Just You [就是要你愛上我] Episode 1 – Review

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Are any of you watching Just You, starring Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit and Puff Kuo from Dreamgirls? I gave episode 1 a shot yesterday…and feel pretty wishy washy about the series. I went into this drama thinking that Aaron Yan was going to be a bad/stony actor (he tends to play the cold hearted main lead role a lot), and that Puff Kuo would be the one to balance out the acting chops. Boy was I wrong. (this review is extra sassy, my apologies).

Aaron plays his character well – and it’s not a cold hearted jackass of a guy, it’s a business man who knows exactly what he wants/needs to do to keep his company efficient and profiting. Smart, sometimes a bit of a jerk (the dating rule was a bit much), but ultimately very logical, and I respect that.

Puff plays her character…over the top? Think Ivy Chen’s character from Skip Beat!, except Skip Beat purposefully adopted a “manga style” when filming (ie, Ivy summoning ghosts when mad) and Puff just seems like she’s over-exaggerating everything. Her character is plucky, loud, and unafraid of the boss. Normally I’d be a big fan…except Puff plays her as thoughtless/impulsive and loud-24-7. Just because your character is mad doesn’t mean you have to yell every. single. line. sigh…

ex. Qi Yi (Aaron’s character) buys the company that Liang Liang (Puff’s character) and friends work at. He immediately starts posting new company regulations, including one “no inter office dating rule”. Anyone who breaks it will be fired. Alright, it’s a bit harsh I understand, and I would protest it too. Liang Liang literally takes the word “protest” to heart though, and storms into Qi Yi’s office, yells at her new boss for quite a bit, and even vaguely harasses him physically when she backs him against the desk and pokes him.

All this because her best friend Kate was expecting to get engaged this morning to another co-worker Alex, until the new dating regulation was set up. Kate stormed off in tears when Alex got cold feet about proposing, and broke up with him because he was a “coward”. Now listen here you foppish selfish princess, getting engaged is fine and dandy but you’d BOTH lose your jobs because of it. I think that’s a bit more important than getting married at 28 because you planned it when you were 14. Sheesh. Plus your bf explained that he send home money every month to his parents (aw)…so stop thinking about yourself and grow up a bit. He’s better off without you if you act this way.

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Omg redbeanmochi! You say – are there any good points to Just You? Well…..yes.

1. Aaron Yan’s character is so far so good. I approve.
2. Puff Kuo’s character is the one trying to get the guy. At first I thought, wow this is so cliché…then I realized I haven’t seen it with a girl chasing a guy. It’ll be different, and different can always be good!
3. the leads have potentially cute chemistry. I say potentially because the opening sequence was adorable/cute, so I’m hoping any romance/kisses will be the same. Don’t hold me to it though!
4. Good budget. TW dramas are notoriously the “low-budget/bad set” dramas of drama-land (with Kdramas beings Kings of Shiny Packaging). Recent dramas like Fabulous Boys and Amour et Patisserie have been surprisingly good quality, and I guess Just You is joining the bandwagon.
5. One of the actors from Two Fathers cameoed in the first episode, and I hope he’s a recurring character!

Let me know what you guys think! Am I too harsh?

You can watch Just You on Dramafever here!


13 thoughts on “Just You [就是要你愛上我] Episode 1 – Review

  1. I’ve been trying to watch this drama on the basis that it should be a fun and zippy drama carrying some potent chemistry between the leads. However, I could barely make it through episode because the female character comes off as super annoying, and the vibe of the show overly caricature-ish. Do you think I should give it another chance (does it improve), or give up?

  2. Ah yes Liang Liang is annoying in ‘real life’ and unprofessional in the workplace. But at the same time, I rather enjoy seeing Qi Yi putting her back at her place. Puff/Aaron are cute in the behind the scenes stuff though.

    1. I’ve seen some of the behind the scenes footage, which was why I had hope for the couple’s chemistry (they’re adorable together). Unless Liang Liang stops being so irritating however, I don’t think this is a show I’m going to continue watching. Let me know if it does change for the better! 🙂

  3. cannot stand Aaron as an actor, the guy has a beautiful voice, but he cannot act. He plays exactly the character he is in real life, and he moves his lips too much when he talks? and i am really sorry for pointing this out, I’ve been told that once I point it out, it becomes really obvious and you can’t help but notice it

    unless i read some outstanding reviews on this thing, not going to check it out. it’s sad, I used to check out anything Fahrenheit did in hopes they cameo each other’s work

    1. hmmm. I’ve never noticed the moving-his-mouth-too-much thing, but I’ll definitely be looking out for it now haha.

      Yeah – part of the reason I’ve watched so many of Jiro’s dramas is because I followed Fahrenheit. Now…I’m not really interested in their work.

    1. I’ve heard that it got better (and that the chemistry between the two is pretty cute), so I’m tempted to speed through the first 5-6 eps and just watch the ending 😛 Let me know how the finale is!

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