Second Life [幸福選擇題]

Every moment in life, there is always the opportunity to make a choice. 

If life were to start over and I were to change one decision,
Would I still be able to meet you?

But there is only one chance, so are we brave enough to make that decision?

Xiu Jie Kai alert!!! Besides starring in Amour et Pâtisserie, Xiu Jie Kai fans will get another drama to see his beautiful face in–Second Life!  This is the new drama that started airing after the finale of Two Fathers, and stars Kun Da (notably from Inborn Pair, Absolute Boyfriend, and Happy 300 Days ), singer/actress Cyndi Wang (who is back into dramas since Love Keeps Going in 2011), Xiu Jie Kai, Pink Yang (notably from Fan Tuan Zhi Jia, Lady Maid Maid, and Who’s the One), and Chris Lee (notably from Inborn Pair).  This will be another 70+ episode drama.

Xiu Jie Kai and Kun Da are brothers and the main male leads.  Xiu Jie Kai is married but goes through a divorce, only to find that his ex-wife (Pink Yang) is pregnant.  Cyndi is about to marry Chris Lee for business reasons but ends up running away.  Kun Da’s parents want him to take over their tea shop but he wants to be a cosmetician so he runs away too.  The two runaways meet each other and quickly become friends.

So after watching the first 10 episodes, I’m still enjoying it (although I do fast-forward some of the stuff going on).  It’s a little cliche that they writers had to throw in a case of amnesia (Cyndi gets hit by Kun Da’s car and loses her memory), because it’s very Prince Turns Into Frog-esque.  However, I appreciate that this drama switches things around a bit by having the main female leads as the rich ones and the guys as coming from an average family.  Cyndi and Kun Da have very good dynamics and their growing relationship is very cute.  Pink Yang’s character is very spoiled and can be irritating and inconsiderate, but that only makes me look forward to her transformation/growth.  Xiu Jie Kai’s character always lets his wife/ex-wife have her way and he’s not good at standing up for himself, but again, I’m looking forward to his transformation and the change in their relationship.  Also, he’s Xiu Jie Kai, so I’ll always give his characters a little slack 😛 I also think it’s a cool idea that the story involves cosmetics/the beauty industry, and even more that it’s not only represented by females but males as well–I mean, Kun Da runs away from home in order to live his dream and mix masks and creams to sell, that’s passion right there!

Anyway, let me know what you guys think if you’ve been following the drama, or give it a shot and watch the first few episodes to see what you think!


14 thoughts on “Second Life [幸福選擇題]

  1. Oof, not prepared to commit myself to yet another 80+ ep drama…. But it does sound awfully interesting. I tend to watch all of Cyndi’s dramas too, although i don’t really like her….. Eh, i might watch if i have time…. :/

    1. right? haha, it’s frustrating that all the 80+ dramas are the ones with the actors/actresses i like, so i can’t resist, lol 😛 i tend to watch the first 30-40 eps or so then tune out, then tune back in for the ending to see if it’s worth it to go back and watch what i missed, hehe. and i really liked smiling pasta for the plot, but i’m not a huge cyndi wang fan either…

  2. Oh no, not the amnesia cliche!! But considering it’s a tw-drama I shouldn’t be too surprised, I feel like they have a lot of amnesia plot twists. *cough* Love Forward *cough*

    Anyways you definitely caught my attention with Xiu Jie Kai. I will have to wait to see how the drama holds up further in though. Not sure if I will commit to such a long drama.

    1. yup, all that amnesia. and i totally know what you mean about love forward….i laugh just thinking about ALL the amnesia they threw in! dramas are meant to be exaggerated and all, but that is definitely NOT how real life happens, lol. and yeah, i would say wait it out a bit and see how it is around 30-40 eps, that’s usually when i kind of lose interest and then just wait for the final few episodes… but xiu jie kai is always an extra reason to watch 😉

    1. I was able to find it on sugoideas, as well as youtube! but that was also a while ago so I’m not sure if they’re still there/working. and that’s without eng subs.

  3. Cindy Wang’s dramas are usually a cute watch although she’s not my fav too. Surprised she’s looking older or rather not aging as well as Ariel Lin or Rainie Yang.

    1. yeah, i think her acting and way of espression hasn’t really improved or matured (i saw her in smiling pasta way back when..) it seems like she can only act as the cute, naive young girl… but i mean, she is a singer first and an actress second so it kind of makes sense

      1. Don’t know if you already have your answer but has it. though the subing is still not complete as of today it is being worked on. As of today they have through ep 9 100% subed, ep 10 is at 87%. Slow for viki standards but, they’ll get there.

      2. Hi, thank you just recently found out a week ago, I stopped watching it at episode 4 without the subs before..but thanks to viki I can continue to episode 4 with subs now….I’ll wait for a bit till I continue tho so I can watch a lot of episodes in one sitting LOL…

        Thank you for telling that they’re still working on episode 9/10 😀


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