Two Fathers [兩個爸爸] Favorites Flashback Episode 17-20

Favorite Scene(s):


After Zheng Hua and Xiang Xi’s “argument,” Wen Di and Miss. Fang help them reconcile.  In front of Wen Di, they have no choice but to be all smiles and go back to acting normal around each other.  However, when the two are alone preparing some pudding for Wen Di and Miss. Fang, Xiang Xi doesn’t want to explicitly apologize so he just says with a smile/pout, “I want some pudding too…”  BROMANCEEEEE! Haha 😛  Zheng Hua laughs and responds that if Xiang Xi wasn’t mad, why did he not eat the food Zheng Hua prepared.  Xiang Xi was actually still mad back then, but to save face, he just responds, “Well, you never told me how many minutes to heat it up for, how was I supposed to eat it?”

Favorite Character Development:


Fei Zhu is madly in love with Ying Fan, and since he broke her shoes that one time, he comes to find her at work to give her a new pair.  However, he sees two men approach Ying Fan and assumes they’re gangsters trying to kidnap her, so he swoops in to protect her.  fearnot2

He snatches her up and runs off, only to later find out that the man was a client looking to get a divorce.  Ying Fan scoffs and leaves, saying that he shouldn’t watch so many movies because the idea of the white knight that comes to save the day is not realistic at all.


Fei Zhu isn’t deterred though, and only tries harder to get her to accept him—which includes hand-delivering love letters to her office every day…

Favorite Quote/Conversation:

At the Fang family’s house, Miss. Fang has just come home from spending time at Wen Di’s house and now has a much greater appreciation for her family.  So she comes in and starts pouting and talking like a baby and saying how much she loves her family.


Jing Zhu: Dad, in our family, who do you love the most?
Dad: That’s easy—of course it’s my youngest son, Qing Zhu.
Jing Zhu: Then what about me?
Dad starts counting on his fingers
Dad: Let’s see…the…sixth.
Jing Zhu: What—the sixth?!  Our family only has five people, not counting you we have four people, fine—if you want to count yourself too we have five…why am I the sixth?!  I’m your ONLY daughter; don’t people say that the daughter is the dad’s lover from the previous life (Chinese saying)?  Why am I sixth?
Dad: Previous lovers can’t compete with parents—so my parents that raised me and fed me are in fifth place.
Jing Zhu: Well…fine…I’ll be sixth.  At least I’m still in the top 10…


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