Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 1-4

Favorite Scene:


tie trick

Lawyer Tang Xiang Xi, flower shop/café owner Wen Zheng Hua, and their daughter Tang Wen Di are shopping at the supermarket, and Xiang Xi is looking for a new tie.  Wen Di helps him pick one out and he’s struggling to put it on.  Zheng Hua looks on, rolls his eyes, and finally comes over to help Xiang Xi.  As Zheng Hua helps him, Xiang Xi notices two women down the aisle staring and whispering (since they assume the two are a gay couple), so to prank them, Xiang Xi pulls Zheng Hua in for a huge peck on the lips, thanking Zheng Hua for working so hard!

Favorite Character Development:

As cliché as it is, I still love the love-hate relationships, or better known as “huan xi yuan jia” (literally “happy enemies” or “quarrelsome lovers”) in Chinese.  And this type of relationship is exactly the kind that’s budding between Miss. Fang Jing Zhu—aka “real-life weapon, rear-view mirror” and Xiang Xi—aka “one inch better, big monster”.  As is typical with Asian dramas, the enemies already have nicknames for one another, and because of their strong opinions about the other person, they sure are coming into contact/butting heads quite often!

Favorite Quote/Conversation:


Regarding Jing Zhu’s constant car incidents…
Dad: You should just stop driving!
Jing Zhu: It’s not like it’s every day, it’s just occasionally…
Dad: In 10 days you’ve hit 5 cars and you call that occasionally?!


Regarding the flowers that Zheng Hua gave Miss. Fang…
Xiang Xi: Don’t misunderstand, these flowers from Zheng Hua were only given out of thanks.
Jing Zhu: Ohh…so do you mind that I accepted his flowers, or are you jealous that he gave me flowers?
Xiang Xi: That’s right. (leans in to whisper) He’s mine.  Do you understand?


2 thoughts on “Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 1-4

  1. Haha I also think it’s funny how Xiang Xi always likes to go along with the flow and pranks people for fun! I also think it’s kind of like fan service for those who like the bromance~

    1. yess! i definitely agree with you about the bromance, hehe! especially in the first few episodes where the viewers are still getting a sense of their relationship, i love how the drama plays with the “behind-the-scenes” of how Xiang Xi and Zheng Hua see things versus then “on-screen” of how the world interprets things…

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