In A Good Way [我的自由年代] Episode 1 – Review


Jafstar78 gave me a heads up to watch this drama, and boy am I glad they did. Thank you Jafstar!!

In a Good Way is set back in 1995, back when cell phones didn’t exist (gasp!), pagers were all the rage, and riding a moped make you cool (snicker). It surrounds the story of our heroine Lin Jia En as she narrates from 2005, reflecting on “that year”. We then see where the story begins in 1995, as Jia En and her friend Zheng Ren Wei are applying to colleges. She doesn’t get in (due to a last minute change up in school choices), and is left to sit despondently at  home while Ren Wei is having the time of his life in college. She finally decides follow him to Taipei and retake the exam, but gets her purse stolen when she arrives on campus, can’t find his dorm, and can’t contact him (he’s been ignoring her calls). Thankfully the student whose room she barged into helps her out (OTP!) – it’s Liu Shan Feng, played by Lego Li. 

In A Good Way is a breath of fresh air from the dramas we’ve been having recently. It’s simple, breezy, and doesn’t rely on any drama tropes like contract marriages. The pacing of the drama is a little slower as a result, but it’s unnoticeable for the most part. I really loved the rapport between Shan Feng and Jia En – they’ve already got respect for each other and Shan Feng finds Jia En intriguing. I can’t wait to see the romance begin! 😀

You can watch In A Good Way on Dramafever here!


15 thoughts on “In A Good Way [我的自由年代] Episode 1 – Review

  1. Yeaahhh! You checked it out! Jia En is such a fledgling, an unpainted canvas, I am looking forward to her growth. And Liu Chuan is quite the BMOC, with his hot shot-basketball skills, awesome charisma, intellectual thinking, heck, he even deciphers codes for fun! The fact that they have this awkward awareness of each other, plus the meeting of minds, it reeks of OTP. Perhaps Jia En won’t get it right off the bat since she has been closeted from real life experiences, but I figure once she’s aware fully of her feelings, it will run deep and leave a strong imprint like most first loves do. Right now, I see them maintaining an interesting friendship. Regarding the other cast members, I cannot say when I have ever enjoyed all of the cast as I do for this drama. When the norm has been catty friendships, major hatred-conflict between the main lead actress and the second lead actress, and annoying side characters, in this series, I love each one! Down from flighty Tracy to the weird little 3rd Man of Steel member, we as viewers get to care about them, so that goes to show how well written IAGW is. Let’s just hope the drama continues to soar high. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, I had lots to gush about! (i suppose i should stop now! Lol.)
    This may very well be my most favorite drama for 2013. 😉 (ok., now I’m done…)

    1. I was wondering when you would comment 🙂
      Agreed! I’m already impressed with her growth and maturity so far, because she started out as a nice, albeit clingy follower and now has truly begun to think more about what she wanted and her own dreams were. I’m fairly certain (99.9999%) that Liu Chuan and Jia En are OTP. She and Ren Wei sure have cute conversations, but the chemistry really heats up with Liu Chuan. Too bad they’re not a real couple 😦

      I’ve been thinking about posting an open thread to discuss IAGW, since koala is already recapping it and if I posted reviews of every ep it would get redundant…this way we could gush/rant (doubtful about the ranting part)/discuss all we wanted!

      1. Hehe! Open thread! Awesome idea! You will find me raving more often. I was delayed in answering cus I have a newborn to show off to out-of-state family & friends. 🙂 Taking care of DS and living on little sleep gives me less drama watching time. But I will definitely watch IAGW and comment in the lovely space you’ve provided. Thanks!

      2. You won’t believe this….I wrote a whole novel on the open thread and wordpress said it couldn’t post it. So. I lost it. My words are swirling around in cyber-space. Now my brain is too tired to re-think and re-type so once it’s taken a nap, I will post again. Grr. Technology be banned.

  2. Ah, this drama. So happy to have discovered it after a disappointing drama run in 2013. This ends the year well and starts the new year well. I’m so happy to have Jia En’s hair normal after teh first few episodes. I wondered why they didn’t just make her wear a short hair wig instead of simulating short hair with that complicated ‘do that had to have a lot of hairspray or gel holding it in place so it didn’t move…at ALL. 😛
    Glad you picked up the drama and opened a thread 🙂

      1. No, they didn’t. It really didn’t look like a wig to me. When I was younger, since it was wrong to cut Barbie’s hair, i actually used to do it in a similar style to Jia En’s to make it appear like short hair even though it was long, so I really think they just tucked her long hair under and held it in place with lots of goop or something. 😛

      2. lol… I can’t really I guess w/o rewatching it. But there was another scene where she had wet hair & it really didn’t look natural at all

      3. My thoughts on the shower scene: did they shoot it separately from when her hair was tucked? Like perhaps they shot the tucked scenes first, saw how ugly it looked and then re-shot some scenes with a wig or made her cut her hair? OR! maybe her shower scene was done first when her hair was short, then as she’s been trying to grow her hair out for what we see now, they had to tuck her hair to make it match. Oh the possibilities….and I cannot believe I took the time to ponder this. It bothered me too. Lol.

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