Lovestore At The Corner [巷弄裡的那家書店] – OST

I’m officially in ❤ with Lovestore at the Corner’s OST. It’s joining the ranks of Lan Ling Wang, In Time With You, and Meteor Garden for OSTs I love.


Opening Song: Shi Shi – Shouldn’t Be, Shouldn’t Be (孫盛希 – 不該不該)

English subbed + romanization video

Closing Song: Alien Huang – Emotional Love Song (黃鴻升 – 有感情歌 )

Lovestore At the Corner airs every Friday at 10pm! (so…Friday :P) 


5 thoughts on “Lovestore At The Corner [巷弄裡的那家書店] – OST

    1. Me too! Everything I’ve found so far (including on Chinese sites) has been a minute 30 max :/ A lot of people have been guessing that they’re going to release a full version with the OST album though!

      1. I think I will die by then LOL I don’t know Chinese and I spent the entire day looking for it at Chinese sites.

      2. according to 孫盛希’s facebook, her song premiered on the radio about 15 hours ago, so hopefully a full version will be released within the next day or two!

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