New Drama! Chocolat…

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Looks like baking dramas are all the rage now (due to the popularity of Amour et Patisserie), since a new drama just premiered in Taiwan. The English name is “Chocolat”, but the Chinese title is 流氓蛋糕店, which literally translates to “Gangster’s Patisserie”. Huh?
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The drama is based off of a Japanese Manga of the same name, and stars Blue Lan and Nagasawa Masami. It centers around a Japanese college student who runs off to Taiwan and becomes involved with a newly reformed gangster. His ex-boss decides to open a bakery (staffed by ex-gangsters) in honour of the boss’s deceased wife, and as it so happens, the wife had a daughter from a previous marriage who happens to be….the japanese girl who came to Taiwan. All the characters live under one roof, so I’m guessing the drama focuses on their activities and the struggles of getting along in close quarters.

So…do you think you’ll give it a shot?

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8 thoughts on “New Drama! Chocolat…

  1. I did see the preview for this somewhere and I did find it catching-baking gangsters! (Too bad the theme song isn’t a revised version of Gangsta’s Paradise.)
    Funny thing is: it’s staring Blue Lan…I have never completed anything with him in it! Why? Don’t know. Perhaps it’s the characters he picks out or maybe it’s his acting that grates on my nerves. Anyways! Despite my prejudice, I shall check it out. Who knows, perhaps this drama will turn me onto the mystery of Blue Lan. Does his acting get better? Does the character have a personality change half way into the film? I look forward to seeing this. Thanks for the introduction! Xie xie!

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Yeah, I’ve never actually watched anything with him in it (of my recollection), so I’m a bit curious as to how his acting chops are. Only time will tell I guess…

  2. With very few good dramas to watch, I guess there is nothing to loss to check it out. I actually watched a movie by Blue Lan and it was not bad. It was a comedy.

    1. Which movie was it? I remember considering whether or not to watch his drama Easy Fortune Happy Life, but ended up deciding against it. Unfortunately I don’t really remember my reasoning.

      1. It was 《阿嬤的夢中情人》(Forever Love). I don’t think it did well in the box-office but it was light-hearted so when you just want to have a easy day, this might a good choice.

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