Lan Ling Wang OST

This drama has one of the most beautiful and hauntingly gorgeous OST tracks I’ve heard in a long time…probably since Secret.

My favourite:

The gorgeous closing sequence:

The catchy almost-rock-but-slightly-traditional opening sequence:

You can watch Lan Ling Wang on Dramafever here:


5 thoughts on “Lan Ling Wang OST

    1. A popular drama site published an article featuring the drama. I did some research, and found out that it’s a whopping 45 episode drama. Despite the length, it got some really rave reviews (especially the beginning 20 or so episodes).

  1. I stumbled across a review about this drama earlier this week and with this reveal of the drama’s music, I just really want to start watching it! The first track is really beautiful and I agree about it being a real favorite although I also really love the use of traditional instrumentals in the ending track and how the soft tone of the instrumentals just meld so nicely with her voice. (Oh how I’m a sucker for those ballad-type songs.)

    It’s too bad I’ll probably need to wait until Spring Break or something to start up this drama because I’m just lacking time to watch anything right now and I also have so many others that I’m interested in as well. ;v;

    1. Haha I’m in the same boat as you! So close to the end (episode 32/45), but school started again so my time for drama watching has dramatically decreased. Excuse the pun.

      Just a tip however – I found that after episode…20 or so the plot line got a little draggy (mostly because it began to concern a character I didn’t like). I started to skim the bits involving that character, and fully watch the rest of the episode. I didn’t miss any of the plot, and got through the eps much easier 😛 (I wouldn’t recommend this for shorter dramas, but LLW did have an extension from 35-45 eps, so I don’t feel bad).

      1. Ahhh curse you school and you need to overtake all of my free time. ;A;

        Mmm, well that’s understand able and I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I start watching it later~

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