YOU too can write to George Hu!

Hahaha sorry I couldn’t resist the rhyming title 😛

But Dramafever is offering this awesome opportunity for fans to ask George Hu a question! All you have to do is comment on the blog post  with your question, and the Love Around club will pick their top 10 favourites to ask George!

Who is George Hu some of you might ask? George Hu was born and raised in New York, New York, and was scouted when he visited Taiwan. You might recognize him as the second lead in Romantic Princess, Hot Shot, or ToGetHer, as well as the main lead in Hayate the Combat Butler (with Park Shin Hye). Most recently, he’s the main lead in the currently airing drama Love Around.


4 thoughts on “YOU too can write to George Hu!

  1. wow that sounds like a great opportunity for the English-speaking fans to connect with him :O
    It’s kinda interesting how more and more celebrities are reaching to overseas people, like the guy from Itazura na Kiss.

    1. I know! It seems like they’ve realized the immense bulk of international fans who buy memorabilia, tune in every week, and are ardent supporters (sometimes even more so than the domestic fans).

      1. Ahh I hope they expand to more celebrities, including people from mainland China (but maybe that is too much to ask haha). It’s so fun to see their responses to the questions and you feel like you are really seeing a different side to them and makes them feel closer than a character on your internet/tv screen. Can’t wait for George’s answering video/written reply 🙂

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