Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 10 Recap

So lots of revelations in this episode, and not one, but TWO kisses. Don’t assume too much though – not everything happens the way you might think!

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We open to see Mu Hua Lan listening to the song that (we assume) Gao Mei Nan’s dad wrote for her. She sobs and sobs, drunk off several bottles of wine. At one point she cries that she now knows that the song was truly meant for her and that [he] truly loved her she was just too late to see it. Hmmm…I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she’s a bit delusional about this “almighty” love.

Guess it’s everyone’s favourite song of the night, because Tai Qing is also listening to the recording in his room. He flashes back to when he saw his mother listening to the same song and crying over a glass of wine. Obviously any “love” his mother had was lavished on the songwriter and not her only son, poor kid. Tai Qing stops the recording in disgust and flips over the album cover to see the songwriter’s name, “Gao Cai Shi”. Looks like it is indeed Mei Nan’s dad.


He goes outside to join Mei Nan star-watching, though now that they’re in the city he can’t really see anything. Their conversation starts out light enough, but once again takes a symbolic turn when Tai Qing tells Mei Nan to not stay where he can’t see her, and to always stick by his side. Mei Nan agrees, but tearfully makes Tai Qing promise that if there comes a day when she is a girl, he has to pretend she’s a stranger and ignore her. Both parties are crushed at this promise, but Tai Qing agrees out of pride.

When Mei Nan returns to her room, she sees the boutique bag on her bed. Tai Qing sends her a text telling her to keep the clothes for emergencies, and reiterates his promise to not recognize her if she puts the girl clothes on. 😦


The boys wish Mei Nan luck the next morning before her MV meeting, and cutely tell her to knock it out of the ballpark. Mark takes her to a hair/makeup salon to prepare, but realizes after getting off the phone with Jack that Mei Nan has disappeared. Uhoh…


We see shots of Mei Nan getting ready as a girl intermingled with shots of Jack preparing the MV meeting. Xing Ning makes an appearance to congratulate Jack on the EP success, but sneaks a call to Mei Nan to make sure she won’t back out. Mei Nan solemnly tells Xing Ning she’s already on her way, and begins to walk into the building.


Mark calls Tai Qing to ask if Mei Nan returned to the dorms, and Tai Qing immediately realizes something is wrong. He rounds up Xin Yu and Jeremy before heading to the performance center. Unfortunately, the lights have been dimmed and Tai Qing can’t see a thing. He tells Xin Yu and Jeremy that Mei Nan should be near, possibly sitting in the seats. The thing is…when they look for Mei Nan, they should be looking for a girl in a white dress. Oooooohhhh secret’s out!

While Xin Yu and Jeremy scan the darkened room inside, Tai Qing heads out in the hopes of catching Mei Nan before she enters. He’s immediately mobbed by fangirls, and barely catches sight of her as she walks past him. Da Pai snaps some photos of Tai Qing as Tai Qing frantically looks around, and wonders aloud who Tai Qing is looking for. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Tai Qing is forced to head back inside, but can’t see Mei Nan a few feet in front of himself. He shouts out that he told her not to be in places where he can’t see, and the entire auditorium looks around at the noise. Mei Nan turns to face him, just as the lights turn on…


Thank goodness someone still has his head on straight, because while Tai Qing and Mei Nan just stare at each other for a good long moment, Xin Yu runs up and spins Mei Nan around, hiding her face from the reporters. He asks them to respect “his girlfriend”‘s privacy, and Tai Qing steps up to hide her head in his jacket after glaring hard at Xin Yu. As Mei Nan stumbles away, her hairpin drops. All the reporters step on it in their haste to snap a photo, leaving Tai Qing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. of the pin.


Xin Yu brings Mei Nan to a dressing room, and she apologizes from underneath Tai Qing’s jacket. Xin Yu smiles, but quickly frowns at her, pretending to be angry that she held the secret from him. Jeremy barges in and stares furiously at Mei Nan. Tai Qing, Mark, and the coordi all enter the room as well to manage the situation – Tai Qing explains that he knew from the beginning and will take responsibility for Mei Nan. Xin Yu reasons that he’s okay with Mei Nan staying on, so all eyes turn to Jeremy. He hasn’t once stopped looking at Mei Nan, but slowly breaks out into a smile before giddily hugging her. Aw. Mark sneaks the coordi out disguised as Xin Yu’s “girlfriend”, while Mei Nan changes back into her guy clothes for the MV meeting.


Da Pai, the resident meddling reporter, wonders again whom exactly Tai Qing was searching for – it couldn’t be Xin Yu’s mystery girlfriend could it?

Xin Ning stops by the dressing room to monitor the damage she’s caused, only to find that (true to their word) the guys are all supporting Mei Nan. Tai Qing tells her to cut the act since they all know she was behind today’s stunt, and Xin Ning immediately becomes bossy and harpish. Ugh. She warns them all that even though they all accept Mei Nan, Tai Qing still will have to fake date her until she decides to call it quits. Mei Nan and Xin Yu are astonished at this reveal – Mei Nan because all of her anguish was over a fake relationship, Xin Yu because he never thought Tai Qing would do something like this for someone else.


Xin Yu calls Tai Qing out to a bar to discuss what exactly Mei Nan means to him, and Tai Qing merely scoffs that Mei Nan is a royal annoying pain for him to take care of. He then spins the question around, asking what Xin Yu thought Mei Nan meant to him [Tai Qing]. Xin Yu doesn’t respond, but merely replies that if Mei Nan is such a big inconvenience, he can take responsibility for her.

Meanwhile, Aunt goes to visit Mu Hua Lan. Except…Mu Hua Lan is nowhere to be found at first. Aunt notices the photo of her brother and the twins on the table, but doesn’t think much of it. She also finds an unconscious Mu Hua Lan in the restroom however, and screams loudly for help.


A.N. Jell goes out to celebrate Mei Nan’s “rebirth” as a girl-guy in their group, and Tai Qing watches bitterly as first Jeremy, then Xin Yu feed her delicious food. He starts forbidding her from eating all the snacks, using excuses of the food being too cold, too hot, or damaging to her vocal cords. Sigh…now you’re just being petty.

Mei Nan stops to look at some hairclips, and admits to Tai Qing that she lost the one he gave her. Tai Qing responds that it was trampled in the auditorium, so he threw it out. Awkward silence ensues, until Mei Nan is bumped aside by another customer. She’s cought by Xin Yu, but Tai Qing notes the placement of Xin Yu’s hand on her waist/abdomen and goes pouting off.


Jeremy gleefully announces that since Mei Nan is now a girl, well always a girl, but now that everyone knows she’s a girl…she can’t share a room with Tai Qing anymore. Xin Yu and Jeremy help her move her things back to her room, while Tai Qing watches impassively. He notes that Mei Nan neglected to take the pig-rabbit doll with her, and strokes it’s head sadly. Then he throws the hairpin in the garbage, and leaves the dorm after getting a call from his mother’s assistant.


Tai Qing is summoned by his not-very-motherly-mother, to listen to her near deathbed wish that he re-arrange the song for her. He finally agrees after she promises to tell him everything once the song is released.


Mei Nan goes back to Tai Qing’s room to grab the pig-rabbit doll, and notices the hair clip in the trash. She digs it out, and heads downstairs to try and fix it with glue. Being Mei Nan, she’s pretty clumsy (and recognizes it herself) while gluing the hair clip, so that rather than the hair clip getting rubber-cemented together, her fingers do – in an “ok” sign of all things.


Tai Qing returns from seeing his mother, and asks her suspiciously what she’s doing up so late. Mei Nan hides the fact that she was trying to fix the pin, and jumps on the idea that she was trying to fix a mug. She tells Tai Qing to just head up to bed, holding up her glued hand when he asks if she’s okay. Haha. Tai Qing just sighs and sits down next to her to help unstick her fingers.

Mei Nan is pretty ticklish, and giggles the entire time Tai Qing uses a toothbrush to unglue her fingers. She finally quiets down after receiving multiple death glares, and Tai Qing muses that whenever he’s troubled by that person, Mei Nan is always there to distract him. Mei Nan teases that maybe she should have glued all 5 fingers together, but quickly makes a pig nose when Tai Qing looks at her for too long. Rather than getting angry at her though, Tai Qing just asks if she’s trying to hide a secret, and taps her head teasingly.


The fans are crying yet again because another one of their precious idols now has a girlfriend. Thankfully they aren’t the creepy stalking types, and rationalize that they need to cheer on their idol.


Xin Yu extracts a promise from Mei Nan to help his explain to the girl he likes the “fake girlfriend” situation, and Mei Nan naively agrees. Tai Qing gets upset, forbidding her from going anywhere before grumping that Jeremy isn’t on time for practice.

Aunt is leaving to go back to the village, and Mei Nan sends her off during a break. Aunt asks if Mei Nan has ever met Mu Hua Lan, and privately wonders whether or not Mu Hua Lan could be the twins’s mother – Mu Ha Lan had a small scar across her abdomen similar to the ones women get from the C-section.


A.N. Jell takes a break from practice to head to a local park, where Mei Nan shows off her “talent” – hanging from a bar for extremely long periods of time. The boys make a game of trying to get her to let go, Tai Qing orders her to get down, Jeremy tries to make her laugh…and Xin Yu kisses her forehead. Shocked, Mei Nan lets go and drops to the ground. She weakly asks Xin Yu not to scare her like that again, while Tai Qing mutters that anyone would be shocked/horrified.


Tai Qing’s mood doesn’t improve though, and when Mei Nan accidentally bumps into him while holding a cup of water, he scolds her harshly. She doesn’t take it meekly like usual however, and tells him it was an accident. Even more enraged, Tai Qing yells that she’s changed so much now that her crush Xin Yu knows that she’s a girl. He spits out that she’s got a selfish, one-sided love, belittling her and her love. Hurt, Mei Nan cries that it doesn’t matter if it’s a selfish love, what does it matter to him?


She runs to her room, where she looks at the star pin for a good while before resolutely deciding the leave A.N. Jell. With that, she puts the hair clip in a treasure box away from sight.


The next day Mark tries to stop Mei Nan from meeting with Xin Yu (he’s afraid about exploding feelings again), but isn’t able to convince her otherwise. Out of options, he meets with Tai Qing to ask him to help.

We switch to see Xin Yu getting ready in a restaurant, envisioning his confession to Mei Nan. I don’t think she’s going to accept, but goodluck anyways!


Tai Qing catches Mei Nan right before she leaves in a taxi, and drags her to the company rooftop. (What is everybody’s fascination with that place??).  He tells her to stop causing trouble – she’s making him physically unable to breathe at times. Mei Nan just shouts back that if he’s allergic to her, he’d better stop looking at her, touching her, or taking responsibility for her.

TQ: Because I get mad seeing you like this!
MN: Then don’t look at me! When did I tell you to look at me!
TQ: Do you think I want to look at you?! I can’t help it!
MN: You say you look at me, but have you really? You think that you’re the best, that you’re the most attractive. You don’t look at anyone but yourself! I’ve been patiently hiding in the dark, I never asked for you to look my way! Why do you keep getting mad at me?!”

And then….Tai Qing swoops in for the kiss.


here’s a gif for those of you who want to see it in action 😛



Tai Qing’s reaction at Xin Yu kissing Mei Nan’s forehead 😛 Okay but this episode….wasn’t my favourite. While I am glad the big secret is out in the air, along with the fake dating secret, I’m not too thrilled about how Tai Qing is dealing with his pent up hormones frustration. Taking it out on the object of your affections is not okay, and physically dragging anyone anywhere is not okay. I don’t care if you’re the main lead, I don’t want to see it.

Xin Yu was actually pretty angelic this episode – he stepped in at the right moment, and was a bit more proactive about his feelings. Too bad the girl doesn’t like him back, but there’s not much he can do now.


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 10 Recap


    Tell me you didn’t mentally sing Faith Hill’s song along when you read that

    Still epic, still adorable, i did also think Qing grew up somewhat more since his character development should be concluding, but I did like how it reflected how much Mei Nan grew–look at her defending herself. That was when I knew they would be an okay, well balanced, equal partner relationship.

    1. hahaha nah i was thinking more along the lines of “GO ON AND KISS THE GIRL” from the little mermaid 😛

      I agree with you – Mei Nan taking orders blindly from Tai Qing made me worried for their relationship (if it stayed the same, very unhealthy!) but the fact that she’s learning not to always say sorry or thank you is a big improvement.

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