so… annedarmawan at nominated me for an award! Or…a series of awards?


since the Shine award and Twin awards are pretty much the same as the liebster award (list 7 things about yourself), I’m just going to accept the Sweet Award today 🙂


Cookies or Cake? COOKIES. unless it’s icecream cake. or tiramisu. or cheesecake.

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Vanilla for smell (lotions, perfume), but chocolate for EVERYTHING ELSE.

Favourite Sweet Treat? I can’t pick one and you can’t make me. Hmm, couple favourites off the top of my head though…fruit tarts, cheesecake, macaroons, shaved ice, watermelon, chocolate truffles….

When do you crave sweet things the most? All the time. If I see a candy store, I will crave candy. Same goes for a patisserie (oh macaroons how you are my downfall(Thanks patisserie with no name!) )

Sweet nickname? uhhh….Redbeanmochi. DER 😛


I nominate: sleepy at ddramatards, wootness at wootness, and miss cupcakes at my fairytale world!


4 thoughts on “Award?!

    1. Thanks! You too! (I don’t see your answers though 😦 )I was going to nominate you but you were the first on her list ^_^

      (just belatedly realized that i saw “afairytaleworld” and thought it was funny how similar it was to misscupcakes myfairytaleworld…which is actually the same url. whoops)

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