Open Thread! No. 01


Hey Guys!
So this is an open thread to discuss one of the TOP dramas of 2013/2014…In A Good Way!

I know we all want to gush over the hot actors and yummy chemistry great plot points, so feel free to comment below about whatever topic you want! Just be sure to hit “reply” to respond to someone’s comment. 🙂

But to get the ball started….
1. Liu Chuan vs Ren Wei
2. favourite moment of character development
3. favourite scene/dialogue so far

Gush away!

You can watch In A Good Way on Dramafever here!


34 thoughts on “Open Thread! No. 01

  1. I think they’ve separated up the couples pretty well and I don’t see an OTP war actually happening.

    Personally, I like Liu Chuan (despite his obvious daddy hangups, etc) better than Ren Wei as Liu Chuan is the most mature and is a genuinely nice guy…which usually…even with flaws, means a 2nd male lead who will break your heart when he doesn’t get the girl…but I hope that won’t happen in this drama.

    Ren Wei grated on me in the beginning a bit with how he treated our childlike heroine whose name I always screw up if I’m not looking at it. I think he was worried she might like him as more than a friend…but I think it was rather obvious she was just clinging on to the only friend she had. Tho…if they both stayed in their quiet hometown…who knows what would have happened.

    I am also liking the character progression so far. Jia En (is that right?) is slowly (VERY SLOWLY) growing up with the help of those around her. Kudos on her becoming more independent bit by bit, but it was sad that she kind of misinterpreted Liu Chuan’s words about switching from Ren Wei to him. That didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends and he couldn’t help her at all…it just meant she did need to stop being so dependent on anyone else. But that’s okay. I think she’s slowly, very slowly getting it together.

    I need to watch episode 7 now 😛

    1. I think that Ren Wei has matured a lot since the beginning episode…I’ll admit that he did grate on my nerves when he *spoiler* outed Jia En for Bai Xue, and pretty much ditched Jian En whenever he could just to spend time with Bai Xue. For a friendship that long, you’d thing he’d have more loyalty. That being said, he does do little gestures that show that he does care about Jian En, like tucking her in and fixing her sleeping bag. I do agree that at this point it’s not a love triangle, but between the two guys I still prefer Liu Chuan.

      Go watch ep 7!!

      1. To be sure he has matured. I so wanted to hit him when he sacrificed Jia En for Bai Xue. But you are right, he does have all these little things he does for his eternal bestie that shows he does really care.

        I shall get right on episode 7. I’m waiting for Liu Chuan and Jia En to make up 100% and for Jia En to finally realize who her internet buddy really is, but when I saw the previews for 7, I had a feeling that Liu Chuan would keep mum since he mentioned his father’s job in a post that Jia En read and he wants to keep that a secret.

        I’m really curious to know what daddy issues he has because it can’t just because of his dad’s profession that he gets that vexing.

    2. Yeahh, I like that there doesn’t appear to be some love triangle/square happening! I love that we are getting two distinct OTPs. This drama is actually getting me to root for both OTPs in their separate way!

      Both Liu Chuan and Ren Wei are nice guys, it’s just that they have a different way of showing their personality. While Liu Chuan is the all-round perfect guy that all girls dream of having, Ren Wei exhibits a personality that I really like. He is open about his feelings and is not afraid to take risks. Furthermore, he is a very loyal friend whether it is to Jia En or to his Men of Steel. At the start, I actually thought he wasn’t a good friend for the way he neglected Jia En but then you realise that he just wanted to settle in. I just love the way Jia En and Ren Wei supports each other! The encouragement that she gives him is so cute and he will do whatever he can to protect her.

      I think the think with Liu Chuan is that he is a character that has a lot about him that needs to be fleshed out while Ren Wei is a much more fleshed out character that Liu Chuan.

      1. I suppose you can say we have the setup of a love triangle since Bai Xue does like Liu Chuan, but I think she knows he doesn’t really feel that way about her and is opening up more towards Ren Wei. I’m shipping both pairs, too. Hopefully everything works out.

        Yeah, Ren Wei annoyed me at the start, but grew on me when I realized he wasn’t the completely bad friend I thought. I get he wanted distance and independent but that didn’t give him the right to do what he did to his best friend.

        Their moments together are cute, especially when Ren Wei and his Men of Steel talk together about girls and their preferences and Jia En’s just listening not believing the carp these books are saying but they are buying in to. It was cute that during the race she cheered for Ren Wei and went up to him first before going over to Liu Chuan. These two will be friends for life.

        I am anxiously awaiting the development of the all around nice guy. What will happen with Liu Chuan’s character? How much will Ren Wei progress since he isn’t all that bad now?

        I admit to wondering about Bai Xue’s feelings towards Jia En. There were times where it looked like Bai Xue was really giving her the stink eye and then she turns around and is a completely great friend and older sister. Is it just the crush on Liu Chuan or was it some bad acting expression?

        Can’t wait to see where this drama takes us. Hopefully it won’t sputter out like so many dramas do at the last moment.

  2. The story so far focuses on the cat and mouse game between the four main characters feeling for each other. It is a bit too slow and narrow. Liu Chuan is a good actor though.

    1. I think that now a foundation has been laid out the story will likely pick up its pace. I don’t mind it for once though, since all other dramas seem rushed slapstick tropes strung together to keep the viewer interested.

      1. I was touched to see the friendship between Ren Wei and Sky and the ease how they teased each other.

  3. 1. Like any other girl, superficial me would fall for the most popular boy in college – Liu Chuan. Who at that age wouldn’t have the same preference?

    2. Bai Xue’s the typical pretty girl that other girls love to hate but guys love to fall for. However my 1-dimensional impression of her changed a little for the better when she asked Ren Wei “Why do you like me? Besides my appearance.” It made me think Bai Xue actually knows she wants a guy with depth, not just a shallow character.

    3. Of course the motorbike scene to Wu Bai’s concert is my fav scene. The song in the background, Liu Chuan’s stolen glances, Jia En’s sometimes feel shy naïve look. The whole MV-esque scene was just so nostalgic reminiscence of HK movie A Moment of Romance 天若有情 which got me thinking Liu Chuan sort of resembles a slightly less handsome version of young Andy Lau.

    1. 1. plus he’s well rounded, athletic, smart, and really nice to boot. What’s not to like?

      2. I think that stemmed from her experience of lots of guys liking her, since she’s got the “school flower” reputation. I’m not too in love with the character/actress so far, but maybe it’s because she hasn’t had much to work it?

      3. Agreed! IAGW is doing a really good job with the filming shots – I’m hoping for an amazing complete OST to go with it 😛

  4. This drama is growing on me even though I am too old for college stuff!

    There are a lot of positive messages. It has a good vibe for young people about friendship.

    1. Aw, I’m glad you’re starting to like it more 🙂
      I think it has a lot of great messages about friendship and family, and is refreshing after drama after drama filled with overused/abused tropes.

  5. Happy that the misunderstanding between Jia En and Liu Chuan has been cleared up…but now what about Xiao Wei and Ri Qi 😦

    I’m happy that Ri Qi is that nice, but at the same time, he really shouldn’t have agreed to go along with Liu Chuan’s plan as it really did hurt Xiao Wei to think her best friend and the guy she likes like one another. Sigh.

    Still in love with this drama, tho. I am waiting for the whole story behind Liu Chuan’s messed up family life. I had a feeling there was definitely something more than just his father being a politician and there definitely is.

    I am really loving the development of the characters, their maturation, and their growing bonds and friendship. I’m not 100% happy as it looks like Ren Wei could possibly have a time when he likes Jia En as more than a friend (driving in reverse scene had him giving an interesting look to his bestie)… I really kind of don’t want that to happen. I am happy with him and Bai Xue and Jia En and Ren Liu Chuan.

    Jia En and Ren Wei do have the cutest friendship and I liked that even though Jia end discovered the truth about Liu Chuan, she left the ball in his court and gave him time to tell her on his own if he decided, too. It was sweet. I also loved how Ri Qi had enough of the pretense and did his best to drop huge hints about Jia En’s online friend’s real identity.

    1. I think that Ri Qi didn’t think it through that Xiao Wei likes him, and so just thought that we was doing his friend a favour. I hope they don’t drag the conflict out though, since it would be easily solved with a simple conversation. Then again – it’s dramaland. Sigh.

      Huh, I haven’t actually picked up on any “more than friends” vibes from Ren Wei, If I have time I’ll try to find the reverse scene. I agree though, making it into a complicated love triangle-pentagon will be really disappointing.

      I think it goes to show how mature Jia En has become, that she doesn’t feel the need to pester or constantly jump on the issue. I’m glad to see her growth, and can’t wait to see more of it over the series! 🙂

      Side note – how in the world did you manage to italicize a word in the comment? I haven’t been able to figure it out!

  6. Can I say I am thoroughly in love with this drama? From the OTP down to the little side characters, I am invested in each’s journey. Excited too, how the writer revamped what we normally would get; secondary characters who are out to be catty, downright EVIL and tear the OTP apart. Here, we are getting life-long true friendships, adventures, and a collective group of people looking to grow through their experiences in college life. I adore Liu Chuan as a character; he may be the BMOC, but he is not untouchable, that a slightly awkward dressed tomgirl from Ping Dong can grasp his heart and affect him, unlike any other posh chicks on campus who have tried.
    In the latest episode previews, Jia En approaches Bai Xue and is really concerned to lose her as a friend and really as her woman-mentor. If we think about what LC said to Ren Wei regarding BX, they are pretty similar on all levels, so if JE considers LC as a life coach, she would feel the same with BX. Considering that JE came from a little town that only had Ren Wei as her friend, the two people that made first deep lasting impressions on her were LC and BX. Now that LC finally understands how he feels about JE, I doubt he’s gonna give up. However, I think JE is going to have a hard time in trying not to hurt or lose BX as her first girl friend, if she accepts LC.

    Anyways, this drama has become my favorite for 2013. So happy that Redbeanmochi posted an O.T. so we all can word-soup up the feels! Xie Xie!

    1. Eep, I’m so glad you were able to finally comment 🙂 For me I think it largely depends on how much JE likes LC – imo it’s quite apparent that LC likes JE a lot more than she likes him at this moment in time. I also agree that JE probably considers LC and BX to be her life coaches, and because she places such loyalty/importance into friendships, would rather choose not to hurt BX than accept LC.

      I do like how IAGW has put in some more realistic plot devices though, rather than the whole “noble idiot because of a parent’s threat”. I remember that this situation came up quite a few times in school.

    1. Well, I personally, cherish friendships but then again, I am happily married and didn’t have to choose between my man or my best-friend Lol… If I was in JE’s shoes: came from a town that only one guy was my friend since childhood, made several friends in college-two of whom have changed my life possibly forever, I would definitely give pause to contemplate a romance with the guy, if my good friend liked him long before I did. Think about the type of person JE is. She’s not quick on the uptake; she didn’t even know that LC had been giving hints (then again, his hints weren’t totally obvious) that he liked her. Also, she’s the type that really cherishes friendship-she had to be told that Ren Wei was avoiding her while she waited all day and night for him in the rain. And when she found out why he didn’t show, she was still loyal to him. Furthermore, has JE realized she has romantic feelings for LC? We as viewers see it, but the character herself looks to LC as her mentor, someone who has opened her eyes to a new world, not as one who could be romantically involved with. When LC asked for red tea, she didn’t even blink. He knows what he’s asking for but she’s just not there yet. And JE’s relationship with BX is vastly important to her. She’s the gal who taught JE about love, music, and books. So when BX says, ‘the guy I like, likes you.’ JE is put in a quandary; what should she do? They are both important to her. To jepordise their relationship trajectory could possibly be damaging for life!!! (umm…sorry…i am getting carried away)

      So…in a nut shell…if I was in JE’s shoes in this moment of episode 9, yes i may give up that guy. Now, if I was deeply in love with him, no I wouldn’t. And here I go again, blathering on about this, when I could have just said two sentences.

      1. Do you think Jia en has feelings for Liu Chuan ? I mean there are so many hints but the only person who should notice but is not.

      2. @littlecat: to answer you question-oh yes, I think JE does have feelings for him, but it’s like a slow-burn progress. She is definitely attracted to LC, she’s consciously aware of him, he’s someone whom she respects & depends upon, she even is fearful to incur his wrath because she doesn’t want to be on his bad side. However, in her mind, there is no way the BMOC would ever be interested in her. ‘How could this really popular man ever look my way? So I will just be content to be his friend’. I have a feeling, once LC steps up his game, JE may run the other way at first. She doesn’t wish to hurt BX or lose either hers or LC’s friendship at this moment. Though, the total awkward/deer in headlights look in JE’s eyes when LC wiped her mouth, was priceless! This last episode we can see how BX’s comment has made JE more aware of each interaction with LC, from the little gift he bought her, how fast she left the club room when it was just the two of them left, to her uncomfortableness when he sat down to read in library, cumulating to the restaurant scene. It will be interesting to see JE reciprocate LC’s feelings once she knows she won’t have to worry/feel guilty towards BX.

    1. I’d probably have a lil party with my closest and dearest peeps, prepare lots of yummy foods, and then end the night with just my hubby & kids watching the stars, talking, etc. I’d want my hubby to be the last person who’s face I see before I close my eyes. 🙂

      1. That’s really touching!
        On second thought, I will buy a living plant for all my friends and family and a huge bouquet of flowers for me!

      1. Hmmm that’s a tough one. I think I’d probably buy a one way ticket to Taiwan (assuming of course that I got the fastest flight there) to go visit my grandmother and the rest of my extended family who I haven’t seen in quite a long time. I’d also make sure to eat anything and everything that looked delicious, because hey, no need to worry about the consequences after that right?

  7. Can someone explain the latest episode? I am a little unsure. Are they trying to explain the name of the show or friendship among the group? Is demonstration in school a common thing in colleges? How about talking to your academic advisor first?

    1. I think they are trying to demonstrate friendship among the group. I don’t think it’s entire uncommon for there to be petitions at universities, but I haven’t heard of any protests.

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