New Drama! Love Myself or You

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After our favourite most amazing In A Good Way finishes up, a new drama starring Puff Guo and Jasper Liu is going to fill that Friday time slot! Many of you may know Puff from her currently airing reality-dating show We Got Married Global with Heechul, as well as her most popular drama (and the reason for her rising popularity), Just You. Jasper (also known as Max), was the adorable cutie pie from the lovely Amour et Patisserie with Sandrine Pinna and the less noteworthy IUUI with Chloe Wang. His fans like to call him broccoli head 😛

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It appears from the trailer that Puff will be playing a serious sous chef (a far departure from her Just You character), who plays the responsible older sister and one who prefers solitude. From what I can tell Jasper is an intern at the same restaurant, but one who is from a wealthy restauranteur family. Side characters include Jolin Jian who plays a food critic and longtime friend of Puff’s character, and Lene Lai who plays a rival chef. I know I for one will be checking in! 🙂

Love Myself or You is set to premiere May 23, and may still be listed under the previous working title Love Meets Cupid is now called Pleasantly Surprised.

Here’s the trailer: (unfortunately not subbed)

You can watch it on Dramafever here!


13 thoughts on “New Drama! Love Myself or You

  1. Looks good. I like her better playing funny upbeat characters, though, because of her voice. It’s just hard to think she’s mean or serious when she sounds like that.

    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she plays it well! From what I’ve seen of Puff in interviews/WGM, she’s a very bubbly person and always very happy. It’ll be a true sign that she’s improved on her acting if she can make me believe she’s serious!

    2. JASPER! PUFF! AHHHHHHHH. *_______* ♥

      In the latest teaser released by SETTV, it feels like part of her is still in Liangliang mode, ahaha. Even though her personality is very playful and bubbly, elegant characters were her forte prior to Just You. Provided she gets out of her Liangliang funk, I think she’ll have no problem convincing us that she can be serious. ^^

      1. Ahhhhh. I’m excited then ^_^. Not that I want to kick IAGW out of the way but… the episode extensions got in the way of Jasper Liu on my screen! 😛

      2. HAHA, I know. I never got around to seeing IUUI or Amour et Pâtisserie like I had planned, so I’m finally going to see Jasper Liu headline a drama for the first time. Can’t wait!

      3. Skip IUUI, but you should definitely take the time to watch Amour et Patisserie! It was so sweet and great, I’m sad that a lot of people hadn’t heard about it/didn’t give it a chance.

    1. I’m such a sucker for good food. Every time I watched Amour et Patisserie I ended up snacking and lamenting the fact that there was no bakery near my house. 😛

  2. This is so good! Thoroughly enjoying each episode! I was missing Amour et Patisserie for the yummo foods, so this one kicks French food into high gear for me. And the fact that Jasper Liu is starring is another bonus! Love the teasing his character does; Jasper has that twinkle in his eyes that is hard to resist. Love a man who knows how to play, yet is serious when he needs to be. Loved that last episode with Kai Qi at the resturant and Ah Jie trying to defend her from her Dad. And can I say for the record, holy french food! Ah Jie has a hard time keeping his chest from being exposed! :p lol.

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