New Drama! I Love You Love You Loving Me…


So I think it’s pretty apparent that that’s a direct translation of the title…which is Wo Ai Ni Ai Ni Ai Wo.

To be honest this drama snuck up on me because it’s main lead is played by Max Lu from Patisserie With No Name…and Patisserie hasn’t finished yet. What? Drama-land you can’t have actors with multiple projects out at the same time, that’s just too confusing! (oh wait…Xiu Jie Kai has secret life out as well…ugh).

Plot synopsis: Wang Dan Dan (Chloe Wang) and Luo Jia He (Max Lu) grew up as siblings even though they have different biological parents. They always had a sibling relationship…until boyfriends/girlfriends entered the picture and started talking about marriage. faux-cest?

I’ll probably check out the first episode or so because I really like Max (he plays Allen in Patisserie With No Name), but I dunno about the synopsis…I had a hard time believing DBY’s ending  which played on the same siblings but different parents idea. What do you guys think?


9 thoughts on “New Drama! I Love You Love You Loving Me…

  1. I never understood what the big deal was in DBY. They met as adults, and they were not related, and they weren’t living together in the beginning. I guess I’d have to be Asian to understand why the parents freaked out about their relationship. But two people that grew up together and always treated each other as siblings suddenly developing romantic feelings, that seems much weirder.

    1. My (minor) issue with DBY was the fact that their parents were also having a kid together (ie, half sib to them both). Imagine explaining your family tree o.O “my parents had me out of wedlock so that my brother and sister could marry, and my dad adopted me so that he could claim guardianship as well.”

      But yeah I was a big fan of DBY/Rainie and Mike He – i just thought the last ep was too melodramatic considering the flow of the rest of the series.

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