Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 7 Recap

Mommy issues, reporter issues, and unresolved feelings abound this episode!



Tian Tian is in a bad mood this morning, and all of the workers watch her carefully. A Lu brings up Yu Wen, and Allen grimaces before heading out to open the front gates. When he gets there however, he’s bombarded by people who exclaim that he’s just as cute as the photos, and that the pastry shop really has no name. They’re here because they saw the ballerina’s post about the green mango dessert, and clamor to get in.


Xiang Ming and Allen share a bromance moment while hip thrusting dancing to music before Tian Tian chases Allen out of the kitchen. They’re overwhelmed, and Tian Tian tells Allen to send the customers still waiting in line away – she’s not going to be making more pastries today.

Yu Wen stops by again when the store is closed, and he and Allen share a particularly tense moment of staring. Just as Allen is about to push Yu Wen out the door however, Tian Tian comes back with Xiao Kai. Yu Wen drops to Xiao Kai’s level to greet him and asks if he [Xiao Kai] remembers him [Yu Wen], but Allen calls Xiao Kai away before they can interact any more.


Yu Wen does manage to wrist grab Tian Tian (urgh) and pull her away to talk one on one however. He grabs her in a hug, and tells her that he misses her terribly and wants her to join him. Tian Tian pulls away furiously, and asks Yu Wen why he didn’t say this years before. Allen is still waiting for her by the time she walks home, and when he tries to asks her what the matter is she storms right back out of the house.


They wind up at another pastry shop (we saw Tian Tian stop by it before in previous episodes), where Tian Tian buys some lemon tarts. She relocates to a parkbench to eat them, and after taking a bite, hands it to Allen to try. He comments that it’s not bad, but a bit dry and too tart. Tian Tian sadly laughs before saying that she’d go to the shop to buy their pastries, but no matter how many different ones she tried, she wasn’t able to taste a thing.


The crowds are back the next day, but Tian Tian isn’t in the mood to make anything. Allen uses reverse-psychology to get her started, and they try to keep up with the high demand of customers. Unfortunately, the demand is still too much for them to serve, and Allen is forced to turn away customers again. Tian Tian’s mom stops by in an attempt to see Xiao Kai, and Tian Xi promises she can see him once he’s out of school.

A reporter also stops by, and he line hops by flashing his card, and starts taking photos of other people’s food. Rude. He keeps asking to talk to the chef, and Tian Tian finally comes out to snap at him to leave. He criticizes the decor and her attitude before snapping a photo as he leaves. Uhoh…


Mommy issues abound, as Tian Tian goes out to greet her mother and Allen skypes his. Tian Tian’s mom bitterly complains that she’s just a useless old lady that no one needs, and that she hasn’t even set eyes on her five year old grandson once. Fair point. Allen’s mom demands to know where he is, and forbids him to dig up the past by going to Taiwan. She threatens to buy a plane ticket to bring him back, only for Allen to hang up in response.


A gloomy Allen heads to the kitchen, where he sees Xiang Ming making tart crusts. Cue the bromance! 🙂 Tian Tian finds them asleep with their arms around each other the next morning.


When Allen walks out to greet the crowd of customers however, he’s astonished to see that nobody has come. A newspaper is stuffed onto the doorframe, and he opens it up to find an article claiming that their store uses bad ingredients with BHG (?). Tian Tian immediately runs into the kitchen to check the wet ingredients (butter, eggs, creme, etc.), while Tian Xi has A Lu and Xiang Ming help her predict the future of the store.


Xiang Ming invites A Lu to go with him to drop off baked goods, and he makes sure to rev the motorcycle at an intersection so that A Lu keeps leaning into him. HA. 😉

Back at the store, Yu Wen stops by to order dessert and once again request that Tian Tian work for him. Tian Xi accuses him of writing the article, and Tian Tian despondently tells him that the two of them working together is never going to happen.


Xiang Ming launches his own internet retaliation against the article, and there’s another cute moment between himself and Allen.

XM: So you like Tian Tian, right?
Allen: *evasively* So you like A Lu right?
XM: That’s right! *leans in close* I’ll tell you a secret…we’re boyfriend and girlfriend!

Looks like our jerk reporter treats his underlings in a similar jerk manner, as he tells a girl that her article is awesomely….boring. She has to re-write it before he gets back from lunch, and if the Patisserie with no name calls, to tell them he’s out of the country. Ugh.


Tian Tian takes a break to go visit Allen’s dad (not that she knows the connection yet), and a nurse stops in to give them both a special soup made with an ingredient only found in central Taiwan. This brings back a memory of her mother making the soup for her sisters and her, and Tian Tian smiles warmly.


Jerk reporter meets with Yu Wen in a hotel lobby, and Yu Wen agrees to their “deal” if the reporter does him a favour. They relocate to the Patisserie with No Name where Tian Tian is making Madelines (featuring that special ingredient from the soup). The reporter mocks the Madelines, saying that people would assume they’re mouldy, and complains about not being given a fork to eat with. Yu Wen chastises him by telling the backstory of the Madelines, and that they’re meant to be eaten by hand. Jerk reporter looks down embarrassed, and then freezes in shock when he recognizes the special herb. Turns out he is from the same area, and the herb makes him nostalgic of home.

That’s why when he returns back to his office, he treats the young girl whose article he belittled earlier to a Madeline. He recalls a time when he too, was a new reporter and had the same line “awesome….ly bad” thrown at him as well. He encourages the girl to remember why she wanted to become a reporter in the first place. Aw, story of the week solved!


Allen isn’t too happy though, as he meets up with his childhood friend/Xiao Kai’s teacher for drinks and dinner. They both get drunk as he complains that he’s lost before even confessing, and wake Tian Tian as they loudly stumble home (the friend wants to eat pastries). Tian Tian freezes when she sees Allen with the teacher, and stonily walks back inside.



9 thoughts on “Amour et Patisserie [沒有名字的甜點店] Episode 7 Recap

  1. The things I loved in this episode: the bromance with dancing and tart crust making! lol. XM and AL’s progression of dating, Tian Tian & Allen’s cute, yet sad moment with the lemon tarts. I really detest the wrist grabbing moment and the fact that what’s his name even hugs Tian Tian! Urg. And poor Allen is feeling so down because he hasn’t really made a move to confess yet & what’s his name seems to be scoring! (I detest his character so I refuse to remember his name. Hehe.) But this last moment where Tian Tian retreats from going to Allen – why!? She doesn’t have a claim to him and just cus he’s with that drunken girl doesn’t mean he’s dating her. Blah. Oh but I forgot to add the food as a favorite too. Makes me want to learn to bake Madelines…lol. Thanks again! Looking forward to recap ep. 8

    1. The bromance was the best! I was tempted to link to Chester See’s song, but chose to refrain 😛

      I can’t stand wrist grabbing – i get it if you’re running away from something (ie, an assassin) because let’s face it, it’s easier grabbing someone’s arm than their hand (surface area/volume difference). A guy grabbing a girl’s wrist to pull her away from his love rival however, is not okay. Sigh…one of the tropes I wish dramaland didn’t have.

      Well presuming that Tian Tian got woken up in the middle of the night because of the loud teacher, I’d presume that she’s pretty cranky and not happy to begin with. Seeing Allen with her probably just made her frustrated, and she chose to leave the situation rather than confront it. Hopefully it speaks towards whom she’ll choose in the end, but it still seems a little too early to tell :/

  2. Thank you for the recap! I really really like this drama. But my chinese is not good enough to understand everything completly. So its good, that I can also read your recaps.
    Oh, and I also liked the Bromance in this episodes, hehe ❤

      1. Haha, thank you.
        It really does help to improve my chinese.
        Sometimes I already start to use chinese words in daily life. Like when somethings annoys me, I might say: “It’s so mafan”. 😉

  3. Hello Redbeanmochi! Where are you gals lately? We’ve missed recaps and posts. Is life is treating you well? Hope to see you blogging again soon! 🙂

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