Kdrama’s newest trend of Taiwanese remakes

It looks like the head honchos in kdramaland have decided to remake not one, but TWO Taiwanese dramas. Oddly enough, these dramas both had Ethan Ruan as their main male lead. Which two dramas are these? My Queen (2009) and Fated to Love You (2008)!

The Korean remake of My Queen is currently airing (I believe it’s 2 episodes in), starring Uhm Jung-hwa as the cold, business savvy older woman and Park Seo-joon as our earnest, attractive younger male lead. The Korean remake was renamed Witch’s Love, which, while it does still fit the main story line, makes Uhm Jung-hwa’s character a bitter witch from the get-go, while the Taiwanese title leaves it up to the audience. Petty nuances 😛

The Korean remake of Fated to Love You is set to air this summer, and is currently courting Choi Jin-hyuk for its second male lead. Noooo. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, he’s a pretty good actor who’s popularity has been steadily increasing through Emergency couple, Heirs (even though he was horribly underused), and Gu Family Book. I’m disappointed that he didn’t get cast as the first male lead, but if he does sign on I’ll probably end up watching anyways. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara are our two main leads, Jang Hyuk plays a wealthy business man who’s girlfriend keeps standing him up, and Jang Nara plays an office worker without a spine – a “sticky note” girl if you will, easily used and thrown away.


Keep your fingers crossed that these are good! Let me know what you think of Witch’s Love if you’ve already started it, or how you think these dramas will pan out! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Kdrama’s newest trend of Taiwanese remakes

  1. I’m enjoying Witch’s Romance, the Taiwanese title was much better, so far. It’s fast paced ,and the leads have good chemistry. Check out the end of episode 2 if you want proof. 😉

  2. Remakes, remakes, remakes. Everyone does remakes instead of something original. Or if they aren’t remakes, the plots are soooo similar between several dramas in several countries and you wonder why there isn’t anything new for a change.

    1. I know 😦 While there are some remakes that I really like (take the Japanese and taiwanese versions of Hana Kimi for example), there are others…that fall flat. Playful Kiss is a great example. A part of me is torn because I understand that fans might want to have a version of their favourite story with some of their favourite actors but….why mess with a winning combination?

  3. Wow I’m surprised to hear Fated to Love You is getting a remake! It was such a popular tw-drama, I thought I would’ve heard about the Korean remake all over the place.

    1. I just heard about it today, so it’s possible that not much has been published about it yet! 🙂

      Fingers crossed that it’s good! It remains one of my favourite dramas, and I’d be very disappointed if it wasn’t at least somewhat good.

    1. I forgot about Lavender! It was one of those huge huge popular Asianovela dramas like Meteor Garden. I could definitely see a Kdrama remake…since they’re so good at melos too

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