistry together offscreen as well, and I think that helped with YAB.

      Hehe Xin Yu and Jeremy’s replies to Xin Ning made me laugh out loud. I was so proud of them 🙂

  5. can’t believe i forgot to comment on this one!

    have I ever mentioned that the ‘daddy I’m pregnant’ scene is my favorite? from the K version as well? it’s just so ingenious! And it really shows off why Qing has moments where he out thinks others and make me cheer for him. it’s hilarious, and o so satisfying to watch

    1. Hahaha so true! Xin Ning thought that she was outsmarting Tai Qing by “intimidating” him about her father…only to find it backfire on her. I thought UEE’s facial reactions were priceless!

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