Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 13-16

Favorite Scene(s):

Wu Ying Jie, Zheng Hua’s neighbor, has just passed out from starvation after spending days working on her draft that was due, so he invites her over for dinner.  However, Zheng Hua is a clean freak and feels Ying Jie is too dirty, so he has to lay out newspapers on his chair before she can sit on it for dinner.


Miss. Fang’s dad sets her up on an arranged date, and she ends up scaring the guy off after her dad leaves.


Favorite Character Development:

I love the development of the relationship (or lack thereof at this point) between Fei Zhu and Ying Fan.  Fei Zhu is so innocent and kind of ignorant that it’s sweet, and he has totally fallen head-over-heels in love with Ying Fan, but she still isn’t able to let go of Xiang Xi quite yet.  Fei Zhu tries to dress formally and appear scholarly to impress her, and even buys her a pair of shoes to replace the ones he broke, but she shuts him down time and time again…


Favorite Quote/Conversation:

Wen Di, Xiao Wei, and Xiao Xiong are playing “house” and Xiang Xi comes home to hear Wen Di calling Xiao Xiong “hubby.”


Xiang Xi: Wen Di, you can’t go around calling other boys your husband, it will ruin your “qing bai” (integrity)! [Which in Chinese literally is “clear white” but implies having a clean name/being chaste]
Wen Di: What does “qing bai” mean?
Xiang Xi runs away and pushes the responsibility to Zheng Hua.
Zheng Hua: Um…it means, someone is very…clean.
Xiao Wei: So, the clothes are very “chaste”?
Wen Di: The washed dishes are very “chaste”?


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