Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 12 Recap

If you weren’t able to tell…this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions that crash and burn go everywhere

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We open to see Jeremy run into a friend who runs a radio talkshow. She jokingly asks when he’s going to be back on her program, and he lights up, asking if he can sing a song tonight for his friends. They schedule for 6:30, and Jeremy looks at a smiley face cookie, wondering if Mei Nan will smile like that when she hears his song (presumably for her). When he opens the computer however, he sees that fans have uploaded photos of Mei Nan and Tai Qing hugging at the airport…

Elsewhere, Mu Hua Lan sips red wine (okay seriously, this lady is killing her kidneys with the amount of pensive wine-sipping she does in every episode) while staring at a photo of the twins. Okay we get it, you’re one obsessed lady. She mutters that while Mei Nan looked like her dad, in reality she speaks just like her mother.


Tai Qing and Mei Nan walk back into the company headquarters, and Mark runs up to Tai Qing, complaining that he finally got Xin Yu and Mei Nan one-on-one time…what is he doing? Tai Qing smirks, and tells Mark to watch – he pulls Mei Nan close in a hug and she immediately makes the pig nose. Haha, poor Mark is so confused he can only stutter.


Tai Qing heads off to work on Mu Hua Lan’s song, and he reads the bio on the songwriter [whom we know to be Mei Nan’s dad]. He muses that he sure seems talented, but wonders if their supposed “love” really was all that powerful.

Mark continues grilling Mei Nan about her crush on Tai Qing, asking when she started liking him and why. Mei Nan smiles sheepishly as she confesses that she doesn’t really know when or how she started liking him, but he’s like a shining star in front of her eyes. Jeremy’s left the recording studio to get to the bottom of the airport photos, and he comes across the pair just as Mei Nan confesses that she likes Tai Qing. Heartbroken, he asks her to confirm it, then bolts out into the night.

The deadline for the radio show is approaching, and Mark and Mei Nan scour the streets for him. Mei Nan remembers his secret bus, and finds him in the back (after first climbing on the wrong one). Jeremy glares at her, telling to that this is his bus and she should get off. He begins to cry, asking rhetorically:

J: “Why don’t you like me? You were the only one I shared this secret bus with – you were the only one I played violin for – I was the one to cheer you up whenever you had a frown on your face.”

Mei Nan apologizes, near tears herself, and Jeremy replies: “Those are not the three words I want to hear right now.” Ouch.


The radio calls his cell, and Jeremy gains enough control over his voice to talk cheerfully and wish his fans luck in their studies. He tells them that sometimes life and love can be difficult, and that even if it doesn’t go your way (literally, you don’t hear the words you want), to hold on and bear it. He glances at Mei Nan before he begins to sing, and chokes on some of the words as tears continue to pour down his face.

When the bus reaches it’s starting destination again, Jeremy dries his tears and begins to head towards the door. He pauses to ask Mei Nan to put it in the past – since the bus is starting over, he should as well. If she is going to be awkward and bring it up, he won’t be able to get over it. Aw. Once he’s off the bus, Jeremy takes a moment to wipe his face of tears – when he turns around it’s with the usual cheer and smile. He promises to take Mei Nan to go eat ice cream, and tells her not to look so gloomy. Double aw, he’s such a sweetie 😦


Tai Qing has finally finished reworking Mu Hua Lan’s song, and he wonders why Mei Nan hasn’t called him yet. He smirks as he remembers that he told her not to disturb him, and that she must be sitting by her phone waiting for him to call. Pfft, your ego needs to go down a notch. And go down a notch it does, and he’s shocked to find that Mei Nan is sleeping when he calls. Hahahaha. He tells her that as his V.V.VIP, she should care that her idol hasn’t eaten yet. She blearily asks if he’s okay, and Tai Qing demands that she meet him at the headquarters in 30 minutes with red wine.

Mei Nan shows up in 25 minutes, and Tai Qing leads her to the rooftop, where he’s set up a table with lights, wine glasses, and candles. AW. He looks into her bag….to find that she’s brought milk instead of wine. HAHAHA. Mei Nan confesses that she thought he’d need nutrition because he didn’t eat yet, and Tai Qing smiles at her concern. They end up eating the noodles he cooked (Mei Nan compares them to ramen haha) with milk in wine glasses. Too cute!


The pair then watch a movie using a projector Tai Qing set up, and at one point he sneakily inches toward her to put his arm around her shoulders. I see what you did there. After the film, Mei Nan points out that there are actually lots of stars that Tai Qing can see; she’s got stars on her shirt, and and the lights are stars as well.

Tai Qing smiles and tells her to collect stars to show him, and Mei Nan agrees, since it’s something she wants to do before she leaves. She’s surprised when Tai Qing asks if she wants to see 5,000 stars, and he blows on his fist in demonstration. HAHAHAHA. Mei Nan backpedals, telling him that she really doesn’t need to see stars that badly, but Tai Qing tells her to be quiet and keep her eyes closed. He swings – then stops, and swoops in for a kiss. AHHHHHHHH.

It gets better. He pulls away to look her in the eyes, and whispers that she’d better not become a pig-rabbit right now. Then he goes back in for another kiss and there’s lip action. (EDIT: Thank you TW drama-gods, for blessing another TW drama with good kisses)


Xin Yu finally returns from Hua Lian, and Mei Nan acts unsure around him. He presents her with a necklace, and explains that he didn’t have the heart to tell his mum that it wasn’t a real relationship because his mum was so excited to give his first girlfriend a gift. He asks Mei Nan to accept it, and tells her that even though he knows she only seems him in a big brother light, he hopes that now that she’s aware of his feelings, it might change.


Mu Hua Lan calls Mei Nan in to give her a gift – it’s a cutesy dress for girls, and Mei Nan hesitates when she sees it. Mu Hua Lan confirms that she knows Mei Nan is a girl, and warns her to stay away from the boys (particularly Tai Qing), because she knows that they will get hurt once Mei Nan’s secret gets revealed.

In a faraway country (aka, the US), we see a hooded figure hang up a phone call. Looks like it’s the real Mei Nan, about to come back to Taiwan!


Tai Qing catches Mei nan taking a photo of a tomato stem, and he requests to see how many stars she’s found so far. He teases that she’s only found three so far, but pulls out a star necklace once she leaves. He muses that with this, she won’t ever have to look for stars again, since she can carry one with her.


Mei Nan’s been called into Jack’s office to talk about projects/listen to the song Tai Qing re-worked. He conveniently mentions that Mu Hua Lan and the songwriter had an ardent relationship, and that the song had been written begging for the woman the writer loved to come back to him. Mei Nan drops the glass star she’d been playing with at the news (foreshadowing!) in shock – she’d thought that Mu Hua Lan and her father were only friends. Aunt confirms it later, saying that she didn’t want Mei Nan to think badly of her father if she knew he’d abandoned his pregnant wife for Mu Hua Lan, and that Mei Nan’s mother had died alone. 😦


A furious Mei Nan rushes to Mu Hua Lan’s suite demanding to know answers, and Mu Hua Lan calls up Tai Qing to tell him that she’s meeting “that writer’s child – Gao Mei Nan”. Tai Qing doesn’t believe it at first, and goes to Mei Nan’s room to look for her. He discovers her photo with her dad, as well as the signed photo from Mu Hua Lan early on in the drama.

Inside the suite, Mei Nan calls Mu Hua Lan a liar – saying that there is no way her father would have loved her and abandoned her mother. Mu Hua Lan just laughs, and tells her that her mother was in denial as well, and as a result suffered. She holds up the song as proof, saying that everyone else accepts it, why not Mei Nan? Tai Qing bursts in – horror dawning on his face as he sees Mei Nan standing with his mother. Mu Hua Lan nails the coffin shut as she tells Tai Qing that Mei Nan was aware of their mother-son relationship, but never said a word of it or her parentage.


Mei Nan follows Tai Qing back to the house, begging him to turn around. He pushes her away as Xin Yu rounds the corner, and asks why she never told him she was the daughter of the songwriter. Mei Nan doesn’t reply, but continues to try and grab Tai Qing’s arm. At one point Tai Qing gets fed up and tells her to never come near him again, pushing her so hard she falls onto the ground. Tai Qing stares in horror, but Xin Yu reacts quickly and punches him in the face. They begin to fight, but Mei Nan jumps in between the two, protecting Tai Qing. Xin Yu stares at her in shock – he’d promised to hurt Tai Qing if he ever made Mei Nan cry…what was she doing?? In the end, both Xin Yu and Tai Qing walk away, leaving Mei Nan to cry on the stairs.


Everyone’s favourite reporter Da Pai has finally worked out the truth. He saw fan uploaded photos of Tai Qing and Xin Yu fighting, and reasons that they’d only do that if Mei Nan was actually Mei Nu. Jack and Mark deny the fight, saying that Xin Yu was helping Tai Qing….not with another fight though. Da Pai agrees to not write about it if they do him a favour…an interview with both twins.

This spells trouble, so Mark sends A.N. Jell minus Tai Qing off to Okinawa until the real Mei Nan gets back. As the band flies off, we see Tai Qing making a phone call to an old music teacher pal.


Mei Nan is still reserved and sad while at the resort, so Xin Yu asks her to go on a walk with him down to the beach. He tells her that his feelings should be pretty clear by now, and Mei Nan replies that hers should as well. He reads it as “I’m sorry I can’t accept your feelings”, and reveals that the girl he always spoke about that he liked, the one with the secret that got found out, was her. Finally! He also presents her with a present – photos of Mei Nan’s mother and some of her songs. Aw – if you acted like this in the beginning you would have gotten the girl!

Mei Nan begins to cry, thankful that she finally knows what her mother looks like. She promises to look at the photos whenever she feels nostalgic, and Xin Yu grabs her in a hug, telling her that while he isn’t able to show her her mother’s warmth, she should listen to the songs while she sleeps and pretend that for the hug at least, Xin Yu is her mum. Aw. Tai Qing sees the hug from a distance, and grips a similar looking package tightly in jealously.


Mu Hua Lan barges in to the headquarters, demanding to know who told the media that her song wasn’t actually written for her. Jack confusedly replies that it wasn’t him – all he knows is that the song was written for the woman the songwriter loved. Mu Hua Lan just repeats (with a crazed look in her eye) “it’s me, it has to be me, it can only be me” while Jack looks on worriedly. Like I said, obsessed.


Mei Nan chases Tai Qing at the airport, but is always a few seconds too late. She finally stops him right before he boards the plane, and thanks him for the CD of her mother. She explains that Xin Yu told her her mother’s name (along with giving her photos), and Tai Qing coldly tells Mei Nan that she can just stick with Xin Yu then.



Rollercoaster of feels I tell ya. I’m so so so so so glad the date was planned by Tai Qing (nice twist to the original), as well as the kisses…sigh 🙂 Fabulous Boys really brought its worth with this episode, can’t wait for the finale! I think I might like this episode better than the corresponding original ep (except for the bus scene – Hongki wins that hands down).

the kiss gif I linked to was pretty good up until the last one, which I found a bit jerky and rushed. Still, better than nothing!


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 12 Recap

  1. Thank you for the recap! It’s awesome as usual. I was so happy that Tai Qing kissed Mei Nan a second time in this version. It allowed her to get into it and actually participate. ^^

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂

      AH I KNOW. The one thing that typically disappoints me in kdramas is the kissing. I was afraid that this drama would do the same “bumper car” kiss, but they delivered above and beyond!

      1. Kdramas definitely disappoint me in that respect, too. You have all of this emotion between characters and yet, somehow, there’s no passion in the kisses. I definitely think this version allows the actors to express both the emotions and the passion in a more realistic way that suits the story more accurately. 😀

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