Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 13 Recap (FINAL)

PHEW! This recap is long overdue. Fabulous Boys finale here we go!

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Tai Qing starts walking away from Mei Nan, but stops when she calls out to him. He shuts her down when she asks if he knows about her mother, and tells her that she should get along well with Mu Hua Lan. Mei Nan points out that yes, he has a right to be hurt because Mu Hua Lan abandoned him, but what about her mother? She was forced to give birth to the twins alone, and died shortly thereafter. Don’t her mother’s feelings and her own count too? Mei Nan apologizes for not coming clean about knowing that Mu Hua Lan was his mother, and tells Tai Qing that she’ll go somewhere he can’t see so that they won’t be hurt anymore at the sight of one another. Tai Qing reaches out to grab her as she leaves, but hesitates and lets her go. 😦


Tai Qing retreats to the studio, where Jack finds him messing around on the piano. Jack wants to warn Tai Qing that they may have to pull the song he rewrote for Mu Hua Lan – Mu Hua Lan let slip that she stole the song from Gu Mong Han (also known as Mei Nan’s mom) when she stormed into Jack’s office the other day. This means that Mu Hua Lan actually broke up Mei Nan’s parents, and the song she stole was written by Mei Nan’s dad, asking her mom to come back to him.

Tai Qing immediately runs off to the airport, where, coincidentally, Xin Ning is waiting for her flight. She’s planning on avoiding the imminent scandal of Mei Nan’s gender by leaving the country, but decides to stay for a bit when she spots Tai Qing. Xin Ning is concerned that Da Pai might expose the secret and harm Tai Qing’s career as a result.


Meanwhile, Da Pai is hiding in the corner, waiting for Mei Nan to return so that he can expose her. Xin Yu, Mark, and Jeremy are all nearby, waiting for Mei Nan and her brother to come arrive as well. Xin Ning approaches Tai Qing to tell him to leave the country with her, but Tai Qing gently rejects her, saying that the real Mei Nan is arriving today, and that she really is cute when she’s nice.

Da Pai spots Mei Nan as she steps into the lobby, and gives chase. Mei Nan sprints ahead of him, but slips around a corner and falls onto the ground. He catches up at yells that she’s really Mei Nu, all the while snapping photos. The rest of A.N. Jell, Mark, and Xin Ning quickly arrive, but a deep voice cuts in before they can react. It’s the real Mei Nan, demanding to know why Da Pai is harassing his sister. A dumfounded Da Pai is quickly forced into defense when Mark asks Mei Nan if she wants to sue for sexual harassment, and Xin Yu chimes in that his girlfriend is just an ordinary citizen who suffered because of Da Pai. Phew! Crisis averted. Also – hooray! Finally a drama that showed BOTH twins at the same time.


Mei Nan and Tai Qing relocate to the company rooftop to talk – he apologizes and explains that the song was never for Mu Hua Lan, her father truly did love her mom. Mei Nan is glad to hear it, but asks that he not produce the song and just return it to her. Tai Qing promises, and Mei Nan tells him that if one day she is okay with everything, she’ll contact him.


Cut to a few months later, when Tai Qing and Xin Ning announce their break up, and the real Mei Nan has gotten so popular that some of Tai Qing’s fans have jumped ship. As A.N. Jell (minus Mei Nan) are in the van on day, Jeremy notices that a user with the name “pig-rabbit” has posted a video in the fan café. Tai Qing realizes it must be Mei Nu, and clicks on the link to see a video message telling him that she’s finally okay with everything, and will continue to support him from far away. Xin Yu comments that the video wasn’t posted too long ago, and the background is in the same area as their van.


The boys rush out of the car, desperate to find Mei Nu, except for Tai Qing. He’s mad at how Mei Nu chose to contact him, and grumps that she should have at least told him face to face. His stubbornness quickly breaks down however, and he joins the search. Meanwhile, Mei Nu is walking around snapping photos of stars, oblivious to the screaming hordes of fangirls mobbing her friends.

Finally, she looks up to see Tai Qing only a few meters away. They make eye contact, but Tai Qing can’t break through the mob in time to reach her. Mei Nu then goes to meet Mark at a small cafe to say goodbye – she tells him that she’s leaving the country to go volunteer. Just as Mark hands her a letter from Mei Nan, he receives a text from the coordi saying that Jack got a tip off that Mei Nan is racing in the mountains. In Mei Nan’s letter, he tells Mei Nu that he’s taking a short break so that she can pretend to be him and catalogue her thoughts – he doesn’t want her and Tai Qing’s relationship to end like their parents’.


Jack summons Mark and Mei Nan to the office, where Mei Nu fills in once again. Jack is left none the wiser, and dismisses Mei Nu. She wanders onto the company rooftop, where Tai Qing is deep in thought. He calls out to her believing she is her brother, and tries to cover up his feelings by asking “Mei Nan” to pass on a message, “I received your video. Thank you. I will move on as well and cut everything off. Tell her not to worry about me either, because I’m still fine even without her.” 😥

Mei Nu starts tearing up, but gets summoned by Jack again to have dinner with Xin Ning and Mark. Jack is trying to set the two up (HAHA), because the real Mei Nan told everyone he liked her when he first got back. Mark tells Mei Nu not to make eyecontact with Xin Ning, and gets her drunk so that she passes out. The rest of A.N. Jell arrives to help “push” the couple together, and it’s in this moment that Tai Qing finally recognizes Mei Nu. WHY NOT BEFORE?

Tai Qing takes Mei Nu back to the dorm, and takes care of her until she wakes up. Mei Nu assumes that he hasn’t recognized her yet, but Tai Qing makes a pig-nose at her, prompting her to slip up and confirm her identity. He asks when she started pretending to be Mei Nan, but Mei Nu cuts him off to say that she’s glad he’s okay, and that she heard his message for Mei Nan. Bet you feel dumb now, Tai Qing?

She apologizes for breaking her promise to disappear from in front of him, and tells him that she’ll stick to her word this time. His life is too bright for her eyes, so it’s better for her to view him from far away. Tai Qing understands, and tells her while wiping a tear off her face that he will support her decision if it is what she wants. NOOOOOOOOO.


As Mark drives Mei Nu home, he hands her a ticket for Mei Nan’s first concert. It’s the same day as her flight, and Mark asks her to at least see the concert before she leaves. Back in the dorm, Tai Qing banishes the pig-rabbit doll to storage.


Looks like Mei Nu is meeting everybody again before she leaves, because we next see her talking to Mu Hua Lan. Mu Hua Lan has prepared an envelope of information on Mei Nu’s mom, and admits that Mei Nu’s father never loved another. Mu Hua Lan begs Mei Nu not to leave Tai Qing’s side, because he won’t ever talk to her otherwise.

Backstage at the performance, both Jeremy and Xin Ning call Tai Qing a liar when he says that he and Mei Nu broke up, and tell him to stop hiding his feelings.


Mu Hua Lan arrives as well, apologizing for all of her mistakes in the past and asking for forgiveness….as well for for Tai Qing to go after Mei Nu. Yeah! Tai Qing turns to go, but pauses to tell her that while he can’t forgive her right away, he’d appreciate it if she stays to listen to his concert – it’s always been his dream to sing for his mother. D’aww.


It seems that this was the last little push that Tai Qing needed, and he drives to the orphanage to find Mei Nu. Don’t you have a concert to perform at? Though he doesn’t see Mei Nu, a little girl asks Tai Qing if he’s the teacher’s star boyfriend. It turns out that the entire kindergarten is decorated in stars, and Tai Qing realizes that Mei Nu constantly thought about him after she left A.N. Jell.

Mei Nu arrives unnoticed to the concert amidst a crowd of fans, though she checks her watch often because she’s determined not to stay long. Tai Qing asks A.N. Jell if he can change up the song order – he wants to sing the first song for Mei Nu.


When he gets up on stage he can’t see anything, but to Mei Nu he’s as clear as day. She says a prayer asking for God to protect him before turning to leave. At that moment, Tai Qing announces, “This song is dedicated to the most important person in my life. She’s in the audience right now and I hope she realizes my feelings for her.” He sings the song, then yells for Mei Nu to come to where he can see her.

“You can hear me right? It’s too bright where I am and too dark where you are, so I can’t see you.
Didn’t I tell you not to go where I can’t see you? Come to where I can see you!”

The lights turn on, and Tai Qing manages to spot Mei Nu standing in the crowd. He rushes into the crowd, and gently tells her that no matter where she goes she has to bring him. “I’m your favourite star, and I’ll only shine for you” SQUEEEE too much cute. He finally brings out the star necklace and gives it to her, before telling her: “Pig-rabbit, I love you”.


Annnnnnddddd KISS. ❤

Error: Redbeanmochi not found – file found to have overheated from cuteness and swooning.

Okay but actually guys, this last episode was actually pretty amazing. We got to see BOTH twins in the same frame (not even YAB did this!) and got another good kiss 🙂 Plus…that love declaration at the end was MUCH better than in YAB. Not to say that I don’t love YAB, it’s still my favourite because it’s the original and was the most polished overall. But…Fabulous Boys came pretty dang close.

Thanks for hanging in with me 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Boys [原來是美男] Episode 13 Recap (FINAL)

  1. You are beautiful is the original and most adorable version :* park shin hye , jks , yong hwa and lee hong ki are best together.. but fabulous boys is equally good.. Especially jiro wang :* Ending in FB is better than YAB.. But I felt bad when some scenes like “giving marks to hwang tae kyung by go mi nam” , “A N JELL going to grocery shopping and enacting all their ads “.. Neverthless FB is good after YAB than other versions.. I really liked how PSH gave cameo role and making second lead speaking hangul :* :*..

  2. You are beautiful is the original and most adorable version :* park shin hye , jks , yong hwa and lee hong ki are best together.. but fabulous boys is equally good.. Especially jiro wang :* Ending in FB is better than YAB.. But I felt bad when some scenes like “giving marks to hwang tae kyung by go mi nam” , “A N JELL going to grocery shopping and enacting all their ads “ are not shown in FB due to duration problem… Neverthless FB is good after YAB than other versions.. I really liked how PSH gave cameo role and making second lead speaking hangul :* :*..

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