Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 9-12

Favorite Scene(s):

Xiang Xi sees Zeng Zheng Xiong holding hands with Wen Di
Xiang Xi screams “Let go of the girl!” and rushes up behind them to snatch away Zheng Xiong and takes him home for an “interrogation.”


Confusion at Miss. Fang’s house
Finally, the Fang family gets to meet Zheng Hua, Xiang Xi, and Wen Di—all together.  And they get all confused at the fact that Wen Di has a Babi and a Daddy… miss fang family

Favorite Character Development:
It’s a bit sad and I feel sorry for Ying Fan, but the most notable relationship development was between her and Xiang Xi.  It’s obvious that she has had a crush on Xiang Xi for a long time, since they work together, but Xiang Xi has always pretended not to notice.  At the encouragement of Zheng Hua, Xiang Xi finally clears things up with Ying Fan and tells her that he only sees her as a very good friend and work partner.  She’s heartbroken but puts on a tough front and continues as if she were fine.


Favorite Quote/Conversation:
Miss. Fang’s dad asking Zheng Hua the exact same questions that he asked Xiang Xi

Dad: How long have you been married?
Zheng Hua: I’m not actually married yet…
Dad: What? Another one who isn’t married and has a kid???


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