Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 5-8

Favorite Scene:
My two favorite scenes are from episode 5 and 6; one was hilarious and one was sweet.

Xiang Xi came home to shower/change before an appointment, but just gets out of the shower to hear that Miss. Fang is coming home with Wen Di for a house visit (which is common for teachers to do in Asia).  In the rush of the moment and with clothes strewn on the floor, a half-undressed Xiang Xi slips and pulls Zheng Hua down with him, just as Miss. Fang and Wen Di open the door.  No need to mention the confusion and thoughts going on in Miss. Fang’s head… I love this scene, and the first couple episodes in general, because it really plays off the confusion/misunderstanding of the (romantic) relationship between  Xiang Xi and Zheng Hua!


This scene is just of Xiang Xi and Zheng Hua giving Wen Di a bath, and they begin to have a water fight.  Afterwards, for some more family bonding time, they decide to play dress-up and Wen Di helps her Babi (dad) and Daddy with their hair styles.  It’s such a sweet scene and expresses all the love the dads have for their daughter and how willing they are do make her happy.

Favorite Character Development:

Alongside Miss. Fang and Xiang Xi’s growing relationship, there also seems to be something growing between Miss. Fang and Zheng Hua as well.  On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Miss. Fang is touched by how considerate, gentle, and loving Zheng Hua is to Wen Di as well as those around him.  They get a little intimate when Miss. Fang falls down the stairs while looking for Wen Di and Zheng Hua carries her to the elevators and then helps her ice her ankle.  Awww….


Favorite Quote/Conversation:

Xiang Xi gives Miss. Fang a ride home and stays over for some drinks and basketball on TV.


Fei Zhu (Jing Zhu’s brother): Kobe, Kobe, Kobe!
Xiang Xi: Kobe! Go!  Nice!
Dad: Yeah, grand slam!
Awkward silence.
Jing Zhu: Uh, dad, the “grand slam” you’re talking about is baseball.  And this is basketball…


4 thoughts on “Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 5-8

    1. im on episode 48 (and it’s aired up to 72 or 73 i think), but i’ve also cheated and watched more recent episodes, hehe 😛 are you following it too?!

      and yes, their bromance is quite adorable actually 🙂

      1. Yeahh, it actually aired its finale on Monday.

        Ahahaha, I’ve spoiled myself for reading the Chinese Wikipedia page! 😛

        I love their bormance! It totally lightens up the atmosphere!

      2. omg seriously?! ahh, i need to catch up then! i was still expecting there to be more, haha 🙂 did you like the ending (without giving anything away)?

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